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. . . don't forget to get your Avett Brothers tickets for Sunday, Portlanders! (And if you're somewhere else, maybe they're swinging through your way, too. I hope so :-)


i'm not in portland, but i saw your mother's sauce in small magazine today! yum!

My hubby got me tickets for Sept. 26 for my birthday!!! I can't wait. They are so adorable it just kills me, lol. My girls love them too and sing "Goodnight My Man" all the time (they're 3 & 6).

I love summer concerts. Haven't been to one in years but there's such a feeling of serenity being outdoors and listening to live music.

I LOVE The Avett Brothers. I've missed them 3 times now...and all 3 times my son saw them. Stinker. Enjoy!

Never heard of these guys, but there are so many interesting artist out there. Enjoyed the clip of them. I am alway intrested in new music for my collection. Thanks.

we'll be seeing them in september. can't wait!!

oooh you are lucky. i love them and i actually had no idea how cute they are, i just listen to them on last.fm. my husband does similar style music. http://www.hangjones.com

ooh. they're cute. LOL! I may have to track down a San Diego appearance! :-)

Love the folksy vibe of the band...never heard of them, but then, I don't follow music very much. Unless you count toddler music or 'classical music that changes moods,' which is what my boys want to listen to in the car. Enjoy the concert!

aren't they the best!!! i'm from northeastern washington, but moved down to charlotte 5 years ago and they are the best live show i've ever seen. my husband proposed under the premise of going to one of their concerts in charleston, s.c. and our first dance was to "the offering" have you heard that one?? so sweet. glad to see the northwest is loving them too i've been trying to spread the word. have fun at the concert...

The Avett Brothers are not well known over here in Bavaria. But thanks to your blog, I know them now. They´re great. Not the sort of American mainstream music we Europeans are used to. Now I must decide, which album I´ll order.
Best wishes from the Bavarian mountains.
Herr M

Have just discovered your blog and your website. I'm insanely jealous of your studio of course! Have to run off to work but will be back for a closer look!


dude. i just found out about them from seeing the awesome Eliot Morris (www.myspace.com/eliotmorris) and the always-fabulous Jon Black (www.myspace.com/jonblack)....

Jon was wearing a shirt of theirs. so i'm psyched.

now just go check out Jon and Eliot (if you haven't already), so their popularity can increase by like seventeen bazillion. cuz you're powerful like that.

I got my ticket, got my picnic basket, now all I need to do is finish the binding on my quilt and I'm SET!

Looks like a fun group. Hope you and Andy have the best time! Wonder if they're coming here? Hmmm, must check on that. xxoo

Love them. Always great concerts for dancing.

Have fun, sing along, stand close to the front. Mmmm scotty avett.

best show I've ever been to. I can't wait till they roll thru Ohio again...and will try to find a way to sneak them out in my back pocket. Sigh.

I have tickets for their Athens,GA show in October...so excited!

How hot are they? Answer: Very.

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