Coming Down with Something

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Actually had stuff to say today, but can't remember what it was, as head is simmering like chicken stock, throwing off only scuzzy froth and brownish bubbles. Eyeballs feel like hot pinballs. Throat getting ready to turn into excelsior.

Happy to say flair for the dramatic alive and well.

Cold remedies? Does anything actually work?


-sinus rocks!
-lip balm
-some tlc

I swear by a Cold Buster Jamba Juice with Immunity Boost. Oh and a Hot Toddy or two. :D

Feel better soon! :)

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that you're getting sick. That always happens to me after lots of hustle, bustle, and excitement. As soon as things calm down and I can rest...bam! Sick. Argh.

Hot toddy. Lemon, whiskey, hot water and ginger. And bed.

I'm sorry!!!

Wasabi green tea!

Okay, so first off, go promptly to your kitchen and collect a glass and salt. Fill said glass with warm water and enough salt to make you gag. I know, I know. Then gargle with said salt/warm water mixture as much as you possibly can. I swear to you, if you do this periodically throughout the day, your throat will feel better.

The only other relief I know to work and relieve the nasty symptoms is Advil Cold and Sinus. And lots of rest. And lots of liquids. The Advil will at least get you through the holiday without you wanting to shoot yourself... or someone else for that matter.

Oh yea, and homemade chicken soup with lots of garlic and homemade chicken stock. Mustn't forget that one.

Good luck!

in the middle of "crud" myself and i swear by AIRBORNE and anything ZICAM related...currently sucking down COLD REMEDY CHEWABLES every 3 hours. that and lots of bad daytime tv and blankets...and water. feel better soon. LOVE YOUR BLOG

Nice long sleep with Head Nurse Clover Meadow watching over you should work wonders!

hot and sour soup for dinner
finger (or two) of scotch before bed
lots of bed
lots of movies

works. every. time.

Sorry to hear you're not well! Skip any cough meds and stick to a spoonful of honey before lying down. I second the hot salt water gargling advice, too. Best, K

Awwww! A friend of mine made me a mix that I swear by. You heat up boiling water with fresh ginger, a chopped apple, lemon juice and zest. After straining the water (and mushing all the stuff to extract the juices), you steep a couple chamomile tea bags in the water and add a drizzle of honey. SO soothing. That, rest and a little Sudafed never hurts. Feel better!

I have a retail store and my staff and I are exposed to a plethora of germs. Try Air-Bourne (sp?)...we swear by the stuff. Available at drug and grocery least in S. Cal. Feel better! Love your blog!!

Sounds so boozey but try hot toddy, whiskey and a little hot water. Believe it or not this was actually recommended to me my a traditional Chinese medicine guy. It works!

Garlic (raw, cut into small pieces, swallowed like a pill) and echinacea.

Oh you poor thing! It sounds like the yucky junk I had a little while back-took me more then a month to get over! It's one of those "you just gotta ride it through" kind of things! Make yourself as comfy as possible and hang in there gal-feel better soon!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
~Tam :D

I rarely get sick and when I do, it's usually a monster of a head cold. I got some of those Zicam lozenges for the last one, and took them faithfully every four hours or as directed. They seemed to work- it staved off the cold. Now about 10 days later it seems to be coming back; more Zicam. I think it's inevitable it'll happen, but if you just need to get thru the holiday, I recommend trying the Zicam lozenges. Also- get lots of sleep.

Just go to bed take some asprin or advil, a hot toddy and rest, rest, rest.
Hope you feel better soon.

Zicam - you can buy it at Target and it's homeopathic. We swear by it at my house.

neti pot. water. echinacea/goldenseal tincture from herb pharm (lots of it). salt baths. rest. knitting.

Poor thing! Just getting over one myself. Although I could never describe mine as entertainingly as you my dear ;)

For colds, I Pump the vit. C, I'm talking like 3 to 4 thousand milligrams, 3 times a day. Drink tons of water.

Recently, I was told about Zicam Cold Remedy Oral Mist. I think it really does make a difference, especially if you start it right away.

All through winter we regularly take Emergen-C as a supplement. You can find it at Trader Joes.

Hope you are well very soon. xo.

if you think you're getting the flu (fever), call your doctor right now and ask him for 'tamiflu' it really helps nip it in the bud if taken right away.

if it's not the flu, then nyquil is pretty good and has a nice kick the next day ;).

either way, hope you feel better very soon, like now!

I have the best luck with DayQuil. I only take one pill though. Two knock me over the moon.

I make an entire pot of green tea (in the coffee maker) and drink it throughout the day, mixing it with honey and lemon cup by cup; a good salt water gargle at least twice a day; a hot, steamy shower; and a shot of spiced rum to help me sleep...

Plus as much fresh fruit as I can eat... oranges are great!

Layer slices of onion, garlic, or ginger in a jar with sugar. Leave it for a few days until the juices come out, and take a teaspoon as a mucus-buster. It's awesome (and really doesn't taste bad.) Oh, store this in the fridge.

A hot bath, warm lemon/honey water, and a good book!


Feel better soon!

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