September Kitchen

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I have had a busy couple of days, but I am feeling much better about my to-do list. I was wigging there for a bit, careening from one task to another. But this evening, as I take a deep breath and stop and look, it seems I will meet my book deadline; the ornament kits are well in hand; the printed patterns arrived today and look good; the house is clean; the garden watered. The dog was fed. The cable guy is coming tomorrow to hook up the new wi-fi. I'm getting my hair cut at noon. It will be nice to get out of here for a while. It will be nice to get away from the cable [bad] news networks. I watch incessantly and I am more confused than ever.


Late in the afternoon, I decided to pull out my camera and just fool around with some pictures of the kitchen. The kitchen is fun to photograph, especially in the fall. I don't know what it is about the light in that room in September; for about an hour or two every afternoon it absolutely glows in there. I haven't succeeded in capturing it here, but I had a good time trying. It really is fun just to take a bunch of quiet shots like this. It's weirdly relaxing. Try it. Please also note the banana bread in my future.


Outside the window is the hammock of my past. It's supposed to get cold this week, I think, so I really should be getting on that thing a few more times.


Thank you for being so nice and so enthusiastic about my photography class! You are so sweet to encourage me to blather on. Here's more. I shot all of these on manual mode again, in RAW, but on the tripod. Our teacher says that you really can't hold the camera still if your shutter speed is slower than 1/60th of a second. But in low light, although a tripod will allow your shutter speed to be slower, you will get some grain because the shutter is open longer. Increasing your ISO increases grain, too. You can correct a little bit in the computer afterward, but just a little. So you try to push your camera and work with what you have. A bigger, more expensive camera has a better sensor.


Love that girl-cow attitude. Don't even remember where I got her.


I love photographing cups and teapots. If I drank tea it would be even better.


You sound much more calm in this post! Love your kitchen photos. I took photography class a few years back and loved getting "assignments". I went into New York City to get most of my shots and just loved the way photography completely turned my thoughts and eyes around!
It seems you are really enjoying your class-I wish you much success. Countdown for the ornmanet kit continues....

Ditto. I have a lovely collection of teapots and never drink tea.....luckily my husband gives them a whirl every now and then. The photos are very pretty.
Ps Yes the stockmarket plunge is all very scary....let's hope for a turn-around very soon. x

mmmhuh...taking note of the future banana bread here. (you're so funny)

i love all your photography talk here A.! i'm so excited for all that you're learning. i really have not a firm grasp on all the technical stuff. speaking of photography, check out my blog for my big announcement! eeek and gulp.

lets catch up on the phone sometime--i would love that.

very cute kitchen, and cozy too! We have been trying to clean out our house these days of clutter.

Seems like you are having fun with the photography, I know in school I loved it, in fact as I was cleaning the attic I came upon my old college photos.

I might have to frame a few.

I see the glow.
I'm convinced your home glows September-August.

What a lovely breakfast nook, so cozy!

I can't imagine your photos being any more lovely than they already are. I'm sure you'll be the star of your photo class. Have a great week! Cat ^..^

Your blog is always such a visual feast for the eyes and is that oil cloth I see on your table? It's lovely. Would you mind sharing where you got it? The color is wonderful, much more subtle than the offerings I've seen.

I was so sure you were a tea-person! So what DO you drink?

Well, I'd be more than happy to come sit in your lovely kitchen and make very good use of your teapots, Alicia.....mind you, it would be a bit of a trek from the UK I suppose!

Oh goodness, you really do have the cutest kitchen IN THE WORLD. I remember looking at a picture of that window once upon a time (the one with the onion on the windowsill) and it was THAT MOMENT that I fell in love with you. Well, your blog. But really, it's love you, love your blog, eh? :)

It's so exciting, all this camera nonsense you're talking. I just decided finally, officially, about a month ago that I am going to get a big black. I'm starting to do my research, pay attention, etc. Unlike you, I draw that pre-purchase research time out as long as possible. I'm not sure if the end result is any better, but I end up feeling slightly less queasy about the massive amount of money spent anyhow.

Your second picture of the kitchen table made me think of my mum's kitchen. Not the same, but the same feeling. Take that as a compliment.

Great shots. I love that tablecloth.

Your kitchen is so sweet; I love it! I use blue and red in mine instead of blue and pink. I like your rack of cups. I have an old accordian rack in a distressed green that I'm going to hang in my dining room with all my vintage cups on it. I used to have my little girls' bonnets hanging above the crib, but every baby that slept in that bed tore it off the wall! So it's been hiding in my window seat for years. Thanks for the inspiration!

I love your shelves above the windows especially, such a clever way to have a little bit more display area :)

What Gorgous photos, what an inspirational room to be in.

i love the photos of your adorable kitchen. the soft blue is so pretty. i also find your tips about photography very helpful. i vow to use my tripod today vs. holding my breath.

and yes, the financial markets are in a tailspin. i don't think we've ever seen this kind of prolonged volatility. the government has convinced everyone that we need a bailout and now they won't fund it. kooky!

how about you turn off the tv and put on some nice music to sooth your nerves? try kings of convenience.

I am totally in love with your kitchen!! Such nice details and such peaful pictures! :):):)

That truly is a gorgeous kitchen, and so original and unique. Sometimes I forget that my house doesn't have to look like everyone else's, and that it has it's own cute personality. (It doesn't help having a thoroughly modern daughter who is often telling me how ugly our house is, and why can't we move into a new estate house. Shudder!) You've inspired me anew.

I also love your cup rack. Very good idea.

I love your kitchen colors!

I love your kitchen it looks very cozy. I am still learning my camera. Your pictures are good.

I love it when you share little glimpses of your charming home - so sweet and warm - AND, of course, I LOVE the little daisy teapot! ;-)

Your kitchen is perfectly adorable!

Lola Goldberg says: September 30, 2008 at 06:18 AM

I just got around to reading some earlier posts and wanted to thank you for showing the beautiful items from Foster's Imports. They are really special, and I've bookmarked their site for future perusal. Fun indeed!

Lola Goldberg says: September 30, 2008 at 06:20 AM

I just got around to reading some earlier posts and wanted to thank you for showing the beautiful items from Foster's Imports. They are really special, and I've bookmarked their site for future perusal. Fun indeed!

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