Apple Time

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Thank you for the Seattle recommendations! I am going to print them all out today and do some research, and then I'll take some photos to show you what we wind up doing. You all were amazingly consistent in your recommendations! I've never been to Bainbridge Island, so I'm thinking, that! Especially if the weather is nice, and I think it's supposed to be. The Pink Door is right down the alley from our hotel, and we have been there before and loved it, so we probably will have dinner there again. I will also try to run into Pike Market to get donuts (we do usually do that) and stop at the Polish pottery store and maybe identify an early Christmas present to add to my collection? I love Polish pottery. But you knew that.

We finished getting all of the domestic and overseas ornament kit orders out yesterday (everything that came in before yesterday, that is). Yay!!! And phew. Please watch your mailboxes, and, as always, if there is anything missing from your kit, let me know right away and I will dispatch whatever you need immediately! Thank you again for your enthusiasm about these, seriously. This was by far the biggest number of kits we have ever endeavored to assemble and ship at one time, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. I need to send a tremendous shout out to Andy Paulson and Clover Meadow Paulson for all their help. I sincerely hope that you enjoy every minute of working on these. We have loved creating them for you.

I am going to be tweaking the Posie web site to offer downloadable PDF patterns for the Ice-Skating Afternoon Ornaments, as well as the Clothespin Dolls (both the Santa Lucias and the Country Girls) today, and also create new Flickr groups for you to upload your project photos (I am so anxious to see the Tanglewood Bags!), and just generally get that all organized. I'll put links up on the blog here when I get that done. It always makes me happy to have the Posie web site organized. I am not very good at staying on top of things at Flickr but I want to try harder to do that.

Now. Apple time. Time for my favorite pie, sour-cream apple pie. Recipe tomorrow!


I LOVE that dish you've got those apples in! I developed an addiction for Polish pottery when we lived in Germany (military family) and was able to make two shopping trips to Poland, where the pottery is so everyday that it doesn't cost very much. :-) I've been wishing for stateside Polish pottery store myself. Just LOVE that blue!

I actually live on Bainbridge and highly recommend the ferry ride over.....If you go don't miss Blackbird Bakery for the best toast ever (not on the menu, but worth ordering), a few doors down is Churchmouse Yarn & Tea, then pop across the street to Mora Ice Cream for small batch homemade ice cream....and don't miss Ester's Fabric Store (I get a little shakey at the great fabric). Email me if you need any info!

Seeing everybody talk about Seattle really makes me want to make a trip over. Maybe I will, I love Bainbridge! I hope you have lots of fun.
That recipe sound delicious!

Oh, wheee! So excited to get my kit! Thanks for the update -- I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled!

(Go ahead... picture me now perched on my front steps, waiting for the mail carrier to arrive. Cause, um, if I didn't have to be at work, I would totally be doing that!)

There is a barbeque place tucked away right off the main street in Bainbridge. It's an old house with painted checkerboard wood floors, twinkle lights and Elvis playing softly in the background. They serve you hot roasted peanuts and for dessert, they serve s'mores made with homemade gram crackers. I wish I would have taken pictures when I visited a couple weeks ago.I think the name is Bainbridge Island BBQ.

If you do happen to come over to Bainbridge (the latest photo on my blog is from the ferry leaving Seattle going to BI) then I would recommend going to the Harbor Pub ( Everything on their menu is delicious and the views over the marina and Seattle are just lovely.

I second the recommendation for Esther's Fabrics. They also have a website Esther's has a sweet selection of Japanese fabrics at the moment.

I live quite close to the ferry if you are interested in meeting up for a coffee at Blackbird Bakery. Are you bringing Clover? If you have any more Bainbridge questions, I'd be happy to help answer them.

Yummie... I can't wait for the recipe - the pie sounds WONDERFUL!!!

It's put a grin on my face, thinking of your package on its way to my mailbox. Thank you and your crew too.

Yum! I can't wait for the recipe. Keep up the wonderful work on your site. I love visiting it. (^_^)v Happy Day!!

Clearly I'm not the only one who loves that dish (and who wouldn't?).

But I JUST put this picture in my flickr favorites the other day, and the similarities are uncanny:

Is it the same set?

I concur with terra: "Churchmouse Yarn & Tea, then pop across the street to Mora Ice Cream for small batch homemade ice cream....and don't miss Esther's Fabric Store" in that order :^D

oh you will love bainbridge island! it is so beautiful...i went to a wedding there...lovely lovely...& i have been to the pink door too...not because i have any coolness about me only because i worked for someone who was super cool...but i will hang out with all the coolness i can stand maybe it will rub off...have fun;)

Hurray! More St. Lucias!

Beautiful piece of pottery!

I made sour cream apple pie two days ago and added crushed up swedish gingersnaps to the crumble crust. Yum! I think I will make that part of the recipe I use from now on.

Alicia! I *just* got my kit in the mail today. I am so excited. I love the colors and everything. The instructions are great. I'm new to the craft world, so I really appreciate how you've explained everything. I've been sick for the past few days, receiving the kit in the mail really cheered me up. I loved the note in your instructions to "Find a good spot, light a fire, and settle in!" That's exactly what I'll be doing this weekend. In fact, I'm including a link to show you where I plan to spend my evenings this weekend working on the ornaments (sorry, it's a bit out of focus)... Thanks!!

Yummy! Waiting for the pie recepie!

Kisses from Brazil!

We live about 20 minutes from Bainbridge island..another fun place that you would love is DownTown Poulsbo..they have a treasure trove of shops and it is a quaint little town as well..great at christmas time..all decorated..etc..they have yarn stores..antique stores.. the best donuts you will get...Sluys is awesome..smell good stores..and wonderful restaurants too..all one stop is about 20 minutes from Bainbridge as well...I have one piece of polish pottery that I got when we live in Italy..I didn't get the chance to to to Poland..but it is sooo cheap there...they really rack up the prices here in the states..but I love it too..are you coming up here for business or pleasure or both...hope you have a great time...when are you coming?
Gina :)

yumm more ideas!

Alicia - I don't know if your Polish pottery love extends to this or not but...yesterday at Tuesday Morning they had Polish Pottery Christmas ornaments that were VERY cute and only about $7.

Just got my kit! Can't wait to "settle in". And I second the comment about visiting Poulsbo! It's a very cute coastal town!

I'm so happy to say I received my ornament kit today, and I was so excited I hugged it! Can't wait to make them - they are even cuter in person.


Got my ornament kit today and I just plain can't wait to get started! I think I may order a few more-1 for each of the kids to have when they grow up and have their own families, and one for my mom! Thanks girl!

I am so thrilled to receive my ornamaent kits in the mail today! I can't wait to get started...these are so nicely done Alicia. Thank you!

Off topic here: Regarding Green curry; you need to add Lime leaves and lemongrass for the fragrance and taste of true Thai green curry.
Also: don't use Thai Kitchen brand green curry paste (bitter and blech); MAESRI is a delicious brand and tastes more's a bit hotter too. Comes in a tiny tin can: leftovers can go in baggie and into the freezer until the next batch.

Uwajimaya is an Asian grocery here in Seattle's International District: you can hit it on the way back to Portland and pick up the curry paste and coconut milk/cream. Have fun in Seattle!

My ornament kit arrived in the mail today; coincidentally the same day my two little girls started fall skating lessons at Ridgeland Commons. A big hello to you from the OPRF area!

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