Spring Colors

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Thank you for all your enthusiasm, kind words, and encouragement about the new book. Thank you thank you. I really needed to hear that this week. I love that so many people are excited about embroidery. Because embroidery is awesome. Which we knew.

I'll get some tutorials and little starter patterns together here on the blog and my web site over the next year to get you ready to work on the book projects. And in answer to some of the questions that came in, while this one's not specifically a beginner's book (though there will be lots of "getting started" information, as well as illustrated stitch glossaries to walk you through every stitch used in the book), embroidery is one of those things that is really quite simple to learn, and you can easily learn it from a book — but you get better and more confident with practice. There's absolutely no substitute for just doing it. And before you know it, with practice and patience, you will be wonderful. The most important part of it (or of making anything) is just falling in love with something and wanting to make it. If you can do that, you can make it.

Today I'm switching gears and working on a new kit and pattern for spring, available for pre-order next week. It has nothing to do with embroidery, but it does have to do with birds. . . .


Specifically, cute ones.


What a sweet little bird. Yea Spring!

Love that bird! We're about to launch on online crafts magazine and the first issue is all about embroidery. I agree it's one of the best crafts for people to just learn themselves at home from a book, not having to be 'taught' it. Love your blog.

How delicious! I can't wait to see the goodness that you have waiting for us all.
xo Berrie

Aw, what a cute little bird! I just love seeing birds this time of year, especially on a sunny day when they are busy looking for food and staying warm. Looks like a fun idea for a kit. Can't wait to see more!

Alicia, you have read my creative "wanna do" mind-desires.
Birdies, birdies, birdies! So very excited for next week's debut.

Adorable little bird! The kit sounds like it will be a treat..:)

You're going to help us out. Well, how wonderful you are! That will get me well prepared for what I need to know before the book is out. Thanks so much. You are such a sweetheart! xxoo

Oh dear, I'm a big sucker for anything with birds....Can't wait too see what it is.

oh i do hope it is a pattern for those birds. i just fell in love with them when you posted about them before. it's so true that practice is the key when your learning something new. i taught myself to knit this week and practiced for several days before trying a pattern. mind you it was a simple dishcloth but it has a decorative edge and it feels so good to have done it. i'm really proud of myself. you can see it if your interested on my blog. i also taught myself to do french knots. i put them on a birthday crown i made my daughter. they are so much fun and satisfying to create. i'll have those pictures up in a couple of days.
barbara brown

Lovely spring paint colors.

Alicia, I can't wait for your book to come out! I taught myself to embroider (from a book) two years ago, and you're absolutely right-- practice makes perfect.

Avid reader says: January 30, 2009 at 10:11 AM

I am so happy to see new books on embroidery. I started embroidering a few years ago and learned with books and whatever I could find online. Flickr has been great and there are other sites that are wonderful at teaching stitches and techniques. I do feel I could know more to make life easier and understand why things don't work sometimes. I was looking for a class that I could take somewhere. I went to a needlework store and asked if they had embroidery classes. The lady said no and I asked her why is it so hard to find embroidery classes (at least here in L.A.) and she said.... wait for it... Because no one is doing it!!!!!!! WHAT?? Is she crazy?? Tons of people are doing it and loving it.
I am so glad that you are getting a book together with beautiful projects to show people that this wonderful art form is NOT dead!!! In the contrary, it's growing and making addicts of many, many people out there!!
So good luck!! I can't wait for the book to come out!!

Yeah! Birds are my favorite!

Your pictures, colors and words are always a delight to see and read.

I wish you so much success in all that you do... please continue to do it. This world needs more people like you!

Oh no, really?? Are you doing a kit for your sweet little birds! Oh my GUSH!!! I have always loved and coveted them...YAY!!!

YES!!!! My little Peachy is a lonely girl and would love a friend!

Oh good I love your birds i have a little green one sitting next to my sewing machine that you made about 2 years ago. i would love to learn how to make one.

i just love that you used the word "spring"....it sounds SO good! xoxo

So adorable! And excited for the new book too.

Yeay! Cute birds, by a cute bird.

That is WAAAAY too cute!!! I have been busy making fabric birds for the past month and none as cute as that one! Can't wait to see the pattern!

I am SO psyched and am jumping up and down in my mind.
I was kicking myself way back when that I didn't buy one of these cute birds. This is so perfect.
Thank you

when i was in elementary school my grandmother would show me how to embroider when i visited in the summers. since she was so far away my lessons were few and far between...and unfortunately time has erased all i learned ! my grandmother has been gone now for almost 20yrs, but as of late i have been thinking/wishing i could go back and have those lessons again. do you have a good book for beginners that you recommend? maybe i can find and master it by the time your new one is ready :)!

Love the bird.

I am really looking forward to tutorials and/or kits for embroidery. I have a basic knowledge, love to work with a needle, but no confidence in going it alone. It's hard to find smaller projects with directions (or I am looking in the wrong places.)

I was just flipping through Living Crafts magazine (yes, at work...but it IS Friday afternoon, after all) and - taaa-daaa! - there in the Feature section was Stitched in Time!

I got so excited...I was like, "I know her! Well... I don't *know* her, but she's so cool!"

Now everyone on our little creative team know how cool you are. :o)

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