Whole-Wheat Blueberry

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I didn't finish the pillow because I ran out of yarn, and as that tail of yarn dwindled, along with it went my hooking trance, and I snapped-to, and realized that I have an embroidery photo shoot to prepare for this week, and, and, and . . . a thousand other things to do. But it was so much fun to take the weekend off and do the punch-needle pillow. I only have a couple more square inches to fill, and I'm using it as a carrot and stick to pull me through this week; when I'm caught up, I will let myself catch the carrot, and finish the pillow. And I'll tell you how it's done and all that good stuff.


Late yesterday afternoon I pulled together some blueberry muffins from a big bag of frozen organic blueberries I had saved from summer, and Ina's Cranberry Harvest muffin recipe. I left out the ginger and the fruits and nuts she used, added two cups of blueberries, and substituted a cup of whole-wheat pastry flour for one of the three cups of all-purpose flour.


Now, where are my big muffin papers? In here somewhere.


Here they are. These are those huge ones. I only have one muffin pan for them, though, so I added nine little (regulars).


Topped them off with a glittery crust of demerara sugar, 'cause the top's the best part.


Yummy warmy.



Looks delicious, and, wow, your muffin pans are so clean!
How do you do that??

oh boy, those look fantastic! :)

That looks yummy...!!! You're making me hungry!!

OMGosh! These look delish. I can almost smell them.

they came out perfect!

Just dug out the last of my summer Farmer's Market blueberries from the freezer this week. It was hard not to gobble them all up back in August, but it's so great to have them now. I've been adding them to a hot bowl of Bob's Red Mill 6-Grain cereal, along with some walnuts and sunflower seeds. Yum!

One of those would go perfectly with my cup of tea!

The picture of all the different muffin papers in the jar is my favorite.

It seems like everything in your house is pretty. How do you do that?

Love all your cupcake papers!!

These look so delicious. Your photos are beautiful. Off to make Lemon-Poppyseed muffins...

Where'd you find those cupcake papers that are printed so adorably? I need some for my niece's bridal shower in April! Lovely photos and you're making me want to go mix up a batch of morning glory muffins right now!

Thanks for sharing the recipe! We all love muffins around here. Yummy!

It is a bit of a pain running out of something when in the middle of a project, isn't it. Oh well, it will just get you to finish the other things faster so you can get back to it faster. :)

Have fun! :)

Those sound very tasty and I have some blueberries that need used up

Mmmmm-mmmmm, good. Perfect for a yummy breakfast, which I will now supply for myself tomorrow morning.
Thanks, Alicia!

The freezer provideth! Have you ever tried blueberries in banana bread? My friend made me some this weekend, and I don't think I'll ever make plain old banana bread again.

Ina has such wonderful recipes! Your blueberries came out of the freezer beautiful. Lovely, yummy muffins!

I have come out of my own crocheting trance! It was such a wonderful time and now I have a pretty, round pillow. I am looking forward to your Millie" Cardigan and Thank You very much for the tip on correct directions! I have to do that still and I will definitely be following all of the supply list directions correctly this time (as opposed to the popcorn stitch cushion :) where I want mad with liberties and naiveness!

Oh Thank you very much, Alicia!

With Kindness,

mmmmmmmm nom nom nom!! :) Those look delicious!

I also wanted to let you know that I'm doing a painting challenge over at the blog, and thought you might be interested. hugs!


Mmm....something yummy, warmy sound so nice on this snowy morning.

I'm not sure if you're a good influence or a bad influence on me. Now I have to make blueberry muffins. I have a gallon bag left full of frozen blueberries from last summer than need to be gone in a month (we're moving) so I guess in this case you're a good influence.

They look delish! lm grain free dairy free and egg free(not choice) so cakes are a No NO! SO on Saturday night l ate my blueberries frozen like little ice lollies!in bed watching a film!NICE! xx

i keep my liners in a cookie jar too! i thought it was sad to keep them packed away. i love those flower ones you have!

trader joes was out of blueberries last night, the nerve. i might have to stop by again this week, muffins sound so good.

Now I have to go and make muffins.see what your pretty photos did ? :):)


those look amazing, your photography is just wonderful I can't practically smell the warmyness :)!

I love the photo of the multicolor muffin papers. There's something about the design of all those red and white ones together that draws the eye in.

Your photography has inspired me to take more photos of the everyday stuff of life, and not just the big events. I'm having a great time playing. Thanks.

Mmm. I need to make some sort of muffiny somethings, to use up my old banana (only one! for shame!)

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