Day One: Golden City and the Water

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On Sunday morning, we left home very early, and took the train up to Seattle. We were spending the night there so that we could catch the only ferry to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, early the next morning. We arrived in Seattle at noon, and had the whole afternoon ahead of us.


We decided to take your advice and head down to pier 52 to catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island, an island in Puget Sound about 35 minutes from Seattle by boat.


So much blue.


The boat, painted this beautiful aquamarine.


The wake, foamy and roiling.


The concertina, playing sea shanties.


Soon enough, we saw land.


And disembarked.


We walked over the blacberry-bordered bridge, and through the town, dotted with little shops, ice-cream stops, and those tiny coastal gardens that are so particular to houses by the water.


We had our lunch at the Harbor Public House, right on the water.


Then we walked for a while, and bought some yarn at Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, one of the prettiest yarn shops (with the friendliest shopkeepers) I've ever been in. I got some some fancy rosewood needles, and cast on for a little garter-stitch scarf next door at the Blackbird Bakery.


The light was already starting to change.


So we made our way back to the dock.


We could see the city, far off across the blue.


It felt colder on the way back.


Behind the island, the sun was starting to set.


It turned Seattle, usually so pearly gray, into a city of gold.






The last golden moments blazed as we pulled into port.


And then the sun went down, and the lights of the city came on.


People always ask us how we put up with the rain. THIS is why. :-)

Thank you for the trip to Seattle! gorgeous pictures, my favorite one is of the coffee and yarn. Beautiful light.

I live outside Vancouver BC (you were so close!) and yet haven't been to Bainbridge Island -- your pictures are gorgeous. What a lovely day you had for your ferry rides. Your pictures capture the experience of walking around on deck in the chilly autumn air perfectly.

The little yarn and tea shop looks fabulous! What a great discovery.

Ah! Those pictures made me miss my city so much. I love France but Seattle is always in my heart.

Aw, you make me love my own city more than I already did! Beautiful photos - glad you enjoyed your trip.

i love your yarn by the tea. what brand kind is it? is so pretty!

I've been reading your blog for the past few months, and have been enjoying seeing and reading about the beautiful world you've created. I grew up on Bainbridge Island, and I loved seeing your gorgeous pictures of my hometown and all my favorite places (the Pub, Churchmouse, Blackbird--I need to go visit soon!). Thank you!

Alicia, as usual your photos are breathtakingly beautiful! Wish I was there!

WOW - I live here (Seattle) and you did it such justice! TGF the dry day we enjoyed last Sunday...

Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures. I miss home....:)

Hey, that's my hometown! I've always said there is nothing prettier than a nice day in Seattle. Pictures like these make me miss it (I've lived in Oregon since 1970).

I remember when the pointy-topped Smith Tower was the tallest building in town. Yeah, I'm older than dirt.

I'm glad you loved Churchmouse! It's one of my favorite shops. Your pictures make me miss Seattle so much. Thanks for sharing them! I can't wait to head back there for Thanksgiving.

wonderful pictures! thanks

hey! how come my ferry pics never look like that!?
Those rare sunny fall days here are so special - and make me so homesick for my hometown - the perennially golden city of San Francisco.
Today is another gorgeous day and we spent the whole trip over to our cottage on the upper deck, strolling around and around in the SUNSHINE!!

Hi Alicia, love the golden city photos. I live halfway between Portland and Seattle on the coast. Things have been glowing here too. What great photos you have.
My favorite is the close up of your coffee and new yarn in the needle and curled up by it. Love that photo. Thought of making postcards or notecards out of some of your photos?
Have a nice weekend!

Very nice photos! My sister is up by Seattle and these photos make me miss her! Maybe I'll head up there after seeing these!Thanks!

Thank you for sharing your first day in Seattle with such beautiful photos.

And that wool - gorgeous!!

Fab foto essay! You never said you were going to Victoria!!! (did you?) Oh my gosh, I can't wait until tomorrow to find out....please, please tell me you ate at ReBar and visited the stitchery shop in Victoria.

GORGEOUS! so glad you enjoyed your trip!

Thank you for taking the time to post all of these gorgeous pics! I so enjoy seeing your side of the country.

Driving across the viaduct everyday to head to work I take the city for granted. A beautiful blog post and picture story! Thanks for reopening my eyes to the Golden City.

Thank you so much for sharing your great photos. I really look forward to reading each new post.
Thank you, Thank you

What a great day.
The yarn you bought is so pretty.
What brand is it?

just as i had given up on going to seattle, you go and post these photos. :-)

Lovely colours and feelings - cool,crisp and alive x

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