Ornament Kits are Coming!

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Squareornaments2 It's true: For the past month, in the midst of summer, I have been working on designing these little felt ornaments for the holidays! Inspired by one of my favorite winter activities, this little collection is called Ice-Skating Afternoon: Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread Girl, and Ice Skate Ornaments. I'm so pleased with how they came out!

Remember doing these in the '70s? Or your mom doing these in the '70s? My mom did several of them, along with appliqued felt stockings. Recently I was asking her about them and she said that all of the pieces were blanket stitched together, and you could buy lots of different kits at Lee Wards (remember Lee Wards?). I always loved those.

Many years ago, one of the first Posie products I produced on a large scale (for me) were my felt photo albums. There were actually six of them, in all different colors, with all different designs on them. (Anyone here remember those? I will have to pull them out and take some photos of them — I think my original photos are long gone.) But when I was done producing that collection, I had a lot of felt left over, and it has been taking up a ton of space in my studio. So I really wanted to design something this fall that would use up that felt and give me more space for other stuff.

So, my idea is to offer both a downloadable PDF pattern as well as a kit containing all the felt you will need to make all three of these (though you'll need to transfer the patterns and cut out the shapes yourself, but it's easy, don't worry), along with twelve perfectly coordinated colors of embroidery floss, rick-rack, and yarn for the pom-pon.

Since it takes me a long time to put things like this together, I'm starting early, so please forgive me for talking about ornaments! But I can't help it. I special-ordered the floss several weeks ago, and wound up estimating I would do about 150 kits. Yesterday, however, I spent many hours cutting squares of all the different colors of felt for the kits, and — naturally — it turns out I am going to need to order much more felt in at least three of the colors (oh, the irony) if I really am trying to get to 150 kits! So I thought I'd put these out there and see what the response is before I do go and order more felt. Maybe I'm totally overestimating, I don't know? I never really know. So, let me know here if you think you'd like a kit — no commitment, just trying to get a good idea. Once those sell out (assuming they do) there won't be any more available, mostly because I absolutely want to have these shipped to you in October so you have time to really settle in with them as the season approaches. Much more fun that way. That said, though, I'll try to make enough kits for everyone who wants one, so I thought it best to get a better idea of real numbers before I place (or amend) my supply orders.

Thank you and have a nice day! I wracked my back yesterday (only I could hurt myself while standing practically still) so I will be sitting here trying to figure out how to get something done from the sofa (one of my special talents, at least). I wish it was possible to bake banana bread from the sofa because my bananas are about as black as they can be before they belong in the garbage can. We'll see. . . .

*Yes, I do ship internationally. More info on shipping is here :-)


Oh my. I absolutely LOVE them so you can count me in as a YEPPERS!

Also ... so sorry to hear about your back! Maybe Andy could scoot the couch into the kitchen? Get better soon. Bananas need you!

I'm so sorry about your back; but as to the bananas, toss them in the freezer, still in the peel. That's what I do when I have bananas too far gone for eating fresh. I usually toss one or two at a time in the freezer. When I have enough in there for a couple of loaves of banana bread, I set them out at room temp just long enough to peel easily, and voila', yes, we have bananas!

The felt kits are adorable, and I hadn't thought of Lee Wards in years. I loved Lee Wards, too!

Maybe you could sit and crochet while you're stuck on the sofa. I'd knit, but I know you're a crocheter. Get better soon!

I love the ornaments! I would so order the kit but I'm horrible when it comes to anything crafty. Plus, I can't sew a lick. Although, I may order it and have my mom do them. She's the sewer and unfortunately I didn't inherit her talent.

I'd love one of those kits! Those are adorable! <3!

Oh me! I would definitely like to have a kit. Sending lots of better back thoughts your way. I hate it when that happens. It's never at a time when I really CAN afford to spend much time on the couch, but I have to anyway. It all works out somehow.

you have such wonderful ideas! i cannot wait for these kits!

I do! I do! I do! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well though!

I would commit to buying two kits.

I would absolutely love a kit. So, so cute!! Feel better soon!

I'd like one, too! This will be a first for me, but it looks like a fun project to do with my grandaughters!



I have to have a kit...these are ADORABLE.

I love the ornaments! Count me in for a kit!

Actually, I'll probably want more than one, these would make terrific gifts!

Hope your back gets better. I will definitely order a kit. The ornaments are charming.

wanessa negrão says: September 03, 2008 at 10:04 AM

You is wonderful!

I definitely want a kit!

if you're taking international orders, then i'm a big YES!

I just love those ornaments. I would definitely buy a kit. My grandmother made two sets of felt ornaments for me when I was little. I still have them. I should take pictures of them and put them on my blog. She made so many of them.

I'm in! Hope you feel better.


These are the cutest ever. I'll take five kits, please. And I love that you're talking ornaments already.... I'm having a Christmas open house this year and am already planning the trees and decorations. Wouldn't these be darling for a kitchen (or entry) tree?

In love with these,

I'd definitely buy a kit! I know I'd try and snag one for my mum too, this is just her thing :D

i am finally posting on your blog! I have been reading it for over a year now and have never posted. I was going to recently about the Avett brothers, my family is a HUGE fan! That includes my children! And my husband and I were so jealous you got to see them! Anyway, I am defintely wanting to order some ornament kits. All your things I LOVE, and am determined to finally order something. Thanks for making them!

Cindy Granmo says: September 03, 2008 at 10:15 AM

Ooooh, wonderful!! Count me in for at least 1 kit and for the downloadable!

I will definitely want at least one kit and maybe several! they are adorable and that is one of my favorite things to put on christmas packages, a hand made ornament. precious!

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