Pink in There (but Not Vacuumed)

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Pininthere1 I have guests coming for the weekend, so I am insanely excited. And distracted. After I pulled the CNN IV from my arm, I bounced off the couch and started rushing around the place trying to clean up after the party — everywhere dustbunnies, dirty dishes, piles of mail, agh. Can't a girl even take two months off to watch incessant television anymore?!?

Suddenly, November is fast upon us with celebrations — fresh hope rings out across the land, my friend who I haven't seen in eleven years arrives tomorrow, my book comes out next week — so much excitement!

Today, I'm trying to send out my e-mail newsletter with the book-signing events listed. I'll put those all of those events here on the blog, too, as soon as I get caught up. But if you want to join my e-mail list, you can always do that at There's nothing in the newsletter that I don't mention at some point on the blog, but sometimes it's nice to have a few things all in the same place. I think most people on the e-mail list aren't regular blog readers, but I'm not totally sure. That list has been around for many, many years, long before I had a blog, so it's hard to say.

Movie list: Egads!!! On election day, in the spirit of tallying votes, I was going to put together a list of how many people said the same movies and see who'd win — my guess is that it's between Amelie, Practical Magic, and You've Got Mail, but I pooped out almost immediately, trying to keep track. I still will make a list, though, I think, so stay tuned for that.

Right now, must vacuum the guest room. It's very, very pink in there. Potential for giving into impulse to lay down and read a few pages of Heidi instead of vacuuming: Elevated.

Pinkinthere4 Update: Especially since smoke just started pouring out of vacuum. Uh oh.

I mean, Psych!


I cannot wait to buy your book!

Sounds like you have a very exciting time ahead!! Congratulations!

I cannot wait to buy your book!

Sounds like you have a very exciting time ahead!! Congratulations!

aacckk! sorry for the double post, I was getting a 'server not responding' message so posted again. what a dork...

That room looks like such a fun place to sleep!
Can't wait for the book....

Are you sure it's not dust coming out of the vacuum?

Oh, well. Any excuse to plop and read is a good one.

LOL @ CNN I.V. classic! and wow, yes, your guest room iss very pink. hope you get everything done in time! :)

Oh man! Hope your vacuum is ok! Our iron broke this week, and it's been a complete disaster!

Oh, and you can never have too much pink!

I pre-ordered your book ages ago! I can't wait to get it! I will add myself to your mailing list, I would love to attend a book signing, how exciting! I hope you enjoy your visit, I am sure she will love the pink room. I know I do, it looks cozy!

I think it's so funny that Amelie and YGM are among the top contenders. I watch those over and over, each time wishing that my apartment even looked half as nice.

Yay for book-signing events! I was just tacking up your postcard yesterday wondering if/when you'd be having some.

Cannot wait to get your book!

Vacuuming is worse than cleaning windows! I've been trying to break mine for months. (the vacuum, not the windows!) Congrats on your book, good luck with it.

Hi, Just bought the new magazine that's just come out here in the UK, Sew Hip. Lovely to see your interview and what a great bag to make. Enjoy your visitors.

I'm still voting for Matilda! Especially Miss Honey's cottage and the creepy school building...

I saw your book at Borders this afternoon! It looks GREAT. So nice to see your photographs in print. Congratulations!

I pre-ordered your book from
so, no chance for me to have a signed copy !!!

lovely room that you have. I love the paper lantern +++ it would fit in my Cath Kidston style guest room so well ! ;)

I pre ordered the book ages ago. I cannot wait to receive it! Just in time for some holiday gift giving. Hope you enjoy your time with your friend.

I was so excited to get my email newsletter from you today. AND I got a postcard promoting your new book - can't wait to buy it on the 11th! Have a blast with your friend!

What a great month ahead! Best wishes for a lovely visit with your friend, a record-breaking book launch, and many sweet dreams in your lovely pink boudoir!

I haven't heard anyone use the phrase, Psych, in a long time. You are too funny Alicia. Have fun! Don't forget to check out the movie Firelight. You'll be very pleased with the scenery. xxoo

wow-i just had to say hello-have fun with your friends coming over-

Wowza. That's the kind of pink that could turn strong women into girls.

Katie Watts says: November 07, 2008 at 03:10 AM

Can I come and read in that room today? I'd really like to. London is grey and that room is so very pink.

i think a lot of us are feeling re-energized after the election! and i love thanksgiving! can't wait to see your book!

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