We have strict rules around here.

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Firstly, all members of this family who want to get in a hammock must be able to get into a hammock by themselves. Because if a human is already in a hammock reading (Three Men in a Boat — thanks again, Anna :-) a human does not want to risk falling out of a hammock by picking up a puppers and putting a puppers also on a hammock. More importantly, a human does not want to have to move once it gets comfortable, since that human rarely, if ever, actually sits down.


So all pupperses much learn how to "jump up!" on a hammock, supervised but otherwise all by themselves.


Secondly, once on a hammock, one must stay lazily on a hammock for at least one hour to achieve maximum benefit.


Thirdly, one must look redonkulously adorable while on a hammock.


Just sayin. Without rules, it would be chaos.

I think you get it.


I think I could abide by those rules.

Great hammock rules, Alicia. Can see there are no problems with following them chez toi!

That looks so relaxing and adorable!!

The "jump up" would not have been possible or at least very difficult had that quilt not been placed on the hammock first....I could just picture that attempt...oh dear!
Stay Cozy, Carrie

i've always loved the word 'redonkulous.' it's not used nearly enough in blog land.

deb stone says: May 14, 2009 at 04:09 PM

I'm glad to see that you are setting some realistic parameters out there. And, it's good to have a hammock guard, just in case a hammock usurper might come along.

True. And the quilt is actually a big fat featherbed (we're very hedonistic) and it stays there all summer :-)

The adorableness is off the charts.

Oooo, I hadn't thought of covering the featherbed for outside! Smart girl!
And isn't Clover one well behaved girl!
Such a cute post!

SooDarwin says: May 14, 2009 at 04:31 PM

Though I can feel a leg cramp coming on through the comfortable coziness. x

What a perfect moment, I think we are all a little jealous. Thank you so much for sharing

travelbug says: May 14, 2009 at 05:16 PM

Wonderful rules! And both of them look like they are wonderfully comfy there. At our house we have a rule specifically for the grandchildren.......to be in the hammock, they must be reading!! Otherwise there is just too much wild play. The oldest, a born reader, has no problem with that rule, the younger two have to be reminded.

Oh WOW Clover, you look so cute and comfy girl! I want me one of those hammocks! The "jump up" might still be a bit of a challenge for my Cardi legs..........after all I am still a puppy, til my 1st birthday tomorrow anyway.

Ahhh...Clover. Love her <3

Loves it! Our puppers jumps up everywhere, but I'm pretty sure in her enthusiasm, she'd tip over a hammock!

This makes me want to be home curled up with a doggie and a book!

great rules! sweet doggie!

omg! I love this post!!!!

wonderful rules! i am sure our puggies would be able to handle the jump, but not our corgi pom mix. she would just lay on the ground growling under her breath until you pick her up. and i am so jealous of your sunshine! it's cloudy and rainy up here in the seattle area!

Well, rules are rules! Love the hammock and the puppers.

isn't it amazing how the fur kids always mange to squash themselves into the most cosy of spots and how we ourselves become really uncomfortable but we stay in that position becuase we love them so and know they just want to be close to us.

Oh my goodness, I love your hammock rules! (I love hammocks too.) Such a funny and cute scene!

I highly recommend reading Three Men in a Boat from the confines of a pupper encrusted hammock. It just makes good sense! Montmorency would approve.

You have such an entertaining way of telling us about the simplest things. :)

Ah yes, rules. We need to clean our hammock, that should be a good rule. : )

I think Clover has "rediculously adorable" down pat! Oh my, how very cute! Makes me want to snuggle with her, even though my own dog would be jelous.

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