Banana Binge

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Wowza! Yesterday's response almost made me fall (like an immobilized rock, with a clunk) off of the couch — thank you. I'm so very pleased that you like the ornaments! That is so great. So, I will be recalculating my numbers and ordering more supplies early next week. If you are still interested in throwing your name in (and again, I'm only trying to get a sense of the numbers, but many people mentioned they would like several kits, so if that's true for you, please mention that, too), there is still time. But make sure you comment not on this post but on yesterday's, okay? 'Cause I'll only go through the comments on that one and do a count on Monday, and order supplies then. I think we'll be much closer to 300 than 150, so thank you!!!

(Oh, and a few people were unsure how to leave a comment, but it's easy: Just click on the word "Comments" at the bottom of the post, and then under where it says "Post a comment" just enter the name you would like to appear on the screen and your email address [which will not be displayed or linked to] — you do not need a blog or a web site or any other url to leave a comment. If you don't have a blog or web site, just leave the box that asks for a url blank [if you want to enter a url there, your name will show up as a link to it], write your comment, and press "Post." Easy!)

A couple of things that I thought about yesterday: I'm going to include printed patterns in with the kits (and also make the pattern available as a separate downloadable PDF for people who already have felt and floss, etc.) because I'm getting the sense that a lot of people will be giving these kits as gifts, and they will make great gifts. The finished ornaments would of course make truly lovely, heirloom-quality gifts for any special people on your list (but no, I won't be selling the finished pieces :-).

A few of you asked about the skill level needed to complete these. I would say that, while not necessarily a children's or a beginner's project, if you have some experience working some basic stitches, these ornaments take more time and patience than skill. I will include directions on transferring the designs to the felt, and basic diagrams for completing the types of classic embroidery stitches you will need to know — backstitch, lazy-daisy stitch, satin stitch, French knot, and blanket stitch — but once you are comfortable working those stitches, if you just take your time and settle in, you will be fine. The holiday season, with all of its hustle and stress, is actually the very best time to stop, settle, and focus on the little things for a few hours. Projects like these are the perfect opportunity to do that. There is great value in taking time to do something special for yourself or those you love for the holidays. Otherwise the whole season just disappears in a long, frantic blur, and no one likes that.

Yesterday, I just couldn't get my petulant old back to cooperate very much. Several people mentioned freezing the bananas, which is a great idea! I didn't even think of that. That made me think of making a banana milkshake. So I did.


Man, it was good. I used Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, too. I am bad, but it was good. Have you had one lately? I recommend it.


Sorry to hear your back is still troubling you. May I suggest something that's worked for me? It's called the Miracle Ball Method by Elaine Petrone (available at bookstores) and I really have found it miraculous. Hope it helps you.

Ginger&Pickle says: September 04, 2008 at 07:59 AM

What a cute ice cream scoop! Pretty sure the bananas balance out the fat content of the Haagen-Dazs!!! So it's all good!?! (Reminds me of the time a little boy in my neighbourhood told me that his mom let him have orange pop cause it at least had oranges in it!!!) Looking forward to making my ornaments!

Oohhh tasty looking and very cool for a hot day. Which we are having here.

I have lovely dark felt from Germany that I'd love to use on these ornaments but I'm not sure the patterns will transfer as they are resilient to transfer pencil and paper. Does anyone have any ideas?

Yum! Milkshakes are one of those things that I absolutely adore, but can't seem to get myself to eat without loads of guilt. Yours looks so tasty!!!

I didn't want to leave a comment on yesterday's post, to stay out of the head count of those requesting a kit.

Those ornaments are gorgeous. I may have mentioned once or a million times in the past that I don't sew or stitch or have any of the necessary skills to make these, but that I think they're lovely all the same.

Ok, that's all. No - wait. Banana milkshake. Mmmmmmm. Now THAT I have the skills for. Must go make one now. See ya.

I got a babyfood book and it said to take bananas and cook them.. the instrucitons are on my blog, roasted bananas would be great in a shake!! YUM!

sorry. blog:

The milkshake looks good but I bet it tastes better for being served on such a pretty tablecloth with that beautiful mint green scooper! Lovely photo! t.x

MMM sounds delicious! I wanted to make banana bread but didn't get around to it in time and had to throw out the bananas. I never thought of freezing them! What a great idea!! I really do hope your back gets to feeling better!!!

A banana milkshake sounds so good right now! I don't have any bananas in the house... but I've got pumpkin ice cream that I discovered in the fridge this morning... seriously, what was I thinking? Hope you're having a sunny day and that your back feels better soon. Sometimes yoga helps me get the creaks out of mine.

Oh, my! I can't even remember the last time I had a banana milkshake. Now my cravings won't let up until I have one, thank you very much! ;-)

I'm thrilled for you over the felt kit responses. Money being eternally tight (fixed retirement budget) is all that kept me from speaking up, though I may interested in purchasing the pattern without the materials that you mentioned.

Banana milkshake = favorite milkshake, ever.

I remember seeing something just adorable on your blog last Christmas, your little houses made of tag board, with glitter. Do you have a pattern for them? I remember just falling in love with the little village you had on your mantel.
Laura VA

It's funny. I just said to my husband last night "I NEED to make a banana milkshake". I haven't had one in probably 7 years, but used to make them often. Perhaps I'll have to blend one up tonight, I think the universe (and you!) are on to something!!!

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Grumbles and I had a banana and Milo milkshake the other day. Man, it was goooooooooood!

Oh heck! I just made banana bread this morning! And now I'm craving a banana milkshake!

Thank you for posting so many yummy food photos and recipes! I'm looking for an applesauce recipe, so if you have one, feel free to stop by!

Yummy Nanners! We all know who has a sweet tooth. Sorry about the back thing. I actually dicovered you while recovering from a car wreck. Back issues persist a bit. One thing the physical therapist had me do and I use it when I lift too much or bend a lot cleaning etc. Lay on the floor (with a pad of sorts or rug) and put feet and legs up to the knee on the sofa or a foot stool. Then relax for a while. It straightens you out and lightly relieves tension. Hot bath...a glass of wine. I love the ornaments. Great design. XOXO

Oh, I do love the look of those ornaments, it's just the time and patience that you mentioned that get the best of me! The banana milkshake looks heavenly.

I made those ornaments with my mom one winter. I still have them and they are still my fav!

Yum! You got so close to the glass that I could have just leaned forward toward the screen and taken a sip. xxoo

i love banana malts. when I was training for my marathons I would crave these. I guess all the calories. Yum-o

i've been stuck trying to lose weight and today i realized way...its from reading your blog...banana milkshake with haagen-daz ice cream, yummo, i just need to read about it and i gain a bit! xo

I love these! I have been panicking since last month. because I have such a lte start on Christmas things this year. I would love these patterns, but not the kits. I have a lifetime supply of felt. Will keep checking in, thans!

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