German Christmas Candles

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Here is my Santa-and-"lanternchildren" pyramid that I got from Foster's Imports at the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest. The heat from the candles spins the propeller and the inside part. I have wanted one of these forever, and when I saw this one I just knew it was the right one for me. But look at all of the other ones they have. So lovely.


We met Meike of Foster's Imports and her husband at Mt. Angel, and then saw them again last Friday at the Oaks Park Oktoberfest (photos of that tomorrow — I think they are on my external harddrive — I got a new computer on Monday and moved a bunch of stuff around and now I can't find anything). The Fosters are the sweetest people. Meike goes to Germany every year to handpick the items she brings back. I believe they live somewhere near Seattle so I'm sure they do whatever German festivals or Christmas markets you have up there. I love these Schwibbogens, or "candle arches," too. And the little people and buildings. Oh. All so nice.

It seems that fall is really here. Yesterday I had the heat on. The light in the house is so different — it really is richer and lower and more mellow. I noticed it yesterday in the dining room and thought, "Huh. It's true. I thought that was just something romantic that people liked to say to make us feel better about it getting dark at 7 p.m." Every fall, I am usually ready. But this fall has seemed to move into the yard with a rush. I'd like to really notice this season, for once. I don't know how to explain that. I don't get excited about Halloween — I know, I'm sorry. I have never really liked it. I miss the morning light when I wake (at 5 a.m. — ugh). I hate having all the doors and windows closed. Sometimes I feel like fall is just a period of time I spend mourning summer, and dreading the start of the rain. . . . Must. Turn. That. Around.

Okay fine: Bring on the apple pie, casseroles, candlelight, courduroy. What else?


I love the candles.
We are having to draw our curtains at 7pm now which I kind of like, but I am dreading it getting dark well before 4pm in not too long.

Mmmm, corduroy. I love fall!!!

and patchwork quilts. Here in the southeast, it feels like fall as well. However, it is very unseasonable for us. I like it. Our doors and windows are open with the gentle breeze flowing all through the house.

I love these German Christmas Candles. Must get one. They are way cool.

Fall is my very favorite season. I love the crispness in the air that just seems to appear one morning. I love knowing that I'd better take a jacket or sweater with me when I venture out in the evenings. I love hearing the high school marching band readying itself for Friday night's big game. I love the changing colors and the almost solemn introspection of the natural world.

wool sweaters, cotton tights, flannel shirts, stompy boots, pumpkin soup, nutmeg on your coffee, colored leaves, smokey smell in the air...

I really love fall 8-) I keep the windows open as long as possible and just put on more clothes.

...and bring on the tasty squash, comforting sweaters, changing colors, and rustic smell of fallen leaves under your feet!

Autumn is by far my favorite season :)

Big clunky boots (I can't wait to wear mine to work and drive my boss nuts with my thumping around,) tights, flannel sheets, cuddling up with my little ones for games and books... jealous of your German candle holder! I can not get enough of the yummy Bavarian kitsch in Leavenworth (which sounds a lot like Mt. Angel).

oh. really fall? already? i ever so wish it were here...

quilts. fall means cuddly quilts.

and the german candle holder is beautiful...lovely indeed.

Scarves, apple cider and gorgeous walks through crunchy leaves!

I Love Fall and Winter!
A fire in the fireplace
Hot Tea
Quilts...Two quilts!
Sweaters! Knitting with Wool!
Pumpkin Pie
A warm kitty on my lap!
And soooo many others.

I just came by and wanted to say hello...

I'm from Germany and I just thought, in case you don't know, it might be interesting for you to know that we call these candle holders "christmas pyramids". (or in german: "Weihnachtspyramide" difficult word, I know.) :D

I don't look forward to the darkness when I wake, and the darkness as I drive home from work. But I have a deep love for corduroy and pumpkins. And warm kitties in laps.

Oh, those German candle holders make me homesick for Germany, where I spent a lovely 7 months of my life. And as for Fall, pumpkin patch visits (the bright colors and the hay and corn mazes) are my favorite thing.

love, love all german christmas decorations. i collect christmas decorations and ornaments from different countries but i've always favored german made items. i bought a lot of stuff when i lived in germany. i even brought back a german made couch in 2001. can't wait to go back.

I absolutely love your German goodies, and have just drooled over the site selling all the lovely things. I have just asked if they ship to the Uk. Here's hoping !!! My Mother bought my sister and I a lovely German candle holder each a few Christmases ago, which we lovingly get out each year. But a word of warning, we nearly had a fire, when my sister's candles burnt too low, without us noticing, in that Christmas haze!! The propellers stopped turning properly without enough heat and the wooden blades had started singeing badly. My sister was so upset, so my Mum had to replace it!! We never leave them for a moment now. I also put a drop of olive oil in the cup that the propeller shaft sits in just to ensure things keep turning well, and use the recommended candles. Enjoy, in spite of my technical babbling. It's a gorgeous one.
Love your blog by the way- always read it despite being ridiculously busy with a 2 year old and an impending second.

Much love, Catherine.

We have a candle lantern with the nativity represented. I bought it for my oldest boy's first Christmas and have used it ever since. :) The boys used to laugh when the shepherds and wisemen ran full tilt around the nativity in the centre! I like yours a lot! I wish mine used shorter candles like yours does. I can get the proper candles in a city nearby, though. I hope you have as much enjoyment from yours as I've had from mine. :) samm

I love love love your Christmas candles. Cuteness!

I love your comment about the light being different in the house during the fall. So true, but I'm not sure I ever noticed it quite that way!

Fall is my favorite: sweaters, craft fairs and festivals, football, picking out pumpkins, getting cozy with a good book when it's cold out, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, and anticipating Christmas. Plus I think fall is a fabulous time for crafting.

oooo - I love your new German Christmas candleholder! I have my parents' old one and it is literally falling apart - total fire hazard! So thanks for the link to that shop - I think it may be time to buy a new one!

Also - I completely understand your feelings about fall. I'm really trying to like this season, but it's HARD. I LOVE summer.

I've always wanted one of those candle holders too! When we visited the black forest a few years ago, we went to this really neat little village tucked away in the mountains, that sold both coocoo clocks and those gorgeous candle holders in various sizes. They were a fortune though, and I had to decide on a clock or one of those. I ended up choosing the clock,but still pine away for one of those candle holders!! Yours is darling,as are the nesting dolls in your other post.

golden full moon, thick fuzzy flannel sheets, an electric mattress pad warmer, big novels, hot spiced tea. and thee. x

I'm remembering your "First Fall Feast" posts from the past 2 years. Chicken with morels. Maybe planning another feast will give you a special event to look forward to. :-)

Laura Johnson says: September 24, 2008 at 11:17 AM

Extra spicy chai, pumpkin butter, oven roasted parsnips, cardamom toast, the cats wanting to sleep in bed again.

Living in NM it is hot in the summer, fall is an amazing time to work in the garden...I have the compost rotting away, planted an apricot tree, bulb, and hoping to get grass in before too long! Ohh, making applesauce too!

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