Mr. Dimples Returns

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There we go. That's better. Mustache deleted immediately after the ten-hour kickball tournament on Saturday. Several people inquired how I managed to tolerate the 'stache for a month, but that is just the kind of awesomely cool wife I am, so what can I say.


For context, a team photo. You can see that the look they were going for wasn't exactly fashion-forward. Although in Andy's (back row, second from left) opinion it certainly was. He was rather surprised to see how many people thought his mustache was "creepy" instead of "hilarious" and "cool." Considering that the name of the team is We've Got the Runs (they're nurses, and nurses think gross things are funny), inspiring any member of the team (most frequently Andy) to shout out, "I'VE GOT THE RUNS!!!" anywhere (in the dugout, on the field), anytime (just as the other team is about to kick the pitch), the 'staches were on the list of Things in Bad Taste but not even that close to the top of it. Nevertheless, The Runs managed to win the entire kickball tournament and secure the grand championship, so what could we say after that except, "Yes, you are the awesomest!!!" ?

Andy's mom left yesterday after being here in Portland with us since last Thursday, and we had a fantastic time with her. (She took the photo above; while climbing out of the bleachers to get the shot she said, "Do you think he'll be embarrassed if I go out there and take his picture?" And I said, "Have you seen him? I doubt it.") I have photos of some of the really fun things we did, but today I am all discombobulated and trying to untangle my list of chores so that I can figure out where I even need to start. In no particular order, here are a few things on the list, just so I don't forget:

Organize ornament kit orders, and start cutting felt, which just arrived yesterday.

Proof ornament instructions and templates and send to printer.

Answer email and figure out what things I need to do in response. In-box is a total disaster.

Work on submission for first deadline for Book #2 (will tell you about that soon), due in a few weeks.

Get rid of old iMac computer which I never use and figure out which new computer I am going to get.

Take in PC laptop for tune-up.

Keep fingers crossed that the mess that was created last week when I diconnected my studio land-line to turn it into a cell phone and completely destroyed our wireless connection (long story, many complications, still on borrowed and sporadic internet connection for the next week and a half — agh!). And now that I want a new computer it'll probably be a bigger mess. But now I have my first cell phone. And my first iPod. I'm growing up.

Update you on the Summer Reading List and change it to all the new books I am reading for fall.

Learn Adobe Illustrator.

I am taking a photography class for the next four Saturdays and I am so excited. I can't believe it's already mid-way through September.


I am never happy when my hubbie decides to grow any facial hair. Maybe its because my dad shaved every morning I can remember...

A fresh shave is super sexy :)

Congratulations to both of you....that's a win-win! xoC

Dude, people in Portland are in LURV with their kickball!! My sister was on a team called "your mom" so they could randomly shout out, "you got spanked by your mom" and other fun statements.
Great team photo!

Funny. I think my hubby is wat cuter with a beard. He ddin't have it when we first started dating, but it makes him look so much more husband like and mountain mannish that I can't resist it. = )

I think that is tee-heelarious!

"I'VE GOT THE RUNS!!" hahaha! (especially) after meeting Andy i can totally hear it and envision the whole thing!!! ;) i'm no nurse but i think gross things are funny too haha.

Oh boy, do I ever miss you guys! I am always amazed at how wonderful days can go by so quickly.....but what lovely memories I have to contemplate. I know how excited you are about the photography class.....but, really, I think you could teach the class- especially when it comes to editing goofy team pictures! :-)

I'm ok with mustaches, but the Abe beards have got to go. That was my only request for our wedding -- No Abes!

My husband likes to use facial hair for fashion fun. Guys just don't have as many options. You gotta get in where you fit in.

My goodness! You're to do list is a little bit intimidating! Good for you having high goals! Good luck.

That photo is snort-your-diet-soda-ow-my-nose-burns funny! Now I want to be a nurse so I can be on their uber cool team. Never thought I'd say it but hey, I wanna have the runs!

the 'stach in context is the epitome of hilarity. but non-'stached andy is easier on the eyes :-)

Ohhhh, yes! The mo can be creepy, we had people scuttling away from us when my husband grew one for 'movember' - he was part of the village people group - so funny and yet so disturbing! lol!

what's kick ball? is it like rugby?

What cracks me up is that Miss Clover looks so much happier with Andy post-'stache. Dogs know.

While I agree with you that the dimples are ADORABLE, I've got to go with Andy on this one: the 'stash was indeed hilarious AND cool.

Even Clover Meadow looks relieved that the mustache is off if the previous photos are anything to go by! You have the sweetest pup! (and obviously a great husband, too. Lucky gal!!)

sounds like lots to do! I just bought a new iMac and love it, and the new illustrator program in it is just amazing. I wish I had it awhile ago.

I had to take photography in college and we learn how to develop film, I am not sure if they still do that with all the digital cameras and computers today but its an art worth exploring.

Okay off to do many things as well, design for Halloween, Xmas, Everyday and Spring!

You're right about nurses thinking gross things are funny--my mom is a nurse, and she just had a knack for making the most embarrassing bodily-function-related comments and gestures when new boyfriends were over for dinner!

The name of their team is hilarious!

I'm glad you posted a picture of Clover smiling! All of her pictures show her looking serious, concerned, or in very deep thought. I'm happy to know she does lighten up sometimes, LOL!

'We've Got The Runs!' That's one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. The 'stache is suuupreme. Maybe Andy should make some team t-shirts so they can tell the whole world!

you don't need a photography class :)

I thought Andy's moustache was quite the laugh and I gotta agree that men do have fewer options on personal style. So, a moustache every now and then ain't sooooo bad for a laugh. :)

It could be could be a HUGE beard.

Congrats to the team on winning the tourney. Congrats to you on Andy losing the mustache. Congrats to Clover on being one of the world's cutest doggies.

Classroom In A Book for Illustrator is excellent! Great for beginners, shows you how to use all of the tools with chapter by chapter projects and tutorial cd.

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