Ice-Skating Afternoon Felt Ornament-Making Kits Now On Sale!

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Good morning! Please allow me to officially introduce the Ice-Skating Afternoon Craft Kit, my limited-edition kit to help you create these three hand-stitched, hand-embroidered felt ornaments, now on sale in my web shop!

Included are the Ice Skate, with a pom-pon for good measure:


The Hot Cocoa Cup, to warm you up:


And the Gingerbread Girl, the sweetest of all:


Each Ice-Skating Afternoon Ornament Craft Kit includes:

9 pieces of wool/rayon blend felt in assorted colors
12 skeins coordinating DMC cotton embroidery floss
3/4 yd rick-rack (for hangers)
2 yd wool yarn (for pom-pon)
Stitching instructions
Pattern templates
Illustrated embroidery tutorial

You will need to have your own:

Wool batting or Polyester Fiber-fill
Sharp embroidery needle
Dressmaker's chalk pencil or fabric marker
Dressmaker's chalk carbon paper
Iron-on transfer pencil
Sharp fabric scissors, paper scissors, and scallop scissors
1/16" diameter hole punch (for apron)
Small pom-pon maker, or small pieces of cardboard

My sincere goal is to be able to offer as many kits as I can possibly make and still get them to you by the end of October. Please order now to insure that you will receive one! If you're just arriving here, please see this post and this one for more general information about these ornaments.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • As noted, we are in the process of putting these kits together, and they will be shipped to you sometime in October, depending on how quickly we can get everything together.
  • More information about how things work in the web shop, including answers to shipping and payment questions, can be found on my FAQ page.
  • A downloadable PDF pattern will be available soon for those of you who already have all the supplies you need. Please stay tuned for that — I'm working on it now!

Thank you!!!


Yay! I sat down to check on the hurricane before we evacuate, LOL, and remembered that you were offering these today~thank goodness! They would probably be gone by the time we return!

First! (Actually I can't believe I've been refreshing the page over and over again just to make sure I get my hot little hands on one of your adorable kits. Pathetic - or maybe just proof of my impeccable taste? Yeah, I think that's what it is - good taste prevailing.)

Thanks, Alicia! I ordered my kit and will be looking forward to working on it to get ready for my favorite time of the year!

Ordered! Thanks so much -- I'm really looking forward to making these!

The pom-pon on that skate just kills me with its cuteness!

Just ordered mine -- looking forward to stitching these up. Fantastic work as always, you sweet thing!

Alicia, the ornaments are beautiful. My favorite is the ice skate, the pom pom is just perfect!

Oh Alicia! This are just Adorable, with a capital A! During the holiday season these will be just the thing I need to sit down and enjoy some quiet moments by myself! Love, love, love!

These are just so lovely. Even though I don't want to think about wintery weather, I still can't help feeling excited when I see these. I can't wait to receive the package.

Tee hee! I have hardly ever sewed a THING but I cannot resist these ornaments! I have quite poor sight and no common sense whatsoever. This will be hilarious, but I am going to try my very hardest to make these look JUST like yours...

These are the most beautiful felt ornaments I have ever seen! I nearly gasped when the page came up.

very cute Alicia, I am sure you are going to sell out fast! I usually do not have time myself to do crafts but last year I did a few and now they are in Better Homes and Gardens! Its funny how they found them in my blog, I love all the connections you get from blogs!!

Have a great day!

yay! I'm so flippin excited to see holiday stuff start to pop up on your blog. I don't care HOW ridiculously early it is. (while home alone two days ago, I snuck in one round - just one - of carols.)

can i ask a silly question? what are the lines on ginger girl's head? is that "hair" -- sorry to be daft!

oh my! they are so lovely! i'll try them for this holidays but can't assure your neat details!

I too have been refreshing the page, waiting for these precious kits to go on sale! Got my order in, now I can't wait to start making them. The ice skate is my favorite too. So sweet.

I love the patterns! I'll definitely be interested in the pdf pattern, it fits better into my husbands "cut back on spending" lecture.

I'm looking forward to getting to page through your book. Is it coming out soon?

I love the patterns! I'll definitely be interested in the pdf pattern, it fits better into my husbands "cut back on spending" lecture.

I'm looking forward to getting to page through your book. Is it coming out soon?

I ordered my kit! This is my reward to look forward to since it will probably show up right at the end of my busy season at work. I'm already planning to take a few days off after the rush to do some holiday crafting, so the ornaments will be on the activity list!

I am happy to see that I was not the only obsessed one refreshing the page all morning...waiting in quiet anticipation for the kits to go on sale. I am so excited to get these. Now to wait for October...reminds of the quote from Spaceballs, "when will then be now...soon" Not soon enough. Thanks Alicia!

Frantically hurried home, let the puppy out, grabbed the laptop and tapped my foot while the order page loaded. Got two kits! Woo-hoo!

Thanks so much for sharing your felty sweetness. Can't wait to sit down in October and craft away!) :D

Yay! I ordered 2, one for me and one for my mom. We love making ornaments together. These are sooo beautiful, I especially love the Ice-skate, the pom-pom is too too cute!

Thanks Alicia!!! Placed my order!!!

Lala :o)

love love them !
and..... eagerly waiting for the downloadable pattern to buy ! (because I have my own furniture & colors to match "my" Christmas 08...)
congratulations ! you are so taletned and your stitches are so perfect, pure eye candy !

oops -- I meant supplies not "furniture" (that's the word in French for supplies !)

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