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Hi. If you sent me an actual email between yesterday (Wednesday) at dinnertime and about noon today, can you resend it? Pretty please? My email program is completely frozen and I can't get into it, so I'm accessing my account remotely. But it told me there were thirty messages in there that I hadn't read (hopefully mostly spam [never thought I'd say that]), and they won't come into the new in-box (since they're in the old in-box already). Sorry! Thanks people! xo, a


Well, I did not send a message earlier, but I will now- hello! Love your site! I look at it often! I think you are wonderful!

I didn't send a message either, but can sympathise, having had a pc catastrophe of monumental proportions two weeks ago, resulting in a completely new system being purchase and a sledgehammer being taken to the old one (no kidding). It was FUN!!!!!

Hi there!

I couldn't seem to track down contact e-mail address for you on the site, so I thought I'd write via a comment.

I run a non-commercial, just for fun blog called The Daily Corgi ( and I would absolutely love to feature Clover Meadow on it as Dog of The Day!

This means a single post featuring him, a few photos, and bio information (name, age, fun facts like personality, habits, talents, etc.) See the blog for examples of what I've been doing.

If you'd permit me to use a few photos of Clover Meadow (from the blog and your flickr photostream), I could piece together a brief bio on him based on your postings (but additional information would be welcome, of course).

I know you don't lack for readership, but this would be another way of letting folks know about your enterprise (links included) ... and I'd get to show off my excellent taste in blogs. Yours is the first one of its kind I fell in love with and it's still my favorite (the Corgi presence does give it an edge!)

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear back from you when you have the chance.

Laurie Eno

Rachel Aronowitz says: July 17, 2009 at 02:31 PM

I love your blog! I read it at work to cheer me up. I just came across this awesome fabric and I wanted to tell you about it.

Wow I wish we had a place to go aand enjoy nature Vegas is so people oreinted! Hey I think you should let Laurie feature CLover on her blog it would fantastic to read about her. Oh did I mention I have a lab/corgi mix that I just love. I got her at the pound I wanted a corgi and she came to be the closest and the sweetest dog I just love her! Thanks for a great blog, Ill be back to read more

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