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Free Pattern, and a Giveaway!

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Craftpod88 Would you like to enter a contest? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

Hurry over to Craftzine (before noon PST tomorrow) and tell Jenny why you need to be chosen to win one of four copies of Stitched in Time, courtesy of the lovely people at Potter Craft!

And while you're there, you can download the pattern to make my Monogrammed Stockings. Just remember that I took this photo when it was about 95 degrees outside.

Isn't it cool to have the insider 411?

And you thought I wasn't even gonna show up today, didn'tcha. See that?

Thank You!

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Thank you ever so much for all of your kind words and all of the emails about the book! Jeesh, I am overwhelmed, and truly appreciate every single sweet message that has come my way the past couple of days — you guys really know how to make someone's day. It's been a really fun time, and I am crazy busy! Today I have got to get to the grocery store and do some chores around here. If you're in town, please try to stop by my first book signing this weekend:

Sunday, November 16, 2008
7:30 p.m.
Powell's Books
1005 W. Burnside
Portland, Oregon

Ooo yipes, and I have to finish the skirt I'll be wearing! Keep forgetting about that.

Please come! If you can't, don't worry — I just saw that you can actually order a signed copy from Powell's. And I have signed bookplates for anyone who wants one (or as many as you'd like). Just send me a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) and I'll sign some bookplates and send them back to you. If you're overseas, just send me a self-addressed envelope and I'll put some U.S. postage on it for you. Let me know how many bookplates you need, and if they should be written out for any special people, and I'll get them out pronto. My snail-mail address is here:-)

Thank you for making me feel so special this week. It's really, really nice. Thank you! Back soon. . . .

Stitched in Time: Memory Keeping Projects to Sew and Share

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Yay, it's finally here! The book has officially happened! Thank you so, so, so, so much to everyone who has helped, been excited for, listened to, and shown patience with me and The Book this past year and a half. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.


I truly hope that you will like the book, and be inspired to make things for yourself and the people special to you. At the end of the day, my dream for anyone is to find joy and peace in making things by hand.


Out of all of the things I did to make the book, out of all the frantic afternoons sewing alone in the studio, the slogs through the mall buying clothes for the models, the time the puppers pulled the unfinished strip of bias tape attached to the placemat and toppled the full cup of coffee onto the placemat thus ruining the placemat just a millisecond (thankfully) after the photo was taken (and this was the third version of the placemat, the first two having been screwed up by me), the times I thought I couldn't do it, the photo shoots with Andy where he held mobiles on the end of a jerry-rigged fishing pole and moved entire bookcases out of the way to put up Christmas decorations for stocking photos in August, the long days when Audrey was sick in her little bed under my prop table, when I worked side by side with my sweet niece coloring cupcakes and mugging for the camera ("Can you hold the doll up just a little bit, sweetie?" — she'd hoist it high above her head, grinning — "Okay, down a little bit?" — she'd drop it to the floor — "Um, okay up a little bit . . . [please please please please]"), the things I didn't know and learned too late, the quiet winter afternoons with red pens and sticky notes and the Chicago Manual of Style, out of all of those things what I will remember most is sitting at the dining-room table writing the small essays that introduce the sections, and the sidebars.


They came at the very end of working on the project, when the crafts were finished, the photos taken, the patterns explained. They were both the easiest and the hardest parts of the whole thing. The writing came out as if a faucet had been turned on, literally. I cried about each one. Then I sent them all in anyway. It became something different, then.


Writing a book makes you feel vulnerable in about a million different ways! Will people like it? Will they hate it? Will I make mistakes? Will I wish I could've done something different? You wonder why you couldn't have just been one of those people who was content to read. In the end, you can, of course, only do your very best, and then close your eyes and cross your fingers in the sincere hope that you've contributed something to the remarkable community you love. And not made an ass of yourself. Because you wish for that, too.


In the end, late at night when you can't sleep and you're thinking about it all, you think: Oh, yes — it was a privilege. To have had the opportunity, to have said it how you felt it, to have done it and finished it, to have worked with great people, to hold that real printed book in your hands. It is a privilege to have shared it with, and to have been encouraged by, all of you.

Thank you so much for that. I really mean it. Thank you.

Great Weekend

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I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.
Love and miss you guys. xoxo

Croque Monsieur

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My girlfriends arrive late this afternoon, and, now that the house is clean, I think I am going to make them Croque Monsiuers, roasted winter squash soup, and a big green salad with glazed walnuts for dinner. Doesn't that sound kind of nice, next to the fireplace?

If you've never had one, a croque monsieur is a grilled ham-and-Gruyere sandwich topped with Mornay sauce, a creamy onion sauce. I made these a few weeks ago from Nancy Silverton's Sandwich Book: The Best Sandwiches Ever from Thursday Nights at Campanile, which is an absolutely fantastic sandwich cookbook. My friend Pam, who you know gives the best presents, gave this book to me for Christmas a couple of years ago and I love it. I found Nancy's recipe for the Croque Monsieur on-line for you, too; the Mornay sauce seems a little fiddle-y if you're used to just bunging together your roux, tossing in your milk, and stirring, as I am, but I assure you that the subtly and sophisticatication of this sauce is well worth the effort, and Nancy knows far better than I why one would, say, need to add the flour in two batches. Just sayin. It's an incredible treat on a cold, dark night. Make sure you get really good bread for this, too; I bought a loaf of French country from Petite Provence in southeast Portland — it's dense and chewy and slightly sour. Anyway, you can tell I like this sandwich, eh? Someone asked me recently to put together a list of my favorite cookbooks and you don't have to ask me to do that twice, so as soon as I get myself organized I will do that, too.

