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In between all the gardening, and the hay hauling, and the just generally sitting around waiting for something to grow, I've been sewing a bit. I was watching Marple a couple of weeks ago and I noticed that Jane is almost always carrying some sort of calico bag — which probably contains her knitting, not groceries. But it gave me an idea for a bag I'd been wanting to make for quite a while, a giant grocery tote to replace those hideously fugly ones they sell at all the stores now. You know the ones I mean? Those black ones, made of what feels like the same material they make Handi-Wipes out of (don't even know if they still make those, but my mother used to use them and I still remember that weird, webby fabric)? Anyway, I can't stand those bags, as practical as they are, but I do like that big, boxy shape — like a regular paper grocery bag. So I made this one, out of calico. I've been carrying it around all week, testing it out, and I love it. I'll put together a pattern this week in case you want to make one, too. It's easy, and a great stash-buster!

Speaking of stashes, when we got new carpet, a giant shelf that was in the bedroom came down to live in my studio. I moved all of my fabric to it, but it's a total mess. I'm trying to use up as much of the stash as possible so I don't have to refold and refuss with trying to stack and color-code it all. I'm finally just accepting that the whole stash-fabric-refolding thing will probably need to be redone once a year. It always seems to be exploding off the shelves, possibly because I am such a slob about putting it away nicely in the first place. But only possibly. I think it's really messing itself up and hurling big piles of itself to the floor on purpose, just to make me crazy. Because stashes have nothing better to do. Everyone knows this.

***The pattern is available HERE!


Darling bag, Alicia!

I had no idea about Marple... so glad you posted about it! I love Agatha and all the previous Miss Marple's - it'll be fun to see this new version. Off to set my DVR.

Whoo whoo for Scooby Doo, Nancy Drew and Miss Marple!

Lindsay says: May 04, 2009 at 09:24 AM

Please, do yourself a favor and watch the Joan Hickson/BBC Miss Marples rather than these new PC ones!

Christi says: May 11, 2009 at 09:43 AM

My mom still uses handiwipes! Hilarious. She gets them in a huge bundle at Lowes. But yeah, not the material you'd want to be carrying around. Eww!

say-rah says: May 12, 2009 at 05:03 AM

Yeah! I have been on the search for a cool grocery bag to make. I cannot wait to see the pattern.

Allright, I´m late ;) but your Bag (and the photo too) is so cool! love the fabric, what print is it?

baskets, the answer is baskets for your shelves. It makes it harder for the fabric to hurl itself to the floor when you aren't looking.....

Can I buy a bag? I LOVE it.

Sally Bermea says: January 03, 2013 at 05:45 AM

Love the bags

Susan Schwartz says: January 31, 2013 at 11:53 AM

Please tell me how to download the pattern, I have clicked on the links but nothing comes up. Thanks,,,,,I love the Jane Bag, it is very cute indeed.

Thanks Susan

I know this is an old post, but I stumbled across this bag on Pinterest just now and I love it!!! (I'd put that all in caps but it might seem rude rather than emphatic so I'll assume you know that I think this bag is absolutely beautiful and I would love to make some.) Using these instead of the store-bought ones would make spending money so much more enjoyable! You mentioned in the post that you planned to make a pattern for it. Is that available somewhere? Also...I'd like to mention that I love your blog. I visit periodically and I was thrilled to find that the bag is yours when I clicked through from Pinterest.

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