Sunday Walk in Green

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Walk 001

On Sunday afternoon, we took a walk in the woods. This is Walk 11, Fire Lane 15 Loop from the book Portland Forest Hikes: Twenty Close-In Wilderness Walks by James D. Thayer.

Walk 011

This is sort of what you think little roads through the woods should look like, somehow. I kept expecting to see a wolf stepping out, staring at us from the end of the path.

Walk 016

There are woodland wildflowers everywhere you look. This is trillium. Their lovely, open faces point toward you along the path.

Walk 017

I saw a segment about slugs on Oregon Field Guide the other night. There was a lady who was hired by someplace to figure out how to get rid of slugs. Instead, she fell in love with them. Now she welcomes them into her garden. They call her the Slug Lady.

I say, "Watch out, Clover! It's coming at you!!!"

Walk 018

Lacy light.

Walk 019

Woodland sculpture.

Walk 020

A spur leads to the Kielhorn Meadow. I see another Meadow, too. Do you?

Walk 021

She waits to be called out of her sit-stay. What a good dog. She is so good.

Walk 002

C'mon, Clover. Good girl!

Walk 004

They brought me a robin's egg.

Walk 005

It really is a spectacular blue when you see it in real life.

Walk 008

It alternated rain and sun. About every ten minutes, it would switch.

Walk 003

The dapples. Oh, the dapples.

Walk 007

The sun went in again. But there were ferns.

Walk 009

And yellow violets.

Walk 010

See how the trillium try to be noticed?

Walk 012

At the top of the ridge, there's a view. Hold on, let me zoom in.

Walk 013

The mighty Columbia River, and Sauvie Island.

Walk 014

On the way out, tree roots with their shaggy toes, hanging over the path.

Walk 015

I looked in, expecting to find a family of mice, just sitting down to tea.


Beautiful. Thank you for including us! Glad there were no wolves on the path. I felt like I was wearing red, bringing goodies to Grandma. The trillium and fern close-ups are my favorites. I feel fresh and full of of life after my blog-visit.

and just this morning, I saw half a robin's egg sitting on the edge of the sidewalk and I thought of you!

Thanks for sharing your non-sidewalk walk. Just what I needed.


I posted a pic like your sit-stay Clover Meadow diptych the other day: but it's a stealthy cat!

Alicia! Quilting has led me to an undeniable truth. It has made me realize that Brambley Hedge books contain the most formative images for me (they were in our school library when I was 7-8) in that they showed this perfect unseen beautiful universe. Every fabric I choose with my gut somehow reminds me of it, and I always look at trees with big networks of roots as multi-story houses, complete with flour mills and an attic full of supplies for the winter.

I'm glad for your great Sunday!

Great pictures! I've never been to Portland but now I have to go! I got a Robin's egg last spring, such a treasure!

I'd scrolled down and had that last picture up and thought "that's a Brambly Hedge hole" then scrolled down one last click and saw your last sentence! I'm glad to know it's not juts me that sees those mice in places like that.

Dapples...don't you love that word? It's so very Anne-ish!

I am going right out to buy the book of walks. Here I am in Portland and never knew! Beautiful pictures.

Phew! When I first saw that black-and-white blur in the photo, I was sure it was the back end of a skunk - and I thought, "How in the world did she manage to take a photo of a skunk spraying her??" Thankfully, upon closer inspection, I see it's your dog.

Thanks for the lovely walk!

I have been doing a bunch of online exploring regarding Portalnd as my husband has been interviewing at OHSU. Your last couple posts have made me think I might very well like this move! Even if we don't know a sole there and have no idea where to live or what the schools are much to even think about :) What neighborhood is the one with all the flowers blanketing the sidewalks? Hope to get to fly in for a weekend of house hunting in a couple of weeks!

That reminds me so much of walks around the Sunshine Coast in BC where my extended family lives. All that green is lovely.

I've got to work on "stay" with our puppy :) Clover is so cute.

So wonderful! Thank you for sharing :)

Robin egg blue is even more beautiful when it is an actual robin egg x

i feel like i went with you :) maybe someday soon, soon.

What a lovely walk. Thanks for sharing.

How enchanting! You could almost smell the clean air.

Oh, so beautiful ;-)

gorgeous, makes me want to try some of those walks....


What a beautiful walk! I especially love your shot of Clover Meadow in the meadow, peaking up. So adorable.

Gorgeous photos.

one. i think i need to move to portland. so beautiful!

two. thank you for introducing me to brambly hedge. my kidlet is going to love it.

Aaahh! Thank you! My little visit to Oregon's green.

Very restorative. . .I visit often, when my kinder class is napping.

Ahhh, thank you!

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