In the spirit of organization, I got around to answering City Girl's One-Word-Answer meme. I'd been wanting to design a meme for a while, but being too lazy to think in sentences longer than one word, I thought just answering hers was a perfect idea:

Where is your mobile phone? Noclue
Where is your significant other? Late
Your hair colour? Sepia
Your mother? Social
Your father? Edgy
Your favourite thing? Corgis
Your dream last night? Forgotten
Your dream goal? Hypotension
The room you're in? Dim
Your hobby? Cross-stitch
Your fear? Oration
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Present
Where were you last night? Puhleez
What you're not? Selfless
One of your wish-list items? Fireplace
Where you grew up? Chaos
The last thing you did? Bleach
What are you wearing? Sweats
Your TV? BFF
Your pets? Demanding
Your computer? Demanding
Your mood? Hopeful
Missing someone? Always
Your car? Unlikely
Something you're not wearing? Socks
Favourite shop? Marshall's
Your summer? Short
Love someone? Relentlessly
Your favourite colour? Grayish
When is the last time you laughed? SNL
When is the last time you cried? Tuesday
Play along — it's fun!

Pink in There (but Not Vacuumed)

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Pininthere1 I have guests coming for the weekend, so I am insanely excited. And distracted. After I pulled the CNN IV from my arm, I bounced off the couch and started rushing around the place trying to clean up after the party — everywhere dustbunnies, dirty dishes, piles of mail, agh. Can't a girl even take two months off to watch incessant television anymore?!?

Suddenly, November is fast upon us with celebrations — fresh hope rings out across the land, my friend who I haven't seen in eleven years arrives tomorrow, my book comes out next week — so much excitement!

Today, I'm trying to send out my e-mail newsletter with the book-signing events listed. I'll put those all of those events here on the blog, too, as soon as I get caught up. But if you want to join my e-mail list, you can always do that at There's nothing in the newsletter that I don't mention at some point on the blog, but sometimes it's nice to have a few things all in the same place. I think most people on the e-mail list aren't regular blog readers, but I'm not totally sure. That list has been around for many, many years, long before I had a blog, so it's hard to say.

Movie list: Egads!!! On election day, in the spirit of tallying votes, I was going to put together a list of how many people said the same movies and see who'd win — my guess is that it's between Amelie, Practical Magic, and You've Got Mail, but I pooped out almost immediately, trying to keep track. I still will make a list, though, I think, so stay tuned for that.

Right now, must vacuum the guest room. It's very, very pink in there. Potential for giving into impulse to lay down and read a few pages of Heidi instead of vacuuming: Elevated.

Pinkinthere4 Update: Especially since smoke just started pouring out of vacuum. Uh oh.

I mean, Psych!

Why my muscles have atrophied.

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Wow, that movie list yesterday was awesome! Who knew how many of us out there not only watch movies for the interiors, but watch the same movies for the interiors?

I think I will put a list together out of the comments, and thank you so much for those. There are two reasons that the list comes at the perfect time. The second reason I'll tell you about soon, since I think the contract is in the mail (hint, hint); the first reason is that after today I am going to need something to watch other than CNN for eight hours a day!!! I've forgotten how to watch anything but CNN!!!

Here're my convos for the past two months:

Someone: "Would you like to go out to dinner?"
Me: "Would, but I'd miss my show."
Someone: "What show?"
Me: " . . . Campbell Brown: No Bias, No Bull."
Someone: "But you have TiVo. "
Me: "It's not the same."

Someone: "Can you go to the store and get some groceries?"
Me: "Would, but I've fallen onto the couch in front of CNN and can't get up."
Someone: "Jeez."

Someone: "Didn't [the candidate] just say that same exact thing in the same exact way yesterday?"
Me: "He's actually said it eight times already today."
Someone: "There he goes again."

Me: "I'm gonna miss Roland Martin and David Gergin and Paul Begala after election day!"
Someone: "Maybe then you can make some real friends, though."

So yes, thank goodness it's November 4 so that maybe now I'll be able to get a life! I will miss The Situation Room, though. And AC 360. And what will Campbell Brown do now that the election is over? She's pregnant again, so that's exciting. I'll miss Dana Bash and John King's magic map! I now know more about retirement funds, luxury sedans, the potential side-effects of Celebrex, and why it's important to get AARP supplemental insurance than I've ever known before. At least we'll still have The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. What a marathon it's been. I wonder what's going to happen! What an exciting time for our country. How wonderful it's been to feel like we're headed, no matter what happens, in a different direction.

Vote today!

(Almost) Ten Movies I Watch Over and Over Again Just Because I Love What the Inside of the Character's House Looks Like

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1. The Holiday (Ooo, check this out.)

2. Green Card

3. Something's Gotta Give

4. Under the Tuscan Sun

5. Passion of Mind

6. Nanny McPhee

7. No Reservations

8. Kiss Me Goodbye

9. Seems Like Old Times

10. ____________________

Any suggestions?

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