Common Sewing Challenges

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When you are forced to leave your vent because you've finished sewing the quilt top and now it's time to make the quilt sandwich, and you've moved some furniture and thrown the 102"-wide muslin fabric you got for the backing on the floor, and then you leave the room for five seconds to go get the masking tape so that you can tape the muslin down, and you come back to someone giving you a long-suffering look, which seems to say


"Why are you making me lie here on this fabric like this?"


then you must have a corgi.

If you leave your vent and spend two hours crawling around on your knees pinning the quilt sandwich together, and then spend eight hours stitching the quilt together, and then you want to sit down in the comfy chair and take all the safety pins out but as soon as you sit down you realize you need to get up and go get the bowl in which to put the pins, and you come back five seconds later to someone lying on your quilt in what seems like an uncomfortable position, as if to say


"Why the heck are there a whole bunch of pins in this nice blanket?"






then you must have a corgi. Corgis are common sewing challenges I can't help you with. I'm sorry.

(Finished-quilt photos and info TK next week. :-)


love it!! must tell...where did you find your fabrics!!! love the tiny tight flower prints!!!!! sweet dog.

I have a similar problem with kitties. Except my two seem to like to hold races across the quilt sandwich in those 5 unattended seconds, which messes everything up. But what can you do when they are so adorable?

She´s adorable!

I can't even get the fabric all the way spread out on the floor before my whippet is hunkered down on her boney elbows groaning as if it were her first chance to lay down in years (when really she raced out of her cushy bed the minutes she saw me begin to spread the fabric)! You can see, from my blog, that I have the same problem anytime I try to crochet!

Thanks for the smile!

LOL - Corgi's must be part cat - cuz that's what mine does! Although I pin baste on a table. Can't get down on the floor anymore!

Dogs are too special. They love to be on anything that we have been working with for any length of time (even it is painful) just to be a part of what we are doing.

I tell my dogs sometimes that if I had people that loved me the way they do I would be something in this world.

The quilt looks even better today, if that is possible.

So precious!! Cockapoos are common sewing challenges too. If they aren't laying in the middle of your fabric, they're digging fabric scraps out of your trash can and then hacking them up in the middle of the couch. I love dogs!

that problem is made even worse when your "corgi" is really a golden retriever/great dane mix. Oy.

It looks lovely!

I love your quilt and your doggie. I'll trade back our very wet muddy dog weather for your heat.

you are hilarious.

and clover meadow buttercup pinkytoes paulson is as cute as ever.

Boy, am I ever glad the heat finally broke in Seattle; I woke up to a cool grey day. How about you, down there? Better today?

Hee hee! I have a similar problem with a little black and white cat who feels the need to lie on top of my manuscript pages when I am revising. He is my very own purring paperweight. How could I ever write a word without him?

Looks more like Clover is taking it out for a 'test drive' for you...just being sure it's going to work!!

She really does look pained to be laying on the pretty quilt.

She's such a beautiful dog. The heat has to be tough for her, too.

Still, she could at least look HAPPY to be furring-up your new quilt!

Oh, I love it. Those eyes are too much.

My cat does the same thing, as does my three year-old.

Ditto for the cats. They are ON ANYTHING I'm doing.
And so many times, I don't have the heart to move them.Stupid, I know.

I love this post!!! Clover Meadow looks wonderful on your beautiful quilt! How thoughtful of you to make it for her!

I have to say, I'm always happy when you post pictures of your corgis. They make me smile.

That poor animal! Mamma Posie, can't you whip up something comfie for her to lie on? Something without pins in it? Is that too much to ask? The human antics that dogs have to put up with sometimes...sheesh! (typed by Sukey the lab-mix, not Barb)

Such a fun post at the end of a very long week. You put a big smile on my face.

Love that Clover Meadow Paulson!

P.S. Love, love, LOVE that quilt!

Michelle says: July 31, 2009 at 10:00 AM

I have a Golden Retriever challenge...she (Audrey) likes to peel the masking tape off of the floor if I leave to go get something.

Clover Meadow! I love you sooooo much, Muah


Jasmine Wibbens says: July 31, 2009 at 10:17 AM

My kitty does the same thing...but with freshly cleaned laundry! Nothing better than laundry straight out of the dryer...and can't really blame her there!

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