Autumn-Approaching Pasta

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Thank you so much for all the nice comments on the pillowcases! I am so glad you like them. I like simple silhouettes like that sometimes. (And in answer to a few people who asked about the pink gingham pillowcase underneath the green one — yep, it's just a pink gingham pillowcase underneath the green one because the pink one was already on the pillow and I was too lazy to take it off. :-)

Our staycation has been wonderful so far — I can't believe a week has already gone by since it started. I LOVE having Andy at home every day. We've gone to the pool, hung out at a Beavers' game, gotten a few projects done around the house, started the puzzle, and . . . that's about it. Cooked a bit. The pasta above was totally delicious, and made from a recipe I found at Sweet Paul's blog (though I just used regular cabbage because that's what I had and Portobello mushrooms because . . . they're awesome). I love very simple pastas that aren't overdressed, and hearty, hefty rigatoni tubes hold up well with cubes of pancetta, chunky mushroom pieces, and fresh cabbage. The Festa Italiana is going on here in Portland, so there will be much more pasta-eating happening this weekend for us! Yay!


Had a great evening cooking the pasta and starting a set of pillowcases. Thank you.

The pasta looks delish! I love SweetPaul's and have gotten many ideas from it!
I had to tell you, my daughter (5) found your book on my sewing table. I had planned to create the Nutcracker doll for a Christmas present. Well, she WOULD NOT put it down and kept pointing at one project after another exclaiming "can you make this, and this too". I think you have a new fan!

Well, I tried Paul's recipe last night and you were right on the money!! Fresh, clean and YUMMY! I did have touch of trouble burning the pancetta (my fault)but it turned out so well and hubby loved it! Thanks for the recommendation!

PS: I was trolling through your archives this weekend, and came across the DOTW Fine China towels you found at an antique place a while back. I was so happy! I have that pattern ready to start after I finish my current set, and I was wondering how to do them...using my colored pencils to try out designs. This let me know that the black with colorful flowers will look lovely! I can't wait to get to those!

I just wanted to thank you for posting the link to that recipe. I made it last night with gluten-free Tinkyada pasta, savoy cabbage, portobello mushrooms and a bit of local smoked duck (instead of the pancetta). It was absolutely amazing. Every time I get sad about not eating gluten, a recipe like this comes along to remind me how GOOD life is! Thank you!

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