Great Weekend

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I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.
Love and miss you guys. xoxo


Glad to hear you had a wonderful time.I was thinking about you this weekend, hoping you were having a wonderful visit. I love your dining room.

That cuckoo clock brought back so many memories of my childhood at my grandma's. Thanks for a walk down memory lane.....

Tomorrow's the big day.

Can't wait to get your book!

girlfriends are the BEST!!

tomorrow. TOMORROW!! I can't wait! I'm going to check on my way home from work today, JUST IN CASE!


That first picture=perfect. Sounds like your weekend was, too.

Your blog is super. So are your photographies. They make me hungry. I have spent a nice moment when seeing them. Thanks a lot.

Hi, Alicia,

Just popping in to say that I recently finished a Tiramisu blanket. Thank you very much for the pattern (I scaled it a little because I was using thinner yarn but otherwise stayed true to your design) - it came out quite lovely!

You must have had a great time! That table is so beautifully set...just perfect!

I love your site, always has amazing pictures!

I love that room and the beautiful cuckoo clock!

Oh my gosh!!I can't wait until tomorrow!!! I am heading to Boarders for lunch and celebrating with a great cup of coffee and a NEW BOOK!!!

I'm a vegetarian and those sound good to me!!

Thank you for sharing with us, Alicia. It was an amazing weekend.

Those painted wooden plaques are oober adorable :)

Missed you sweety, but glad you had a good time. xxoo

nobody knows what you're talking about

The table-setting and the images, nothing but loveliness!

I got your book today and I'm SO SO excited!!! As soon as I can get the kids to bed I finally get to enjoy it. Congratulations Alicia!

jeanne-marie says: November 10, 2008 at 10:46 PM

thank you for letting us into your world, ali and andy. there was more than a little magic happening at that table. thank you. thank you.

Hi Alicia! It's midnight, at the very very beginning of November 11th here on the west coast, and your book is coming out today! :) Congratulations.

Hey Miss Posie,I've just been to see 'Nights in Rodanthe' and I think it's one you could add to your list of movies worth seeing for the house. The house is AMAZING! We cried so hard we had to make a run for it before anyone saw our faces. We don't cry like Demi Moore...

It's the 11th here now in the UK. Finally, your book will be out! Yeah! (I'm still going have to wait because it will be waiting for me back in the US) Can't wait to see it. Love the decor in your dining room. Did you paint the hot plates that are hanging on the wall?

Squeee! I got the note from Amazon yesterday that your book has shipped and it will be in my hot little hands tomorrow!

How exciting!

Love your table! Is that a blanket as a table cloth? Love it, so warm and cozy.

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