A Midsommer Night's Dreame

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Yep, you guessed it (some of you, anyway :-)! Mlle. Clover made her stage debut last weekend as the "dog" of the character Moonlight ("All that I have to say, is, to tell you that the lanthorn [lantern] is the moon; I, the man in the moon; this thorn-bush, my thorn-bush; and this dog, my dog") in Pyramus and Thisbe, Shakespeare's "play within a play" that is part of the last act of A Midsummer Night's Dream. This particular production took place at Cathedral Park, and was performed by the Oregon Practice Shakespeare Festival as part of their summer season. They are going from park to park here in Portland offering free performances that are silly, lively, and totally casual. We saw their first one on Saturday, and it was a really fun way to spend the afternoon. (I read during the intermission.)


Clover's participation came about when, as we got settled on our blanket, the woman who was playing Moonshine came up to us and asked if she could borrow Clover for the performance. We said sure! When the time came, the lady came and got Clover and we stood on the just offstage and giggled at our little star. She did so well! She actually just sat there alertly for most of her part, then laid down happily for the rest of it. Apparently quite comfortable on stage. What a girl.


"I'm not sure what these crazy cats want me to do, but I sure am trying my best to do it!" (That's the Clover Meadow Paulson motto, I believe.)

There are many more performances this summer in various parks around town, so click on the link above for more information. I have seen this play so many times, including in Austin Gardens in Oak Park many years ago. So fun. I always love it. I love theater and concerts in the park so much.

This week has been crazy-busy. I can't even believe it's already Thursday. I am still reading every one of the comments on the sewing post but I'm really hoping to finish them all today. I have really loved reading everybody's stories. As an author of sewing books, it has been so interesting (invaluable, really) for me to understand more about what motivates people, and what intimidates them. But again, I will give you details when I have read everything and collected my thoughts about it all. For what my thoughts are worth, anyway! Thank you again for taking the time to share your experiences with me!


Oh how cute. Brava, Diva Clover Meadow! Brava!

Clover looks so confident sitting there! What a sweetheart! They could have borrowed our Ruby, who would have been dancing and wanting to play with everyone! Clover did a much better job! :)

Susie Sears Taylor says: June 18, 2009 at 02:21 PM

She is so talented!! May I have a "paw print"?

Good for Clover! She's so cute.

She's just made for the stage! Her expression is even mimicking that of the actress holding the leash.

Why am I not surprised that Clover Meadow is as calm and serene looking as I feel every time I come to your blog?

Oh that talented Clover! Made her acting debut and is still so humble. I hope to get a Pawtograph someday.

What a good girl! She is a natural, for sure.

How funny. When I saw the pic I thought maybe that was the case... we are reading that play in summer school right now with high school students and I'd just read that very scene yesterday! :) What fun to see it performed.

What fun! A star is born!

How wonderful that Clover Meadow was able to show her pretty face to the crowd. You must have been (and still be) so very proud of your little thespian!

That is so funny- I just saw the summer concert/play series phamplet today and my 7 year old is a huge Midsummer Nights Dream fan so it piqued my interest. Good to hear that it will be something fun for her. We have the Bruce Coville adaptation on CD (he has a series of Shakespeare adapted for children) and she has the whole thing memorized. Her first grade teacher (the woman nearly walks on water- she is so fantastic!) had them do a reader's theater of the play and she has been hooked ever since! Maybe we will see you at the next one!

Clover is simply lovable. And him on a play is just filled with cuteness! You're probably one proud Mama! :D

Oh sweet Clover...a star is born!

Liz in IN says: June 19, 2009 at 04:35 AM

Such a calm, self-possessed girlie. Good work, Miss Clover Meadow.

Do they perform the whole play, or just the play-within-a-play? I played Helena, many many years ago. Loved it. The pictures prove something I've always condended: Shakespeare is all about he language! :)

Wondering if I could still comment on sewing??? If not, please ignore.
I have 3 sisters who all worked for an underwear factory in my hometown. They would get paid by piecework and for lunch would come home for their break where I would sit and listen to all their wild work stories. Occaisionally the shop would allow the workers to purchase the merchandise at sale prices so my sisters would bring me lots of underwear. Needless to say as a middleschooler and highschool girl, I had some very sexy, sometimes risque, underwear!
So all of my sisters sewed and each one had a hand in teaching me some aspect of sewing. So patient, even as I broke endless needles. I've been sewing since about 8 years old but I also learned to crochet at that age from my sisters. After many many years it is still something we bond over, sharing patterns and making gifts for one another!

I used to live across from Austin Gardens in Oak Park and loved their summer Shakespeare. What a nice memory to bring back on a cloudy Chicago morning.

She really is a natural - the expression on her face almost says "look, I'm cute. And I'm good at this aren't I?"

She looks adorably attentive doing her thing - the thing she thinks those people are askin' her to be doin'. Dog love - it's the best. Way to go Clover !

Jordan Atto says: June 19, 2009 at 11:31 AM

Hello again. Please note that, according to a recent song that came out, a diva ia the female version of a hustler. So watch out for Miss Meadow!

Oh, and my I recommend that, if you have not already read it, to include 'The Time Travelers Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger to your summer reading list. It will change your life.

Aww - bless her! I do believe Clover Meadow is a born thespian :-)


Looks like she has a little smile on her face :)

I just found your lovely blog...i love your post...your dog "clover" is adorable! What fun! I have seen your book before and adore it...will add you on my list...i don't want to miss any of your posts!

Look how adorable and grown up Clover is! Dame Clover has arrived : )

Hi Alicia,

I have left a comment about sewing in the proper post, I hope it´s not too late.. ;-)

Congratulations to our new actress, Miss Clover is a marvelous dog!

I have written a post today in my blog about Posie Gets Cozy, I would appreciate if you come by to see it:

Cheers from Brasil, and have a great weekend!


I love the fabric in the second photo. Your website is amazing. I haven't been on in a while and I have missed a lot. Will be back soon!

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