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In between all the gardening, and the hay hauling, and the just generally sitting around waiting for something to grow, I've been sewing a bit. I was watching Marple a couple of weeks ago and I noticed that Jane is almost always carrying some sort of calico bag — which probably contains her knitting, not groceries. But it gave me an idea for a bag I'd been wanting to make for quite a while, a giant grocery tote to replace those hideously fugly ones they sell at all the stores now. You know the ones I mean? Those black ones, made of what feels like the same material they make Handi-Wipes out of (don't even know if they still make those, but my mother used to use them and I still remember that weird, webby fabric)? Anyway, I can't stand those bags, as practical as they are, but I do like that big, boxy shape — like a regular paper grocery bag. So I made this one, out of calico. I've been carrying it around all week, testing it out, and I love it. I'll put together a pattern this week in case you want to make one, too. It's easy, and a great stash-buster!

Speaking of stashes, when we got new carpet, a giant shelf that was in the bedroom came down to live in my studio. I moved all of my fabric to it, but it's a total mess. I'm trying to use up as much of the stash as possible so I don't have to refold and refuss with trying to stack and color-code it all. I'm finally just accepting that the whole stash-fabric-refolding thing will probably need to be redone once a year. It always seems to be exploding off the shelves, possibly because I am such a slob about putting it away nicely in the first place. But only possibly. I think it's really messing itself up and hurling big piles of itself to the floor on purpose, just to make me crazy. Because stashes have nothing better to do. Everyone knows this.

***The pattern is available HERE!


Love it. Love everything about it - the fabrics, the shape, the contents! Would you mind sharing the floral fabric with us? And I wouldn't complain if you shared the pattern, either. :)

I am in the process of making bags like this too, to replace to ugly ones you get from the stores. I agree with you, their texture is nasty. Love the fabrics you combined on this one, and that pocket looks great too!

This is go great and I love the fabric combo!

Oh yes! Beautiful bag!

Very cute. And YES, they still make handiwipes!!! :)

Extra exceptionally lovely grocery bag.

Of course stashes do that, how else would the individuals get noticed? It's easy to be overlooked amongst other great pieces. Best to make one's self known.

And the bag is very sweet, please do write it up when you get time.

Paula Munter says: April 29, 2009 at 10:50 AM

I love your bright and colorful bag!!! I wanted to ask if you used a stiffener. I made a couple of bags that are sagging and wondered what you had had good luck with...

Have a lovely, lovely day!
Thanks for sharing!

Ooo... I love this bag! It would be nice to have the pattern then I would use up some of my stash. I think we all have stashes, don't we? I haven't sewn anything for over a month - just been spring cleaning and gardening but I'm still buying fabrics! So many pretty fabrics out there, so little time....

Oh, I know, I hate those bags! But yours is so lovely. I love the flral print.

Just received my book from the "funniest engagement" contest. Thanks so much!!

I triple LOVE this and would love the pattern...hopefully I can manage to make it...I'm not the most skilled sewer...

I love that bag! I am looking forward to the pattern.

I love(!) the bag and I really would like the pattern!!

Cupcake61 says: April 29, 2009 at 11:32 AM

Can't wait for the pattern.

What a lush bag! I have spotted Miss Marple's knitting bags too. Old lady chic is the coolest. Would love a pattern- I have the perfect grannified fabrics for one!

Yes handy wipes are still the same. I have three kids and always say that exact thing when I use them, " What kind of material is this?"

I can't wait for the pattern. I live in Connectcut and our bags at the grocery store are ugly green. My mom was just saying she wanted something prettier .. what a great mother's day idea.

Oh yes and yippee! I can't bring myself to buy one of those ugly black bags, and being a design snob, well, I keep hoping to find something chic and environmentally friendly. In the mean time I countinue to ruin the earth with my plastic bag habit... hurry, hurry with your wonderful pattern please!!

You're stash too? My fabric does the exact same thing!!! Then my cats lay on the fabric and cover it in hair.

PLEASE post the pattern...I love the market bag so much. I agree, those meshy bags are tacky, especially with a giant logo on the front, inevitably one I DON'T want to announce to the world. Those stores should pay ME for advertising? Am I right?

Thanks Alicia. ;)

This market bag is perfect *and* super cute! I would love to ditch my tan colored handi-wipe bag for this beauty.

Oh, can't WAIT for the pattern. Those weird webby bags they make are actually made out of plastic I think. Once they are tattered and not useful anymore, they can be recycled with regular plastics.

Definitly want that pattern!!!

Oh, I would really like to make. I need a bag that the bottom is big enough to carry a rectangular cake pan. All the grocery store bags are too small and the pan ends up being carried at an angle and smooching the treat. My own bag would be great!

coffeechris says: April 29, 2009 at 12:05 PM

That bag is so chic - I would love the pattern,too.

The bag is fantastic!

My stash does the same thing. I just organized it last week and it's already messed itself all up.

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