Fall at the Farm

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We spent Saturday afternoon at the farm.


In October, everything there seems coated with a wilting, golden haze. It's as beautiful then, in its own way, as it is at the height of summer.


I kept wishing it was even later in the afternoon, kept imagining how the sun would look if it were lower in the sky, illuminating those curling, speckled sunflower leaves and russet petals.


Everywhere you look, you see the margins between summer and winter being straddled. The cherry-blossom-pink dahlias, brown and shriveled. 


The party lights that won't be used until next year.


The wine-dark raspberry brambles, tangled and cracked.


Snap and crackle.


A boy and his dog.


Geese overhead. Blackbirds chattering. The smell of hay.


Andy told me to look up.


The stand of feathery tops, waving in the wind. They were way above our heads.


What's that thing? I don't think there was anything else out there that looked like this prickly globe.


The maverick.


Oh, sunflowers.


Oh, sunflowers!


Ever reaching.


My goodness, the chlorophyll.


The pectin. These were the apples they were throwing away.


The little chickens. When they saw Clover, they clucked themselves into the bushes.


When Clover saw the ginormous pig, I would have to say she was flabbergasted. She just sat and stared and then indicated that she would like to leave. Immediately.

I would venture to say that the pig had zero opinion of her. Just a guess, but that's how it seemed. Though who really knows how pigs feel.


Pumpkins on the vine.


The corn maze.


No thanks. Not me.


I like these, though. And only a quarter of a penny a pound!!! Super!


I like all things apple.


This is the caramel-apple girl.


This is the red-curry squash. I think I'll make some red curry with it. (Original.)


They say it was our last nice weekend before the rains start. Nooooooooooo.


beautiful photos. i feel like i am right there with you. the corn is still so green there. our's here is very dried up and brown. we're harvesting it now.

I'd like to place an ORDER... 1. I would to see FALL 2. I would like those 2 chickens 3. I NEED that carmel apple STAT!
GREAT post!

Your photography is always so beautiful and inspiring! These just screams autumn, and I love it!

I'm so jealous that Clover is well behaved enough for you to take her out to places like this. We could never bring our girl out... she's way too wild!

Beautiful photos. Your photography never ceases to amaze and inspire me! That carmel apple looks delicious, yum!

I'm always wondering if other people see the world in the same artful, musical, "Hello Dolly"-Technicolor way that I do...glad to know someone else does; probably the same reason I read your blog. :) Keep up the great photography and notes! "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower." -Albert Camus

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

and the carmel apple lady could easily become my best friend and worst enemy..mmmmmm.

What beautiful photos. You perfectly captured one of my very favorite places in the whole world. We did the corn maze by flashlight and took a moonlit hayride out to the pumpkin patch that was light by tiki torches. Just magical. And you can't beat those Cinderella pumpkins. Mine is sitting here on the front porch. Enjoy this last nice week in the NW.

Beautiful photos, Alicia. They remind me of how much I miss fall...

Love these photos! Clover's reaction to the pig was hilarious.

Thank you, as always, for sharing.

i wouldn't do the maze either...love the puffball clouds. yes, fall is a beauty!

"A boy and his dog." Awwwww. So sweet.

Wonderful photos! I simply adore your blog and enjoy seeing all of your talented work! Thanks for sharing -I feel refreshed and inspired. Come on over and visit my humble blogs sometime- http:applecreekcottage.blogspot and yakiddyyakyak.blogspot

As usual, pics are beautiful :):) And that caramel apple looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Thanks for sharing fall at the farm :):):):)

Diane from boring Baltimore

Love the pictures! No matter what season we are in there is always something beautiful to look at....as long as you look for it. :)

You've taken me away!

Oh my, this reminds me of home. Lovely photos! I love the sunflowers, what a great color.

ooh, i was just telling my british friends all about the fabulous things we americans do in the autumn.

i should have showed them your blog instead. i think i will anyway!!


Oh, what lonely memories your photos bring to my mind and heart. Was that just a year ago that I was there with you? Or was that last week? Time......that mysterious phantom!

great shot of the caramel apple girl! I'm always too shy to ask people to stay still a minute…

Some of my favourite blog entries of yours are these "photo-journalistic" type posts. You have such a wonderful knack of capturing the true essence of a place or event with your gorgeous photos & some well-chosen words - this is eloquence at its finest.
Of course the photo of Clover sizing up Miss Piggy is just priceless - thank you for making me smile on a rather blue Monday :o)

And for those of you Joe Sixpacks playing along at home, the lady said "Maverick!" :)

What a beautiful farm! I wish I could bring my boys over to wander for a bit...

such gorgeous photographs.

Your photographs are beautiful! I am pretty sure the seed pod is Jimson Weed. It is pretty nasty stuff. It still takes a pretty picture tho'!

Wow, what superb photos. :) We are just blazing in the heat down here in southern California, and I am so excited to see pictures of proper autumnal hues and proper decay of foliage and proper caramel apples.

Clover and the Pig probably needs to be a children's book that you write and photograph. :)

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