August Eve

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We went to Pickathon, a roots music festival out at a farm not far from our house, on Friday afternoon.


As you may have heard me mention, it has been seeeeeriously hot in these here parts.


Luckily, we carry quilts with us wherever we go, so when the grass has turned into hollow brown straws, we have, at least, a small oasis of calico on which to lay back and nap while the music plays.


Sweet Laura Gibson was wearing the cutest dress. She reminds me of a poem: You have to be quiet, and listen, and then . . . there they are: the little sparkles everywhere. Lovely lady.


At Pickathon, there are bands playing continuously in several different locations at the same time. In the Galaxy Barn, it had to be 110 degrees. Hillstomp was letting loose and people were flinging themselves about.


It was music made for flinging yourself about in a 110-degree barn, though, so what could you do?


Andy was deep in the thick of things — the faster, the hotter, the louder the better for him, and he'd been waiting all day for the Hackensaw Boys to take the stage. When I couldn't stay inside anymore, I went outside and around the corner to the horse paddock, and the mister (an old hose with holes poked in it, strung up like a garland and spraying over the straw-covered allee).


This freckled mare was nipping. Eventually a barefoot lady in a paisley dress came and got on her and rode her away, using nothing but a blanket for a saddle, a halter and lead for a bridle, and a little tree branch for a crop.


The moon started to rise over Pendarvis Farm. I sat on a log and thought about stuff.


Like how pretty the world is, for one thing, and how it was almost August already, for another.


Pretty shots! I listened to some of the bands online b/c I am too far away. Some amazing musicians gave their best, huh? Cheers, Julie

All such lovely ponderables... even in the heat.

Looks like you had a great time! I think that you have our weather! My brother lives in Vancouver and he's complaining of the serious heat. We had major floodiing [see video footage on my blog] this weekend that flooded our adorable little town. Please send the heat back here just for a while. thanks.

This is so wonderful and evocative. I just love your writing, Alicia!

What a lovely evening- and gorgeous photos! I know I would have loved the music and the company....but not the heat! And I certainly would have been sitting with you and not flailing about to the beat with my man/child!

Hi! Love your blog -- will you tell me the title and author of the poem?

that sounds great -- minus the heat! :) your description of laura gibson live is spot on. isn't she dreamy?

i looooove the hackensaw boys. i saw them quite a few years ago and have been A Big Fan ever since.

great photos...

Hi Alicia! I was in Barnes and Noble today and felt, strangely, like a proud relative seeing your book up on the shelf. Gotta love the blogosphere. And people say the computer age is making us less connected. I think not.

Oh it was so so hot and you still went: kudos to you! We went to a baseball game at PGE Park yesterday and it was just dripping, literally, with heat.

Those sun sails are so cool: I first saw them in Australia, where they use them everywhere. All of the children's playgrounds are covered with them. The shapes are just begging to be photographed, and of course, you did. :)

Lots of compliments on the photos and I have to agree - you capture the essence of the day splendidly well! xxx

Oh, I love, love, love Laura Gibson! Glad you got to see her - she is so lovely.

Aw. Laura Gibson is a lovely friend of mine, and a talented woman. It's so nice to see people loving her music. I wish I could have been there.

although i overuse the word lovely, dang if this post isn't the pure definition of the word...and you.

I love reading about the charming life you lead. I've recently discovered your blog and I love it :) You take beautiful pictures and I love seeing your lovely sewing projects :)

Elisabeth H says: August 03, 2009 at 05:25 PM

frequent reader, first-time commenter...your lovely post reminds me of a favorite line from Mr. Garrison Keillor, at the end of an essay called "State Fair": "Thank you , dear God, for this good life and forgive us if we do not love it enough."

Lovely photographs. And narration. Like a sigh.

Beautiful post, Alicia. Love your description of August eve.
My birthday is in August, and in the northern hemisphere where I was born, it was always summer. Long warm days, my yellow bedroom, the sun setting, the sound of the adults having a party in the garden...
now I'm in the south, it's in winter. I find it hard to celebrate, as I seem to want to hibernate as I get older (and that helps with denial of my increasing age - arrgh).

Thanks again. Your blog is my first one to read in the morning, for a calming, peaceful, real, view of the world.

Bless ya.

siigghh... you SLAY me with your beauty!!

Wow--how beautiful!

That was so relaxing! The place's ambiance looks very peaceful and a good location to reduce stress. I love adventure and out-of-towns! I hope I could loosen up on a place like that too. Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

Oh, what beautiful surroundings and how lucky you are to be living in such an area. It is a concrete jungle where I live and the temperature is nauseating.

Thank you for yet another wonderful rendition of one of your wonderful days.

SooDarwin says: August 04, 2009 at 05:20 AM

What a lovely squelchy, hot day/night you had. And re the previous post,you must have the Corgi with the whitest bits in the world....isn't she lovely. x

how'd you like the hackensaws? they're from our town, charlottesville, va. you turned me on to the Avett Bros so it feels kinda reciprocal that you like a c'ville band! :)


mmm, beautiful. I especially love those last two shots.

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