The Rain It Fell

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Avettshow1 After four hours of sitting in a downpour . . .

Avettshow4 . . . the Avett boys came out and made us happy, happy people indeed.

It. Was. Awesome. I hope they heard me scream, "YOU RULE!!!" Cause they do. If I don't return to write this blog don't worry coz it means I've just run off to follow the band is all. Bye!


I was laughing and can just imagine you screaming "you rule!" Glad you loved the concert!

FUNNY! When I saw the band Lunasa in Minneapolis I felt the same way. Although it wasn't raining that day. It was 10 below zero. And I was too awestruck to even scream at those handsome Irish lads.

Isn't it fun to get to be an enthusiastic teenager again?! Glad you had fun!

You were so lucky to see these guys, I love them. My favorite song I listen to over and over "Living of Love". I would be a groupie!!


Dear Alicia, I am a frequent reader of your blog, althouh I do not comment usually. But I would like to pass you an award, see my blog for the info. Hugs, Daniela

Oh my, that looks I'm off to check out their music on iTunes- clearly I'm missing somethign!!! t.x

Totally off topic but....

I got a Corgi!!!

They are just. so. delicious. I'm still debating driving over to the Charlottesville show...

They were like the sun coming out, I suspect. I love those moments of joy!

SOOO jealous. Luckily, I'm indoors for my concert, lol. Did they sing "November Blue"? LOOOOVE that one. Have you gotten the new Gleam yet? It's ok, not as good as the first I think though.

Cool. It looks like you had great seats! Or a telephoto lens? Anyhoo, I'm of the mind that rain + ANYTHING can only make a good thing better or a bad thing tolerable or in this case a totally awesome thing totally awesomeR. :)

Glad the concert was worth waiting in the rain! "You Rule" is almost as good as "Rock On"! My tween is wrinkling her nose...

How fun! Not the rain, the concert :)

Sounds like you had a great time!

They are playing in Bloomington in November!

p.s. I got a CORGI, too!!!


oh my gosh! It WAS them! I heard this totally awesome song on the radio the other day and it was by The Avett Bros and I wondered, "hm, now is that one of Alicia's favorite bands, that she is going to see?"

I think I'm a convert!

Hello~I sure could use some of that rain!!!!~

You are too funny. Glad to hear that you had a great time.

Gotta love that rain picture. Glad you liked the concert too. They are some awesome buys.

BTW, did Sam Elliott leave Portland anytime last weekend? Could have sworn I saw him at Hunt Valley Mall, sitting in a chair and getting some sun. My best friend and I just giggled the whole time. He looked so much like him, but with the sunglasses, who could tell? xxoo

Where is spell check when you need it? I meant "boys". But you knew that. xxoo

And I waited 7 hours for Paul McCartney in perfect weather and thought I was diehard.
You, dear Alicia, are diehard. Glad you had fun :-)

thanks to you, now I love them too...and, oh, the state fair pictures ~ can't wait! (this said while hubby rolls his eyes, I'm always so hopeful that this year we will LoVe the fair) and, finally, just so you know, you have inspired so much that i did two amazing things: i have finally worked up to sewing a few log cabin squares out of adventure, cloth! AND i made homemade lasagna...woohoo! xo and peace

Could some of you Avett fans recommend a first CD to buy?

That blurry picture at the top looks like you photographed a bigfoot. Never know, in Oregon...

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