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Here I am, "working" at the coffee shop. I am having trouble concentrating today. Every day I mean to collect my thoughts about sewing and before I know it, the day is over. I have 136 messages in my in-box. How is that possible. I like that girl's dress. I like long dresses. I wish I was wearing that. See what I mean? Distracted. I had a busy weekend! I had a photo shoot at the house on Saturday evening. Then I had breakfast with Charlotte and Pam on Sunday morning. How cool are those ladies. Very cool. Then I took my sweet niece to the zoo. We had a great time, just us two. We got to see the bird show, where they let the golden eagle and the hawk fly over the crowd on the lawn. It always chokes me up. We fed the lorakeets and watched the baby elephant. The weekend went so fast. I wanted to read, but I didn't really get a chance. Forgot to say "thank you" again for all the cozy mystery suggestions. Now all I really want to do is read! Summer is here, big time. Sunshine and strawberries. It has been exceedingly windy. For two weeks. This makes Clover crazy. We love our new (i.e.: open) windows but our dog does not. When it is windy she can't relax. She paces through the house and sits on my feet, shaking. Then she jumps up on the couch and crashes through anything I might have on the couch (six balls of yarn, a tape measure, book, and a fair isle sweater on circular needles with about 60 strands of yarn hanging off of it) to get into my lap. So I can protect her from the wind. Just called dog trainer. He suggested going out for a fun run or ball-toss until tired, then distraction and refocusing her attention, but no babying (which encourages anxiety). I wish the wind would let up a bit, I have to say. But I'll try this. I can do it. Andy said he would make baba ganoush today. Later I asked him what he was thinking for dinner. You know what he answered, don't you.

Paybacks. I'm having baba ganoush for dinner.

I'd better get to work. It's already 3:31. I have problems. And summer-brain. It's the wind.


Hi, If your Clover is crate trained put her in the crate then give her a treat. hope it works

wow...that was very random alicia...but very adorable. maybe a distraction would make sweet clover girl feel better. perhaps she'll come to think that windy=fun!

Sending good working thoughts your way...~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Susie Sears Taylor says: June 29, 2009 at 04:36 PM

I always see dogs riding in cars with their heads stuck out the window and ears flying....they LOVE it! (Probably one of the most dangerous thing folks let their dogs do). Maybe you could get Clover a miniature car to sit in and park it in front of the breezy window. She can "fly" to her heart's content.

I'm with you - what's going on with this wind? It's scattering our thoughts like the leaves and rose petals scattered on my driveway...

my own beloved puppygirl is a bit neurotic, so I've been talking to vets and well adjusted pet owners, and here's the advice I've got: it's alright to give her a pat and tell her it's okay IF she's behaving. if she's jumping on furniture and going crazy you think of what a mama dog does. she doesnt snuggle, she gives a quick short warning bark. when the dog pauses (hopefully) you give them pats and attention. if they give in to their fear again, you warn again. since I've taken away the reassurance cuddle my girl seems more confident. good luck!

If I were you I'd consult a pet expert about Clover. Not sure how you go about finding one (maybe the Dog Whisperer would make Clover famous!), but I know it's hard to get a dog over something like that & it would be awful for her to have that fear her whole life (and for you, too!).

Yes, have a cookie!! Give Clover something to do to keep her mind off of the wind. Try telling her to sit, down, or any cute tricks you've taught her, then reward her and tell her how clever she is. If you've taught her "place" (to go to her doggie bed and stay there), that would be perfect for the windy times, so you can reward her periodically. Eventually, when she hears the wind, she might think, oh goodie, it's treat time, and run to her bed for a treat.

Aww, poor Clover Meadow. I know how she feels. I feel a bit spooked by constant wind, and I always wake up unrested, my skin and hair and eyes feel funny....

I also relate to your distraction - oh, what's that pretty flower - where was I?

Love your posts Alicia - so evocative. Enjoy your baba ghanoush dinner!!

I'm with Clover - I hate wind! And scattered? I think I have a fatal case of it. Let me know if you find a cure!

love love LOOOVVEE feeding the lorikeets at the zoo!!!

here i am with one at the zoo in SC:

It has been windy! Our pup doesn't mind the wind but the !@$#%#@@!! fireworks that have already started drive him bonkers. I am considering sedating him this year for his own comfort. Poor guy drives himself crazy. I love the Lorikeets but darn if one of us doesn't always get pooped on.

I'm the same as Clover with wind... can't sleep, can't think, can't sit still. Give me a good thunderstorm and I'll be pressed up against the window watching for lightning strikes, but wind? Can't deal with it at all.

I love the photo for today's post-the colours are so lovely- and I like the stream of consciousness style writing. I have exactly the same "must sew....oooh look a cat/magazine/bar of chocolate/computer" problem, which is why I am currently commenting on your blog rather than sewing summer dresses! Hope Clover is feeling calmer soon.

Clover is such an adorable little dog. She probably just doesn't like the wind pushing all the different smells in her nose. Our cat Smokey feels the same way, we have lots of foxes in our neighborhood. Although the foxes don't seem to bother the outdoor cats, Smokey is definitely an indoor cat.

Just wondering: when he first said he was making baba ganoush and you didn't know it was dinner, what did you think it was? (shuddering slightly)

Will you show us your knitting? I would love to see what you are working on!

"Summer Brain" so that's what this ailment is called?! :)

I think recognising that you are easily distracted is a good thing, although that sounds bit like the start to one of those self help guides... I am easily distracted too - waggle a bunch of keys near me and my train of thought is then heading in a different direction. Glad sometimes people can't hear the endless dialogue I have running through my mind.... In fact I am only able to comment now cos I am skiving work and have the office to myself - blog posts are my distraction, but I have no other distractions to take me away from them!
Hope you find your mojo soon x

and we so loved our morning with you, Alicia! xoC

Couldn't you just dive into that iced coffee for a swim? And breakfast with Pam and Charlotte...?? How cool is that?

Hi Ya, Charlotte's link is not working - I knew you'd want to change that. Cheers from the gang in Nova Scotia

Sits on your feet shaking...Oh bless....I love your random rambling, thank you for blog!!
Warm thoughts for little wind-spooked Clover, an d may the winds change soon;)

That's funny, there's nothing my Kiki loves more than wind, especially in autumn when leaves go flying...she's our little leaf chaser!
Everyone has days like'll be the fullest moon of the year on the 6th, so everyone is pretty out of it.
Give Clover a kiss on the nose from me and Kiki!

Oh, a baby elephant! I want one! My Lucy is the same about wind. I have made her a comfy clothes basket of her own in my closet and she hides there when the wind blows. I have jotted down the book suggestions over the last couple of blog entries, and feel like I just got a great gift. I try very hard to keep my mom in good reading material as she cares for my dad. Thank you so very much!

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