Dinner at Sarah's

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Yard 014

Andy, who knew we were going to Sarah's for dinner, started talking about it the minute he got up Saturday morning.

Yard 016

This menu: Spinach salad with strawberries, feta, and macadamia nuts. Risotto with garlic-and-gouda sausage and peas. Ina's garlic bread. Triple. Chocolate. Fudge cake. You'd talk about it, too, I think.

Yard 013

Sarah is an amazing cook. You remember.

Yard 017

She and I love so many of the same things.

Yard 003

Including robin's-egg blue bowls.

Yard 015

And everything spring.

Yard 012

I'm so happy it's spring. Dinner-party season commences this weekend, as far as I'm concerned. Let it begin.

Yard 011

I was extremely social last week. I went out with Shelly for lunch on Monday. Our friend John came into town and stayed with us on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had dinner with Aimee on Friday. And we went to Sarah and David's on Saturday. That is four times more social things than I have been doing in the past several months (zero). Four times zero should be zero, but instead it felt like a million (wonderful) things. I had a great week. Thank you for all the market bag pattern orders, too! I am totally thrilled that you are going to make the bag. You guys are awesome. Thank you.

Yard 002

After dinner we went for a walk.

Yard 005

Sorry this is blurry, but: PETALS.

Yard 006

There were petals sugaring every block.

Yard 007

Here's that garage we liked, Sarah: CALICO CURTAINS. On the garage.

Yard 008

Can you see Oliver on his bike?

Yard 009

How pretty everything is. Especially when it's shared.


Oh, this is just what I needed. Sharing food is a very good thing!

I LOVE spinach salad, and is that pesto on the bread?!?!?! The petals are lovely too!

wow ! lovely, lovely, lovely ... all of it.

I always love all your photos -- but especially ones of your 'hood!

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful!

The petals are breathtaking. And yes, it's dinner-party season. Bring it on!

Hello....Your pics of the Portland streets make my heart ache for the city I LOVE....I have some dear friends of 20 years there and we go down to visit every now and then. Every time I go there, I leave a piece of my heart there.....Thank you for posting those photos. The spring looks lovely there.

I have to say, I LOVE that poppies tablecloth! Might you be able to ask your hostess where it was found? Poppies are a weakness of mine.

Hoe cute is that rope ladder?

Pretty, pretty spring.

And, please, leave the bag pattern up. I'm not at home and I need to download it to my computer there. Tell me that it will still be there next week.

What a lovely dinner! Good friends good food and goodness lots of petals! What more could you want? =)

Love the petal pictures. I made my first Jane bag! What great fun and so satisfying. The pattern is so clear and easy to understand (I do a lot of quilting but not a lot of general sewing). Off to make about a kajillion more. Thanks for the awesomeness!

You must live in a magical fairy land.

I love it! The petals everywhere are amazing. It's like spring, pink snow. Except so much more lovely. I think I need to invite some friends over for dinner now. Thanks for the inspiration.

You made me hungry! That looks delicious... :) And oh my, all those petals! It does look like a fairy land! :)


it all makes me want to entertain friends again soon...and i think i'm gonna get me a flowering tree this spring!
thanks alicia xo

Simply gorgeous photos!!! Looks like you had a great day! xxx

I could live in your pictures!! Such beauty and passion!!


Oh. My. Gosh. Does it really and truly look like this in Portland? Cuz I'm starting a home search immediately if it does!!!

What a lovely spring Saturday night! Aren't those the best?

Somewhere I hear a proverb about food tasting better when it is shared... it does seem to apply to all the finest things in life, which must be why I enjoy coming by Here.

I saw that rainbow too. It was gorgeous. And my street was covered in blossoms, it looked like snow. Portland is an amazing place to live. Thunderstorm immediately followed by a spectacular rainbow. Does it get better? Glad that you enjoyed your social week. May you have many days filled with love. ~Sara

It is wonderful when you have friends that a so special that when you get to see them you can not wait. Photos are great and what a beautiful neighborhood.

those were all gorgeous@! Now where did we get the robin egg blue bowls? Emma and I are BIG fans of robin egg blue. I actually saved some empty shells so I can match paint to it for the bathroom!

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