Autumn-Approaching Pasta

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Thank you so much for all the nice comments on the pillowcases! I am so glad you like them. I like simple silhouettes like that sometimes. (And in answer to a few people who asked about the pink gingham pillowcase underneath the green one — yep, it's just a pink gingham pillowcase underneath the green one because the pink one was already on the pillow and I was too lazy to take it off. :-)

Our staycation has been wonderful so far — I can't believe a week has already gone by since it started. I LOVE having Andy at home every day. We've gone to the pool, hung out at a Beavers' game, gotten a few projects done around the house, started the puzzle, and . . . that's about it. Cooked a bit. The pasta above was totally delicious, and made from a recipe I found at Sweet Paul's blog (though I just used regular cabbage because that's what I had and Portobello mushrooms because . . . they're awesome). I love very simple pastas that aren't overdressed, and hearty, hefty rigatoni tubes hold up well with cubes of pancetta, chunky mushroom pieces, and fresh cabbage. The Festa Italiana is going on here in Portland, so there will be much more pasta-eating happening this weekend for us! Yay!


I say you can never have too many good pasta recipes, I'll have to try this one. Your pillow from the previous post is just beautiful...and your blog is so lovely!!!

:) T

And your pink gingham pillow underneath the other one looks so good like that too!
Sounds like yummy pasta :)

Thanks for posting the link to the recipe. I definitely want to try it!

I'm glad I'm not the only Nosey Parker wanting to know about your check pillowcase. ;)

You're so cute! You could have told us how it was an inspired combo and your design and all because it looks charming! And I'm going to copy you! :)

I'm going to attempt to make meatball sandwiches tonight (faux meatball, that is - we're vegetarian). We saw some people having these enormous meatballs in an ocean of sauce in a low bowl at a restaurant and it turned out to be the restaurant's take on a meatball sandwich. Probably more like Gigantor Meatball Soup with Crouton underneath but it sure looked yummy!

Miss Alicia I love the way you cook! Everything is so rustic and comfy looking...just wonderful really.

Melissa T. says: August 28, 2009 at 12:56 PM

Hubby and I recently had a similar staycation - but ours was when we were having 107 temps here in Portland. Even so, it is such a treat to have a whole week to explore all of the good things PDX has to offer.

You've mentioned going to Beavers games a couple-o-times this summer. I'd have to HIGHLY recommend attending a Timbers game or two before the season ends. They're super fun & exciting, and the guys are having a great year. Just sayin'...

This dish looks amazingly delicious! Mmm... I cannot resist pasta.

Susie Sears Taylor says: August 28, 2009 at 01:21 PM

Gotta love the Italians! Thanks to them for many delicious dishes! A really hot day here in Indiana so what did I make for supper??? Potato soup, of course add a salad and some blue berry brown Betty and two friends coming over that has to mean a Euchre game too. Glad you are enjoying Andy and your staycation. Home truly is where the heart is.

Mmm. Pasta. Your dish looks heavenly. Thinking I need to make some - in the spirit of Hood to Coast, and maybe set up a beach chair at the foot of my street and cheer the runners on as they run through Youngs River. While I sit... I'll need to nourish myself with pasta, for sure.

I love your Queen Anne's Lace!

Staycations are wonderful ~ enjoy the rest of yours and thank you for the recipe!

I'm only a day late telling you thank you for the Queen Anne's Lace embroidery pattern. How creative of you to develop a pattern from the actual flower. This will work well on my teenage daughter's jeans! My husband, who has a degree in horticulture and calls all plants, etc. by their Latin names, says that Queen Anne's Lace is a "weed". To which I respond, it is a BEAUTIFUL WEED!

This looks yummy and I will have to try it.
I also love your Queen Anne's Lace pillows. Do they come with the lovely carroty smell of the flower?
One woman's weed is another one's flower.

Im so happy you enjoyed this dish.
I remembered when I first made it, I thought it was so good.
Have a fab weekend.

oh, what a lovely week ahead you and andy and miss clover have in store. a staycation - i love that. xx

Your stay-vacation sounds as wonderful as that pasta looks.

Thank you for the download (from your previous post)!! You are the bestest, teehee!

I would like to eat this and then curl up under a quilt with a good book!

That pasta looks delicious. What a great picture!

it was wonderful to stop by and visit with you and share your staycation and other things. i save them up for a once a week stop by these days because they always make me happy. i wrote you a while back when i got my little corgi pup. he's such a little prince and we adore him. if you would like to meet him, he's on my blog today....;-)

What a lovely blog Sweet Paul has. Thanks for the link!

Your photo looks even better than Sweet Paul's! You have a great eye!
Wendy, stater of the OBVIOUS!
Thanks for making so many lives more beautiful, more fragrant, more flavorful...

That's the perfect get-ready-for-fall pasta!

mmmmm....yummy. I also love this time of year, "Indian Summer" when I begin thinking of hearty pastas and soups. I love butternut squash, bacon and rosemary chopped up, roasted in olive oil, and then tossed into a nice rigatoni pasta. Sprinkle with a lot of grated parmesan and feast!

p.s. Festival Italiano is in Denver in Sept and I absolutely LOVE it. I'm jonesing to see the flag throwers!

p.p.s. Thanks for responding to my FB message. I do hope you add a fan page at some point. No pressure!

p.p.p.s. Sounds like a great staycation with the hubby!

Looks delicious!

Staycations are great. Much less stressful and you get to get your house in order. It's a nice way to start back at work again, with a clear conscience!

Oh my, that looks so GOOD!

Pasta looks great.

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