Coming Down with Something

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Actually had stuff to say today, but can't remember what it was, as head is simmering like chicken stock, throwing off only scuzzy froth and brownish bubbles. Eyeballs feel like hot pinballs. Throat getting ready to turn into excelsior.

Happy to say flair for the dramatic alive and well.

Cold remedies? Does anything actually work?


I always remember our mom saying don't take cold remedy products because you don't want to dry up the stuff inside your nose (sorry), you want to sneeze it and blow it out. It made sense, but it's also hard to deal with a runny nose all day. But for a long time, I didn't take anything. I feel like having Chicken Soup With Rice when I'm sick, and I DO know it helps. But last week when I had a bad cold, I decided to try Nyquil again- and I really felt like it was a miracle that it seemed to really help me sleep (and I have insomnia badly). You need your rest - and i truly believed it helped me get some. I did have a dry mouth the next day, but you need lots of fluids anyhow. Oh - and I never want to be without Kleenex Lotion tissues when I have a cold!

Zicam - get to going today. It doesn't take it completely away, but it certainly shortens the time and lessens the misery. Really. I'm a skeptic; my daughter sold me on them.

take zinc! I take a supplement daily and hardly ever get sick. feel better!

Hope you're feeling better soon! Someone mentioned the Zicam, and it DOES help (the swabs that you dip then put in your nostrils - sounds funky, but it does add some relief). My favorite remedy is definitely chicken soup with LOTS (and I mean LOTS) of lemon.....better yet, Tom Yum Kai (Thai Chicken soup); that stuff will tell your sinuses who's the boss! Have a great Thanksgiving, Paulsons!

Magic Soup!

Put 3 cups of chicken stock (or canned broth, I'm not proud) into a saucepan with a few cloves of minced garlic.

Reduce to 2 cups of broth.

Mix in 8 oz. stelline pasta (or other very small pasta, like orzo) cooked according to package directions.

Top with shredded cheddar and chopped fresh basil.


Feel better.

Dimetapp and back to bed..Feel better soon!!

i just alternate day-quil (during the day, in case you wondered) & ny-quil ( night:)...i ask for no remedy just the ability to function & then pass out..i know so healthy:)...hope you feel better soon!

tea, sleep and a good read (magazines with good pictures)works for me.

I swear by TheraFlu. Watch out! You might forget you are sick when you are on this stuff and overextend yourself only to be feeling worse when it wears off. But dang, it really is awesome stuff.

I have to say it, because no one else is brave enough to.
Bed - with a man.
There's even scientific proof that this works!
Feel better soon.

Lots of fluids, hot lemon & honey for the throat, bed, hot water bottles and sweat it out, sleep oh and paracetamel for any aches and pains. Nothing else but ride through and know that eventually you'll come out the other side. I am now on the other ide but it has taken three weeks and so I have LOADS of sympathy for you
Tuck your vest in!

I love all the natural remedies, but nothing stops the sniffles like a little red Sudafed pill. Not the big Sudafeds, just the little basic red pills (CVC and other drugstores even have their own knock-off brand - same ingredients). One is usually enough, but two definitely dries it up! It sort of lifts that veil of *uggghhh* and helps you think! Hope you feel better soon!

sleep! sleep and more sleep! mega doses of vitamin c and nyquil at night...a good 'excuse' to go watch all those movies in that list that accumulated on one of your recent posts, huh? :) jan

Steamy showers, sudafed, and sleep.

Mostly sleep.

Hope you feel better soon!

Hot milk with honey and nutmeg grated on top. Failing that, whisky, brown sugar, hot water and lemon. Brief Encounter,Mrs. Miniver, Gaslight or something similarly black and white on the telly.

Since you are already sick the zicam might not work but definitely get a neti pot or try my cotton ball method(have hand towel ready, coffee cup with warm salt water, lay on back bed with head hanging over the edge of the bed, dip cotton ball in water, squeeze slowly to fill up nostril, breathe slowly through mouth-this is very important, let sit for 4-5 minutes, sit up keep face down to drain nose into towel, blow nose, repeat as needed), and the garlic "pills" and honey too.

LOVED the doggy sitting adventure! I've got cute baby Pembroke pictures on my blog right now. Wish she belonged to me but she's a friend's.

Get better by morning please! Sick is no fun!


A real, real chicken noodle soup. You have to boil the carcass for hours (well, this should be Andy's labor of love)--added to the cauldron should be copious amounts of fresh garlic, a few bayleaves, celery, ground pepper, a little sea salt. Add extra chicken broth (for taste), chopped carrots, other vegetables, as desired.

If you make your own noodles, it is even more delightful. And it is a serious cure.

Oh, I wish I could bring you a pot! I think part of the cure is that it comes from someone who hopes you feel better soon.

the only thing that ever works for me is sleep, sleep, sleep and then some more sleep after that!

I just got over a nasty cold. I like to make tea and throw in lots of fresh grated ginger and honey. It's not a cure but it will make you feel better for a bit. Run that humidifier, stay warm and rest, rest, rest.

yogi tea cold season. it's the best.

p.s. love the corgis.

Zicam! It's a lifesaver for me. I take it every four hours when I feel like I'm getting sick and the cold usually doesn't last very long or get nearly as bad as colds used to get for me. Hope you feel better soon!

This is my cold remedy cocktail... You totally stink for awhile but you're only down for a few days versus a week or two: Echinacea, vitamin C and zinc galore (Airborne and/or emergen-c). Go to a chinese restaurant and get egg drop soup or hot and sour soup, get some vapo rub or tiger balm and rub on your chest and back, and put a little on your temples and sinus areas and dab under your nose if you're congested. Nyquil at night. Be prepared to sleep! You can also make some ginger tea.

angie in asheville says: November 25, 2008 at 03:53 PM

I agree with the Zicam and also a tea made from grated fresh ginger and honey. Also if you happen to have Rite-Aid drugstores near you, they have Zicam products, buy one get one.
I should know - I bought the place out because my 7 year old is recovering from strep rounded out with a nice case of pink eye.

I feel your pain...........get some rest, we'll wait for you!

angie in asheville says: November 25, 2008 at 03:55 PM

Oh yeah
One can never have too much Nyquil.

Oh goodness. Korean Citron Tea (which is really a syrup with yummy orange slices) somehow coats your throat when nothing else can make the soreness go away. Available at your local Asian market. Feel better soon!!

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