Free Pattern, and a Giveaway!

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Craftpod88 Would you like to enter a contest? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

Hurry over to Craftzine (before noon PST tomorrow) and tell Jenny why you need to be chosen to win one of four copies of Stitched in Time, courtesy of the lovely people at Potter Craft!

And while you're there, you can download the pattern to make my Monogrammed Stockings. Just remember that I took this photo when it was about 95 degrees outside.

Isn't it cool to have the insider 411?

And you thought I wasn't even gonna show up today, didn'tcha. See that?


i just received my copy TODAY! yay!

Love these stockings. I made wine bags last year out of some tweedy plaids, they had a similar look to these but not nearly as cute. I'm going to try to make it to Powell's on Sunday. Oh to see you in real life, how exciting.

Heading over, because that's the coolest giveaway EVER! ROFL

Ginger&Pickle says: November 14, 2008 at 02:08 PM

So exciting... that you showed up AND with such great news! Happy Weekend! Awesome! Awesome!

The mail lady just dropped off my book - finally!!! I'd been compulsively checking my doorstep all week. It's beautiful Alicia - so inspiring! Congratulations!

Adorable! I love the use of buttons as monograms. I am so heading over now!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia, you are so funny to me. I really didn't think you were gonna post today. I've been home with my sick baby since Monday so I'm a slave to my favorite blogs this week. Hey, maybe I can get the pity vote and win a book!!

Lovely stockings and now I'm headed right over to Craftzine!

Have a wonderful weekend - hope your hand doesn't get too tired!


Your very own book signing. How cool is that!

Congratulations on your book launch. Maybe you will come to Australia some time and we can get to meet you as well. Enjoy x

i bought it yesterday at borders because i couldn't help myself. it is so beautiful. i think i have to write you a really gooey emotional fan letter.

I just got my pre-ordered copy from Amazon in the mail today, and I'm wondering if 4:33 pm is too early to start getting my girls ready for bed... I want to take my time looking through all the goodness. Dang. Guess I should feed them first, huh? Congratulations, enjoy the book signings!

my copy arrived yesterday and i went to bed with it. i love reading in bed. i opened it up and starting reading every word and when i got to your "dedication page" and saw Audrey i burst into tears...but it was a good cry. congratulations and best wishes for lots of sales!

I can't wait to get my hands on this book!I hope I win over on
Craftzine!!Congratulations on all your work.

love the stocking
i'm heading over now...
have a good weekend
and i wish i could be at your book signing
have fun

Thank you, sweet girl, for giving me a way to try and win your new book. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as you know I just love everything about your crafts. Hope your weekend is as beautiful as your soul. xxoo

LOVE the stockings!
THANKS for the opportunity....

adorable! I hope I win! :)

Thank you Thank you!!!!

I'm so happy for you Alicia. Good luck at the book signing tomorrow!

East coast report: Am carefully positioning your book for best viewing on the shelf at every bookstore I go to!

I posted a comment on the other post when you said your book was out and showed some of the gorgeous pictures, but I think I am number 240 on the comment list lol... anyway I just want to say again that I received your book on Friday and I absolutely love it, just in case you missed me raving about it earlier.

Can I tell you that I love you?!!! Your book is soooo sweet! Not only is it a craft book, but it's a beautiful way to look at life and appreciate it. I've never had a craft book change the way I look at my own life. You're like a modern Tasha Tudor. I just love the book so much and I love the things you share with us. I'm getting ready to make my little ornaments from you. I will pull out my St. Lucia clothespin girls soon for the holidays! I go to Ikea and think of you. And now I'm into smocking, and thinking, yes Alicia loves this too. Thank you for sharing your creativity because it reaffirms that life can be so positive and beautiful especially in the routine of our every day lives!!!
xoxo Bethany

I love the "cautionary tale"...I have had many conversations with a fellow crafty friend of mine on just such a subject.
Your book is so wonderfully written and truly heartfelt, I found myself misty-eyed more than once. Thank you for having the courage to "put it all out there". You have a way of saying what I have felt about making/giving/receiving handmade gifts, in that it is more than just a gift, but something so personal to the maker, who has wrapped up their feelings about the receiver in the project that is presented (and unfortunately may be lost to the receiver in translation, so to speak!). But the idea that someday, maybe far in the future, the receiver comes to realize the true meaning behind the gift and what went into making it has opened my mind to all sorts of possibilities.
Thank you.

Your book arrived this morning and I sat down immediately and read it from cover to cover. I mean - the world came to a screeching halt! I love it! Your writing style is great - I feel as if you are sitting across the table and we are talking over cups of hot chocolate. Yummy, yummy! (And the chocolate would be good, too!)

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