Er, like I said, I was excited.

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I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I only started this last night when I got home at 8:30 p.m., and I've been doing it all day. It's ten to five.


I would stay and chat, but I gotta keep incessantly stuffing little blobs of wool through a big piece of burlap. I can't stop.


My spouse noticed the crazed look in my eye (he knows me), and is now in the kitchen making Bolognese sauce so that there's something to eat at some point today.


I want to touch it so so so badly! I know that sounds creepy but the texture is so stunning!!!

It looks lovely! I totally understand. Having been a "hooker", I took on punch needle recently, and it is soaddictive.
Vickie K- Alicia is showing the underside of the hoop. When you punch, you work 'backwards' on the top of the hoop. The "right side" is underneath, where the loops are. Hope that makes sense.
Hook on!

Super speedy, and super cute. When you mentioned rug hooking, I thought of this blog, she has the most incredible hooked rugs
see her last post in January.

Super cute! Nice work.

Hi Alicia!

Oh my gosh! I was at the Expo too and blogged about two of the spots you mentioned...Reets and Bird really was terrific, wasn't it? I didn't look closely at the hooking at I wish I had. I just thought I already had one too many projects in need of a big finish! I'm crazy over wool, so I was specifically looking for those things......


how lovely it is!

Gorgeous. I've been meaning to check this out but haven't been quite brave enough, shall track down a kit I like and get started!

My direct ordered copy of Stitched In Time arrived yesterday with my address written in fabulously elegant script, not to mention the lovely card inside too. Much better than grumpy Amazon! Thank you so much xx

Love it!

jaqueline says: March 01, 2009 at 03:02 AM

Just gorgeous Alicia. Think of all that stash being used too!

I am so jealous- I cannot get the hang of needle punch-I have tried and tried and I can't get it to work for me. But maybe it is a good thing because I seriously do NOT need another hobby! Your work is lovely- and thank goodness for husbands who can cook eh??

Hooked on Hooking works for you!

it is great ... wish i could do it.

lOVe it! makes me want to do some needle punching myself!

Wow, I don't think my husband even knows what Bolognese is. Me in project fever is basically permission for him to order his favorite pizza and have absolute power over the tv.

A very sweet little bo peep.

Mary Lind says: March 01, 2009 at 06:09 AM

Oh You are too funny. I always watch the food shows on Sat. morning. They are my "cartoons". Well, anyway...I am trying to knit (taking a class) and was watching The Ultimate when I too said I have to make that bolognese sauce. I have always wanted to hook rugs as well. I love that blogging has brought all these like *kindred* spirits together. Cheers! mary

Wow, yeah, I think you are a little bit obsessed. ;) Looks beautiful!

I've tried this punch embroidery and man is it impossible to put down. Yours is so utterly charming, like a good story book, I cannot wait to see the whole picture.

Seriously is there anything you can't do?? It kind of reminds me or Rug Hooking, which I loved as a kid! If it's anything like that I'd love to try it.

BEAUTIFUL!l will see if l can get a kit here in london. lm in the middle of clearing my dinning table right now l have also been in a making whirl!fancy everyone coming home for sunday dinner!should have cleared away last night BUT went to bed tooo late!l had everything where l knew it was!that aint going to happen tomorrow!

I love it when a project reaches out, grabs you, and won't let go. You're lucky yours is so cute!

Oh, the crazed look, been seen around here before! Love your work, this is something I'd love to try as well, my great aunt made so many beautiful rugs this way. Blessings, Heather

yvette / overanalyzer says: March 01, 2009 at 08:30 AM

Hi Alicia,
That's so lovely! I'm not sure if you've seen this, but I bought this book and I think you would love it.
You probably already know most of the techniques (I'm a beginner) but I think the projects might be a wee bit inspiring for you. And it's only $10!

That's fabulous! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets a one-track mind when it comes to crafting (or reading, for that matter). Looks like you're a natural at this one. Plus that sheep is just darling!

So lovely! I have that same reaction when I get a bee in my bonnet about something (even exercising...but that isn't nearly so fun or relaxing!)

You never cease to amaze me. That's beautiful work. I admit, I am jealous.

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