Maybe new dishes, but it's all about the runner. You'll see.

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I have a couple of very materialistic weaknesses. Coats are one. Dishes are another. I love dishes so much. I don't know why, but I might have inherited this obsession from my dad. He always bought the dishes in our house, and he frequently bought new dishes. I always thought that was so sweet. It was the only thing I ever remember him shopping for, other than Christmas presents and, occasionally, very sturdy shoes. He was picky about tableware and shoes. Shoes, I couldn't really care less. Dishes — that I get.

Ironically, the dishes we use every day here at Paulson Place are seriously boring. White. Plain. Heavy. I got them from a guy who used to own a restaurant and had a warehouse full of them. I bought eight place-settings for twenty-five cents a piece. He really wanted to get rid of the stuff. Score. We've had them now for years and years. Not because I love them. Mostly because I love other dishes so much that I can't actually decide on which dishes I want. I have a few other random plates from Goodwill. But I've never actually purchased a whole set of dishes, other than our wedding china (well, I didn't purchase that, either). (That china is sooooo fancy. I know we should use it more; they always say to use it more. But I am a little terrified of it.)

But these dishes (above) I think I like. They are called Sango Concepts in Avocado. They're available from Target online and Bed, Bath & Beyond and a few other places — I looked at so many I can't remember where they all were. I was wanting something earthy, yet neutral. And affordable — about $50 for four place settings, and I have a 20% off coupon at BB&B. I think I can justify the money since we've been eating about about $4 worth of dishes for the past five years. I think they'll be pretty in winter and in summer. And I know they will be really pretty with the runner. I am completely obsessed with this runner. And, while I have no time to make a runner, I don't think I will be able to not make this runner because it is G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S and it is calling to me. I've gone back to its picture about seventeen times already over the last few days. So pretty, don't you think?


Those are beautiful! I love them. I too have a dish thing. I think at one time I had 8 different settings! Yikes! My everyday are just plain old boring white too!

I cannot sew, but this runner makes me want to sew
, . . I need to find someone to make it for me!

It's funny that you mentioned coats. My husband has a coat thing. He's a Northerner. Every time he goes out shopping alone, I tell him, "Don't buy a coat!" It doesn't matter the season...I still say it. He rolls his eyes and comes home with a coat. There's always a good reason. Right!
And yes, it's time you get some new dishes. Live it've been published!

Very pretty dishes! And, YES, the table runner would go SO good with those dishes...:) The table runner looks like something you would have made.. very cute. I just visited my sister in North Carolina (I live in California), while I was there she kept telling me about these dishes she has had her eye on for a month or two and that they JUST went on sale, but she still could not justify buying them (or her hubby could not..:)) For her early Christmas gift I bought her a set while I was there. She was so happy, and so was I...I got her a gift I KNEW SHE LOVED..and I did not have to pay for shipping! The dishes were a blue-green glazed pottery and they go so lovely with her Arts and Crafts decorating theme. So,,,I say buy the dishes and runner (or make a cute runner) celebrate your new book! :)

I much prefer dishes to shoes also. I have too many patterns that own and more that I simply want. It's a sickness. Instead of a food pantry I'd love to have a walk in dish room. My favorite pattern ever is Midnight by Denby. I only have 4 plates, some mugs and a tea pot but I treasure each one of them. There is a gorgeous pattern that you might like by Denby called Reflections.

OH...I forgot to add to my post a very important note. My sister bought my Christmas gift while I was visiting her in N.C. also. A very pretty jacket from Target, boiled wool with big vintage looking buttons in the color of a Calla Lily! I am SO blessed! She bought her a black one identical to mine since she has a coat collection..:)

Oh, my goodness. I want that runner.

Alicia - I love your blog, love the photos, will buy the book. But please ... could you think about using a bigger font when blogging? After a day at work starting at a computer screen or an enjoyable sewing session, my eyes really have to peer at the tiny print.
I know, it's a minor niggle. I have a similar weakness for fancy new dishes too, and the cupboards full of them to prove it! I live 2 minutes away from a charity (thrift) shop and am always proudly arriving home with vintage china. Best wishes, Valerie

Yes, beautiful, but I warn you! Stonewear chips pretty easily around the rim. I bought stonewear from BB&B (<--I used to work there)called wasabi. Very similar to Sango. Chipped like crazy. I loved the set and was disappointed.

