Computer probs. And also pillows!

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I'm sorry I've been so absent lately, but my computer I usually write the blog from is giving me FITS. I did make it through all of the comments yesterday (yay! and phew!). But every time I try to read an email or do anything more than that on it it freezes, and then I have to reboot it, which takes about twenty minutes, and then I do one thing and then it freezes up again. And then I scream. So I'm gonna try and get that seen to today but . . . in the meantime . . . pillows, ready for you! Sorry I didn't warn you this time, but my head's about to explode in a giant POOF of down feathers. POOF! There it goes . . .

Maybe I'll just stay off of the computer and make more pillows. I've got twelve more ready to have their pictures taken, so if you miss out, more are on the way!


Ah, just beautiful! Such beautiful colors put together just so. I would love to be so creative and talented!!



The pillows are just lovely!

They look so cosy !

The pillows are so beautiful and just happy looking. They make me smile seeing them.

Very pretty and inspirational! I'm sorry for the unruly computer. Maybe it wants one of your pillows?

Lovely, lovely pillows!

Katherine says: June 22, 2009 at 04:02 PM

Which Persephone book are you reading? They are all so fabulous!

My computer was doing the same thing last week. I called my tech support, son Brian, and he came to my rescue. It was a trogan virus. Not sure where I picked that up!
He installed MalwareBytes'Anti-Malware and that fixed it. He can work on my computer from his in Florida! How cool is that!?
Hope you get your computer working again real soon!

A good fixer for futzy computers is CCleaner (old NSFW name Crap Cleaner). It just goes into your computer, deletes stuff it recognizes as bad. You can also have it go through your registry to find errors. It's what our IT guys from work use at home.

Run it and then defrag your hard drive. Will cure most ills.

I can't believe you got through 1200 hundred comments - way to go! Love the pillows!

I love all the names that you came up with for the pillows!

The pillows are lovely. I think that your computer is giving you a message ... make more beautiful pillows!

Do you make your pillows using a Serger or a regular sewing machine? Do you have a post on here about which machine you use? While I'm asking 5bajillion questions...super pretty please consider putting a search button on your blog...cause I'm a spaz. It's hard to get to the old posts that I've missed in my pre-Posie days. ;)

As wonderful as computers are, they sure can DRIVE A PERSON NUTS!!
Pillows, though, ahhhhhh......

I heart the dog!!!!

One word for you - - Apple.


I do the same thing when the computer is on the fritz: I interpret it as a sign that I need to get out my needle and thread instead.

I heart the pillows and the names you gave them are just dreamy.

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