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The weekend was total chaos. This is Miss Remi, also known as Mumsie (as in "Queen Mumsie"), also known as Ma'am, also known as Grilled Cheese (that's what Andy called her). She is the Pembroke Welsh corgi of some friends who went away for the weekend. She stayed at Paulson Place from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon and laid in this spot between the couch and the coffee table, next to my shoes, for about 65-70% of the time. (That big white thing in the front of the image is a Clover-Meadow paw.) Isn't she cuuuuuuute!!! Agh! Adorable.


Miss C. Meadow was in a total state. When Remi arrived, Clover lost her mind. She raced around in circles, she jumped back and forth over Remi, she made noises I've never heard before. Then — Grrrrrrr, said Remi. Grrrrr-WOOF!!! she said. And meant it. And Miss Clover Meadow backed up, snugging her quivering body against me, and looked very, very worried.


For several hours she anxiously sat in front of me, wherever I sat or wherever I was in the room, staring at her slumber-party guest. Her slumber-party guest who seemed to not want to have been invited to the slumber party.


How could it beeeee?????

Dogs7 What to dooooo?????

Dogs8 How to proceeeeeed?????

Dogs9 "I'll go see if I can jump on her head. That's a good idea."


Oh man. It was so funny. Once they warmed up to each other, early Friday evening, they started going everywhere together (and let me tell you, I thought having one little dog follow me every single place I went in the house was a handful, but having two little dogs under your feet for every step is insane). Then eventually the puppy-play commenced — and every few hours for about twenty minutes they'd start wrestling each other, a small tornado of teeth and fur as they tried to bite each other in the face or sit on top of one another. But it was fascinating because they really worked it out — Clover was bigger, much more obnoxious, physical, and pretty scrappy, but she was also more submissive than Mumsie, who, though older, crankier, and more stout, could with one warning noise or one haughty look have Clover flat on her back with her paws dangling limply in the air and those very-worried eyebrows arched into right-angles over those very-worried eyes — Whoops, what'd I do? Mommy? We tried so hard not to laugh at them. It was impossible. By Saturday afternoon, my sister picked us up to go thrifting, and Clover was ready to go upstairs and get into her crate and take a nap while we were out. Remi, who isn't crated, sat alone in the middle of the living room and looked at us with what we considered to be sheer relief at the prospect of having a few quiet hours alone. We returned a few hours later, and opened the front door, expecting to be greeted by our little guest — but the room was empty. Where was she? Upstairs, napping near the crated Clover Meadow. BFFs after all.


That is so very sweet !! I love their cute little faces. I'm so glad they get along now !! Have a great day !!

I loved reading this. And those adorable pictures of Clover Meadow looking most perplexed and concerned - ahhh bless her sweet furry furryness :)

Just when I thought your posts couldn't get any more charming than they already are, you had to go & delight us with this enchanting little "tail"!
I loved Miss C. Meadow's initial reaction to the arrival of Her Royal Corginess at Chez Paulson - typical only dog-child behaviour :o)
And what a sweet happy ending too - all's well, that ends well...

By the way, your book is an absolute gem. But from you I expected no less :o)

I love your pet stories! Thank you.

i love this doggie story. such sweet pics of clover trying to figure out the plan.

So glad Remi made Miss Clover Meadow's weekend! Love the Cardis, but you are playing my song! Have a happy week. Warmly, Cat ^..^


I have a mini Schnauzer named Holly Noel.

Holly would like to know if Miss Clover Meadow could come over to a slumber party?

Holly thinks that Clover would be the life of the party!

What a sweet doggy tale, Alicia...yup, love is a beautiful thing

Thank you Alicia! That was the best read and photos!!! Mumsie and Clover are darling, funny little characters aren't they? I loved seeing Clover and Mumsie is such a pretty girl....not as pretty as Miss C but cute just the same.

Our Pembroke Corgi's name is Kipper and he has never forgotten that he was originally bred to herd farm animals.However, since
me and the kids are the only "farm animals" he's ever around, he herds us everywhere instead. That instinct is STRONG with them. But I wouldn't trade him for the world!

that sounds like a play-by-play of the weekend that Penny, our dog Harvey's sister, came to visit! Two dogs is CRAZY! That visit effectively cured us of our want for double the trouble!

What a sweet story.

That's such a cute story. Dogs crack me up.

oh, my. Your description is exactly spot-on for several incidents like this in my life! Isn't is just eye-opening and heart-tickling how they work it all out? Isn't it one of the best things, ever? No one could make this stuff up. This is wicked, gentle, impervious nature!

Now they can visit any time!

oh my gosh...that story reminds me of how unpredictable friendships can be ...the ones you dont think will become anything at all can become the best.

Aww dogs are so funny. I love seeing our puppy Ellie a dalmatian and my mum and dads puppy Cassie a golden retreiver playing together. They are hard work lol! Thanks for posting the pics, they are so cute. Niki xxx

It's great that they became friends so quickly, and the photos are great :) As are the comments ^_^

I have a poodle and this summer I babysat a German Shepherd for a few hours each day, and it was very interesting to see them decide who got to play with me :) It was all friendly, but when my poodle thought it was getting out of hand, she had no trouble claiming me :)

Gads!! hahaha Corgi cuteness _overload_ :)

Imagine being Queen? 4, 5; maybe 6? <3

Thank you for that story! I absolutely love reading about funny dogs, the most wonderful creatures on this earth.

What a cute story, I am in love with Welsh Corgi's! I love how Miss Remi parked herself at that same spot!

For Christmas I am thinking of buying my hubby a Welsh Corgi ever since he bought me a gorgeous diamond necklace from for our 10th anniversary.

Besides, the Queen owns many Corgi's so if they can win the heart of the queen, they must do the same for my husband!

This is hands-down my favourite post ever. How flipping cute is that? Awwwww! A slumber-party guest... So adorable! Clover and Remi are friends. :)

I'll bet they'll be much happier right away when she comes back for a visit.

you've made me smile so much!!the pictures were so good it was like l were there!weve had similar episodes with our dogs..they are a law unto themselves..lve been reading you for ages and so enjoy all you write..THANKYOU xx

Selena Cate says: November 25, 2008 at 01:32 PM

Do you know if Miss Remi has any kin from Whidbey Island? Our corgi, Elffin and Remi look so similar and that's were he came from. And not just the fact that they are both corgis. Remi just looks so much like Elffin.

I LOVE the third picture in this post! Clover is just about the cutest girl ever!!!

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