Oh, this dog.

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God, I love my dog. I love her expressions, her earnestness, her sweet brown eyes, her gentleness and sincerity.


I love how she follows me everywhere I go, and stares at me everywhere I sit. I love how she races upstairs and jumps onto the bed of roses whenever she thinks we might be headed toward the end of the day. She takes after me: She loves the beginning of the day and the end of the day the most.


I love her skeptical looks and her stubby little legs. I love her soft, soft cheeks and her worried eyebrows. I love her giant, velvety ears and her leathery nose. I love her droopy lips and her bony forehead.


I love how she reminds me, a million times a day, of her beautiful-wonderful auntie Audrey.


Like her auntie, she's alternately silly and sweet, playful and pensive. One minute racing around like her paws are on fire, the next floppy on the bed like a big old warmy.


I'm so lucky she lives here with us.


And yes, I worry about many things — but dog hair (and knucklebones) in the bed has never been one of them. Couldn't care less. Never will.


And I love how much you love her. Aren't dog people just the best?

Clover is a lucky girl.

Dogs remind us of so many wonderful things in life, don't they? I feel the same way about my Rosy.

Unconditional love, thy name is Pupper.

Ah our fur baby's. They are such warm bodies of unconditional love.
What would life be without them? I shudder to think.
I enjoy your blog very much.
Thanks for sharing.

Such a sweetie! A good pick-me-up.

I'm so jealous! My husband kicked my two dogs out after about 9 years in our bed because he has some serious issues sleeping and they'd always wake him up. They can't even be in our room at night because they'll jump on the bed after we fall asleep. It brought me to tears on multiple evenings!

She's such a beautiful dog! You are very lucky!

Clover meadow looks as sweet as her name! And she looks happy to be where she is.

I know the breed has a proper name... but the other night I saw one on tv and told me hubby "That's a Posie dog". He looked at me like I was crazy, but that's ok - I'm used to it. ;)

Made me smile....we have 2 pups in the bed every night leaving a trail of hair and many times a muddy paw print or 2 and all I can do is smile...they are such treasures!

i love my doggie too.... the best part is the cuddles... yes indeed, even with a cold nose pressed against me :)

Clover is gorgeous, I love your posts with Clover as the star, she's so charismatic, those big ears and lovely expressions. And I love the way you adore her, it's just how we adore our two doggies. I have to say this though, in the last photo, I did a slight double take............ I thought Clover had left you a "present"! So glad you told us what it actually was. Sorry Clover, didn't mean to slander you!
Vanessa x

I have my own wonder-dog, Playboy....but I love Her too!! Oh how lucky we are to share life with our furry friends!

Um, has this been here awhile? Because I love your (new?) blog banner. The cool colors of that cushion and the bright pink flower and the sleeping kitty. Oh, to have a yard. You are certainly blessed with adorable pets. And how blessed are they to have such adorable cushions and beds to recline on?

And it helps that she is so FREAKING CUTE!!!! Clover meadow Belongs on a bed of roses, right?

My first baby Pookie is now almost 15 years old and I feel exactly the same as you! Dogs are the best!

LOVE your linens! Did you make them? Vintage?? I must have!!! Please post details!

Happy Thursday

I love this post because I love my sweet dog, too, and I can so relate to your description of her as "earnest." Exactly. And your closing line is just perfect. I'm with you on that one. I read your blog often and enjoy your writing, so thoughtful and poignant and always so well-put. Have a great weekend.

this brings tears to my eyes... (in a nice way) we recently lost our amazing and beautiful greyhound Joey. He was a sweet, sweet boy. He slept at the foot of our bed & was everywhere we were, and it's all he wanted.

I knew I liked this blog for a reason. Some people get it.
Thanks for sharing.

I love this dog, too! My husband desperately wants a corgi... :)

Oh what a cute little bean :)
I love my dog so much too -- he's a three year old boston terrier :)


I have three . . . there's nothing cosier than lying in bed with my babies all snuggled up against me.

She is just wonderful xxxxxxxx

I love your wonderful pictures & your blogg!!

Regards from Agneta in Sweden

Aww, this really made me smile! And my dog's like that in so many ways as well... when he thinks I'm about to go bed, he runs into the bedroom and jumps onto the bed, and starts rolling around making strange sounds.

I never tell people I love them, but I can't be around my sweet little cocker spaniel without it just bursting out. My guy can't resist her, either. He swore he didn't want a dog sleeping in the bed, but he loves it when she curls up on his pillow and puts her little head on his shoulder.

I wish I could go home right now and hug my pup.

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