Blackberry Clafoutis

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On Saturday afternoon (I actually thought it was Sunday, hence the dishtowel, until Sunday morning arrived and I realized it was Sunday), I made a blackberry clafoutis with the blackberries and gorgeous organic eggs that Andy and his sister, Jen, who was visiting for the weekend, brought me from the downtown farmer's market.


I used Ina's recipe for Pear Clafoutis and left out the pear brandy, sprinkled some sugar over the blackberries (those guys were sour!) and used half-and-half instead of heavy cream. Clafoutis is one of my favorite things — somewhere between a pancake and a custard, it's creamy and sweet but not too sweet, and with that sort of eggy taste that just makes me happy. Also, it's pretty. If you have a Polish pottery pie plate, definitely use it here (I think mine was from Marshall's).


By the way, if you'd like to make a set of these embroidered dishtowels, here is the post that points you to the free download with the days-of-the-week images. My binding tutorial is here. For the record, we use all seven of these dishtowels constantly in our little pleasant kitchen, and my original plan to keep them permanently in the living room, and not let them anywhere near the kitchen or a dish — I got over that the first time I went to reach for a new dishtowel and found the regular ones all in the laundry. These dishtowels seem very, very relieved to be used, and are, I can safely say, no worse for the wear. Make them, use them, love them.


I told my friend Sarah that she has to go see Julie & Julia with me when it comes out August 7. I read the book several years ago when it first came out and I absolutely loved it, and Sarah has actually met Julia Child. I have to ask her to tell me the story again. I'll report back.


I put the clafoutis on the windowsill to cool, because that's what kitchen windowsills are for. Pies, clafoutis, and cats, sitting watching the garden grow.


stephanie says: July 15, 2009 at 04:42 PM

So, with this recipe I just MIGHT be able to forgive those nasty wild blackberries that keep tripping my up on my yard meanderings. In fact, I went and plucked a stem of the tiny, green, nubby jewels and stuck them in a vase in my kitchen window. I plan to meditate them into big, black, plump sweetness....SOON! :)
This recipe looks like heaven. I'm sure it IS.

As always...YUM! I want to eat at your house!!

I want to see Julie & Julia, too ... I first listened to the book on CD, then read it, then tried to find the archives online ... yes. I was a bit obsessed. For a short time.

I once saw Julia Child at my local Stop & Shop. She was looking over the produce. Everyone was pretending they didn't know who she was (me, I peaked and made excuses to go back up the aisle), but she stood out in a crowd. Very tall.

Oh, that looks so good, I love blackberries. I used to make buckwheat blackberry pancakes when we had blackberries on our property in the mountains.

I love Clafoutis! Yours looks scrumptious! X

Oooooooooooo all of that navy blue makes me very happy. I don't see navy blue very often anymore...and those berries are fantastic. They certainly don't look sour.

Oh! I am reading "Julie and Julia" right now! I found it a thrift shop a couple of months ago, and I knew I wanted to read it before the movie comes out. I am SO looking forward to the film!

Beautiful photos and lovely stories! Thank you so much...I had to check on the word "clafoutis" as I have heard it but wasn't sure what it really was exactly. That referred me to another word, flognarde or flaugnarde which is like a clafoutis that is baked with a fruit besides cherries. Wow--I am so confused! :)

my mouth is literally watering...................


Oh my, I CANNOT wait to see that movie as well. I also read the book a few years ago, when I least thought I would one day be a food blogger myself, and I cannot wait to watch the movie...and Meryl Streep...honestly that lady is perfection!

Love the polish pie is on my summer reading list!

Your photos are always so pretty.

I just have to thank you for posting this recipe! Besides the fact that clafoutis is so much fun to say, its absolutely easy-peasy to make and SO yummy. I made it with raspberries and had it with vanilla ice cream. Thank you!

I made the blackberry clafoutis, mine didn't look as good as yours but it was really yummy. I had several very happy friends at work this morning. Thanks!!!!

That's a wonderful mixup to make...I almost always get it just funny (when I say to patients, well, tomorrow's Saturday and we're closed and they have to tell me it's Monday) or sad (when I wake up and say's Saturday...oh crap no it's not, I'm late to work again!). :) Thanks for the gorgeous pictures as always...

wanted to tell you i made this for friends on saturday with blueberries & served w/vanilla bean icecream. they said they got a $100 meal + dessert that evening. thanks for the recommendation!

i adore clafoutis! if wasn't too hot to turn on my oven (100 degrees...sigh), i'd be making one.

i met Julia Child when i worked in a restaurant in new orleans. she was incredibly tall (i'm 5'10" and she was taller!). but most of all, she was so gracious and lovely.

Just found your blog.....linked from 'bee creative' .... you know, I'll be a regular reader. Great blog; gread post. Nice side bar too. I'm happy! Pat

btw: url that is going to show up is not correct and I don't know how to fix it....must think on this ..... tomorrow. The actual one is:

IT WORKED! Now I'm really happy!

I've seen the contessa make this before and always wondered if i would like it. I like your description : pancake and custard. sold!

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