Thank you for all the nice comments about the valance!

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Now I'm doing the bookshelf curtain to coordinate.


And someone's getting real, real bored with all of this.


Not me, but someone.


Awwwwww....time for a walk? So cute.

ooo those eyes,they speak so deeply.

with Kindness,

awwwww, little Clover just whishes she could help you!

Very cool valance... my mother and I are in the midst of making a shade for my enormous bedroom window from this beautiful cream, green and pink striped material. You'd be amazed the fine material you can turn up at the local Walmart!

Wow, you have PATIENCE! The valence looked adorable in your little room, and I'm sure this little curtain will too.

Hee hee! What a sweet puppers face!

I admire your stamina, lady -- the valance is gorgeous and this is also looking lovely. Keep up the amazing work!

Ahhh... sweet, sweet Clover!


What a sweetie! She always seems to be so good while you're working!

I've been reading your blog over the last couple of months and always find it so inspiring! Beautiful projects.

YOU are amazing, the way you just pop things out. What a go-getter!

And Clover Meadow Snickerdoodle Paulson is soooooooooo beautiful!!!

Cheryl (Whosyergurl)

That would be someone VERY important...please give Miss Clover a kiss and headbutt from my crew of 12 cats! :-)

The room is going to look so sweet and... folk!, lol...
So nice!

Well, talented woman that you are... couldn't you embroider and walk fur-face at the same time? Or teach her how to embroider so she wouldn't be so bored :)

Bookshelf curtains. I really, really, REALLY needs me some of those.

Lovely stuff, as always!

Esther Sunday says: August 01, 2008 at 11:05 AM

Huh, photos please when you are done!!! Love, Esther

She's the cutest thing ever! Well, next to your valance.

You do such precision work, it's a pleasure to look at what you complete. And I don't think it's boredom that sweet little Miss Clover is experiencing. You can see the love and devotion in her eyes every time she looks at you. She just wants to make sure you're never far from her. I think it's adorable. xxoo

I know Clover's a honey, but I couldn't get past the pattern. That is so much detail. You, girl, rock.

The valance is beutifull!

Tracey Pruett says: August 01, 2008 at 12:37 PM

I look forward to your postings. I was wondering, is your home a small cottage? It is really cute!

Puppy Love. She's not bored, she just wants to be sure you love her best and first. And who wouldn't? What a sweet companion.

It's so nice to have handmade things in your home, isn't it? I do not crossstitch (or have not since an unfinished snowman and and unfinished baby gift in fifth grade.) However, your posts had me looking through the hangers at the thrift store today thinking, "hmmm...this would be just perfect for an embroidered valance..." as if I have anywhere to put one! You are too inspiring!

congrats on the new gig... :)

Boy, is that cutie working it. She is such a doll. I love the valance you made. When I made curtains a while back I also forgot about the center thing. It is not noticable..not to worry. Clover is so big now..wasn't she just a baby? Time goes too fast. Even so, she is best looking girl ever. Loads of pupper love. (The cats, too)

awwww sweet Clover! She is so adorable. I love your valance, you have patience, that is amazing work! So beautiful and I think it looks perfect in your room. I just love your windows, when I see them they make me smile knowing how much you love them :)

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