Saturday morning: coffee, paper, waiting for pastrami-on-rye at Kornblatt's

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A nice Saturday morning after Thanksgiving. Love the B&W.

Black and white pictures are always fun, and I love the green of Andy's hat. He enjoys his paper, doesn't he? Thanks for taking the picture of the table top ... those retro tables are great. I also like looking at different condiment holders when I go out to eat. Am I strange? :) xxoo

Oh how I miss living in a place that has a great place to go on a Saturday morning to read the paper & drink coffee! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I would have!

Great photos! It sounds like a relaxing morning. Did you take the dog with you?

Love the photos! I'm a sucker for B&W.

Looks lovely...a perfect Saturday morning.

Is it possible that Andy has more than his fair share of dimple? I think that there are probably whole towns where the people are dimple-less.

what a good, calm atmosphere. Enjoy the weekend.

Amazing, cool blog. What a treat. Your book looks like great fun. I'll be looking for it.

Love the black and white for a switch up; but I'm wondering, Andy must REALLY like that shirt, yes? Is it just my imagination or does he wear it a LOT? Not that I have any room to talk - I wear black tops 99% of the time! (Can't see my rolls as much that way)

Perfect for a Saturday morning!
Carol x

I am loving your "Andy At Diner: A Study In Black And White".
I SO wish I were as good as you are at photography! My blog could look so much more interesting. I love yours so much - you were truly my very first and the source of much inspiration to begin my simple little one on my own.

Pesky Patti says: November 30, 2008 at 11:33 AM

Will Andy be getting any new shirts for Christmas? :)

Great photos. Will have to try Kornblatt's next time I'm in PDX. Love the look of the place. Hey, where's that "P" cap from? My husband saw it and loved it.

Nita in South Carolina says: November 30, 2008 at 01:20 PM

Andy Paulson looks like he is just killin' time, waitin' for the tractor to get fixed. :)

oh, that's my favorite kind of time!...they are few & far between with kiddos but we find them every once in a while (thank god for grandparents:)

Now that's some serious stuff!

Love the pics!! Just wondering...has Andy just decided to ignore you while you take pics 'cause he knows he can't do anything about it??? LOL!!! Wish I could get MY family to do that! Makes for great photos!!!

just those two words together makes my mouth water. pastrami & rye. yummy.
hope is was delish.

Love the "P" hat we have our share of hats with the letter p on it too. Great letter for a last name!

Jill in Florida

Wow... I just saw your lists of music and movies. I love OCMS! They're not popular in Canada, but I discovered them on after listening to Gillian Welch. I love their remake of Dylan's Wagon Wheel.

I think these are some of my favorite pictures you have ever posted....

Love the black and white photos -- very lovely!

Love the black and white but the color is so pretty, too! Staying occupied while you wait? :)

omg. those dimples just slay me!

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