We used to get a lot of returns on the Sango. If you do buy it, get it from BB&B, that way you can return it if it breaks or chips.

Yes, I agree. That runner is beeeautiful!

Our dishware is a modge podge from Goodwill. We had a matching set from (puke puke) Walmart but I gave it to the donation part of Goodwill then went inside to buy a whole new set. I like that our plates don't match at all but that they are all oldish... 50's, 60's, 70's. It's my thing for the moment.

I got your book today. Really, I expected something good, but I must say, it is beyond wonderful. Bravo. I am thrilled with it. :)

I do like those dishes and share your difficulty in committing to dishes. Years ago I bought a bunch... about 7... handmade plates. the only thing they had in common was blue, and ever since I have added an occasional plate when I see one I like. SO, no sets for me, but that table runner just makes me drool with desire. Different colors, but if it had blue in it.......hmmm.

I have those dishes, in black (actually sort of an espresso brown). I love them. They are great dishes and so pretty.

PS: have not noticed any chipping, although I broke one plate when I put a frozen chicken cutlet on it and put it in an oven to warm. But that was totally my fault.

Spool makes me weak in the knees. Their store is like a candy shop, beautiful fabrics and fun things they've made hanging on the walls. It's a very inspirational place!

I have those same dishes, and they are very nice! The bowls tend to chip easily, though...don't know why. (Probably because I'm a klutz and I drop them in the sink a lot.)

Hi Alicia :) So happy to hear the book signing went so well!

I love dishes too. I've had my Corningware dishes forever now (don't laugh - remember: I have a house full of boys!). They are cheerful, white with large, colorful fruit around the perimeter. But one of my favorite times was many years ago, when I went to Pier 1 and bought one of ALL their different plates! Oh, we enjoyed those plates - we all had our favorite one. Next up for me is probably Fiestaware in assorted colors. My first choice would be polka dots but I can never find that, so Fiestaware will be cheerful and fun :)


Oh, I am so excited that you want to buy those dishes! We have the same set in a very slighty different color (no pretty blue like yours) and just this morning I said to my husband, "I love our dishes...." We bought them at Macy's about 2 years ago and only one bowl has chipped in a tiny place... and that was just last month. I really really love them, and they seem to be easy to replace, since Macy's still carries the line we bought. I think they go well with everything, and showcase food well. Go for it!!!

That runner is very pretty! It has a cozy look to it, and I can see why you like so much.

Many sweet blessings!

Funny about the runner - I have been looking at it practically daily since it was posted. I'd be interested in hearing how quickly it comes together if you make it. I might have to scrape together some time to make one too.

P.S. Get the dishes, you won't regret it - from one dish obsessed gal to another.

P.P.S. Re: dishes - also, just think of all the great vintage dishes that will look beautiful with the set you picked out!

runner? YES -- and dishes too. perfect.

I completely understand the dish love...I'm obsessed with them, bowls and pitchers in particular. We are a family of 3; how many bowls and pitchers do we need? But there are times when I fall down and just can't help myself!

I've been obsessing over that runner too! I actually went ahead and got a bunch of the fabrics so maybe I'll actually make it next week when I'm off from work...

My sister has those dishes- she loves them!

Oh girl, I get the dish thing, I so get it--I love dishes!! Always said if I was independently wealthy I'd own tons of dishes! Years ago when my hubby and I visited Mount Vernon we learned that there were so many sets of dishes in the home that Mrs. Washington kept track of who they used what dishes for when they entertained so they would not repeat a set for guests--sounds like a plan, huh? :)

Oh I know what you mean about that runner from Purl. I saw it a few days ago on their site and it has been haunting me too (in a good way). But there is no way I could make it before Thanksgiving as I am a sewing newbie. I have my hands full planning The Meal for 14 (my sisters and mom coming south! yea!). But I want to make that runner, I really, really want to.

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