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Thank you ever so much for all of your kind words and all of the emails about the book! Jeesh, I am overwhelmed, and truly appreciate every single sweet message that has come my way the past couple of days — you guys really know how to make someone's day. It's been a really fun time, and I am crazy busy! Today I have got to get to the grocery store and do some chores around here. If you're in town, please try to stop by my first book signing this weekend:

Sunday, November 16, 2008
7:30 p.m.
Powell's Books
1005 W. Burnside
Portland, Oregon

Ooo yipes, and I have to finish the skirt I'll be wearing! Keep forgetting about that.

Please come! If you can't, don't worry — I just saw that you can actually order a signed copy from Powell's. And I have signed bookplates for anyone who wants one (or as many as you'd like). Just send me a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) and I'll sign some bookplates and send them back to you. If you're overseas, just send me a self-addressed envelope and I'll put some U.S. postage on it for you. Let me know how many bookplates you need, and if they should be written out for any special people, and I'll get them out pronto. My snail-mail address is here:-)

Thank you for making me feel so special this week. It's really, really nice. Thank you! Back soon. . . .


You are just the most special person I know. So giving of yourself and now bookplates? You take the cake girl. Thank you for being you. xxoo

I got my book yesterday, and I'm so thrilled with it! It's everything I knew it would be and more.

I should be the one thanking you.

So, thank you, for being so talented and inspiring. =D

Love your book. I will be sending for a book plate. Thank you.

how exciting for you! i hope to get a copy of your book soon too. have a great time this weekend!

Your book + hot chocolate + Andy McKee CD = a happy *sigh*

I am excited about your book, like everyone else. I know it may seem a dangerous sentiment to tell anyone 'hey, you could not disappoint!' Which is how really bad movies get made with big stars. But after reading your previous entry I think I know why I wanted to tell you that sentiment - because your intent is so clear in what you want your book to be, and it's from such a warm and kind-hearted place, and just reading what you write about the book that you've made - well, I can just tell you, you have no need to be worried.

You couldn't disappoint.

How lovely!
I've just ordered my book...and now I can't wait.
I love reading your blog and seeing all your lovely projects.
Cheers from Down Under:)

I hope you will come down to San Francisco as part of your book-signing adventures. Congrats on the wonderful book. I can't wait to see the book. I can't even imagine how wonderful it must be to finally see the book in person on the shelves of a store like Powells. Whee!!!!

I called my local bookstore and they ordered a copy for overnight delivery. Oh dear, this is so much more than a book, it is a delightful and sensitive conversation with a friend. The little gal at the checkout thought it was interesting, so I told her all about you and she is getting her own copy! You and Audrey did a beautiful job.

What a fantastic idea - so darn nice of you!!! I have been hinting ALOT for it as a christmas present - fingers crossed! But I want it now!!!

Danielle White says: November 14, 2008 at 06:34 AM

Well I certainly know what to
ask for xmas this year!
Best of luck !

I asked Santa to bring me your book for Xmas (please? pretty please???) so I have to be patient. And thank YOU, ALicia, for being such a warm and generous person - we all benefit from the simple things in life. And you remind me that I need to just be quiet and listen.
Congrats on all your hard work - the book is already a huge success!!!!
Prayers to blessings to you:
Diane Taylor from Baltimore MD

I am on a banner bender! So very inspired by the fabric banner you made. I'm using french/provence patterns/colors. Love it!!

Aw! I wish I could go! Stuck here in the Hoosier state! Blah!

Oh my, so sweet and gracious of you to offer bookplates! My envelope will be in the mail to you tomorrow. I love the book, it came a few days ago and I have snuggled up with it every night since.

I've been following your blog for some time now. I just received your book . . . I love your dedication to Audrey. Congratulations on your wonderful book! Best wishes!

You are so generous. I can't wait to see your book and am sending off for a bookplate. Thank you!

Oh Alicia....such a wonderful thought to do signed bookplates for us!
MY copy, that has been 'On-Order-For-A-Half-A-Year' (or Two), came in the post the other day and I spent a wonderful time thoroughly absorbing each page.
**Congratulations to you**
It is beautiful and so are you......a gift to the world!

Pretty sweet to have your first-ever book signing at the most awesome bookstore in the U.S.!

Jealous! Have a GREAT time and have Andy take lots of pics to share here.

Oh my! I just read on the Plush You blog that you'll be at Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle! So exciting!
I'm coming all the way from TN to vend at that show (and spend some time with my friends) and this just made it doubly awesome!

I did not know I will check it out. Congrats.

amazon just informed me that mine shipped yesterday! (would have been earlier but my cc was expired grrr) hooray! i am so excited to see it...thank you for sharing your book writing journey (as much as you could without getting in trouble)'s fun to be a wee-wee-wee(x82) part of it:)...i'm hoping to make the trip up to your book signing in december (i can't remember when but i have the email:)...congratulations! what a wonderful dream come true:)

susaninfrance says: November 14, 2008 at 02:19 PM

AS IF it isn't enough that your blog has made me want to pack up kids and career and move to Portland, now I've got this wonderful book that is making me want to just quit work, live in poverty, and make lovely things all day long! Thank you, really. It is beautiful and I can see that many more things like this will be coming into my home as the years go (your future books). I love your style and I've now finished crochet classes JUST so that I can make the little sweaters from the Vintage Crochet book. To say that you've inspired me is an understatement! Merci!!

I just wish I was in Portland Oregon, it is a wonderful city. Congratulations on your beautiful book and I'm sure there will be lots of people lined up on Sunday.
Way to go!!

it came! it came! when i opened the pkg i was like, "oh hi old friend"-i feel like i have read it already :) perfect to snuggle up in bed with on a cool night. thank you are gifted and so precious...

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