Berries and Cream

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Ah, morning. . . . My favorite time of day. Especially early morning. The earlier the better, in my opinion.


It's been really lovely waking up under the new quilt this week, I must say. It's such a nice weight (thin) and it's all puckery and soft and floppy. The colors are sort of warm but still very fresh and clear — I don't much like muddy, earthy colors. I like different shades of pale pink together. There are so many shades of pink, and they all look beautiful together, to me.


I love little tiny flowers, little sprinkles of flowers like a Clover Meadow, like a field of Queen Anne's lace in the sunlight, like the fireflies that glittered above the pasture the time we were camping in Minnesota on the way to our wedding. I love flowers that fall like confetti in the grass. I love little puffball-pink clover flowers, scattered over the park. I love the meadow on the other side of the woods where we rode our horses every morning at horse camp, where the grass came up to the stirrups. I love sitting in a muslin dress on the lawn, eating ice cream from a latte bowl.


I love all those things.


I really enjoyed making this quilt, spending long afternoons in front of the central-air vent with Clover Meadow Pinkytoes Paulson, watching the Love Saga movies on the Hallmark Channel, making raspberry iced tea for Andy and eating blueberry cake. It was really nice to have that little collection of long, quiet weekend days right in the middle of a busy summer. Bliss.


As making quilts goes, it doesn't get any easier than this. Here is the pattern, sized from crib quilt to king-size. It's similar to the Lemoncello Quilt, but machine quilted instead of tied, and the patches are a bit smaller. The pattern is step-by-step and fully illustrated, so it'll walk you through everything, including binding (by machine-and-hand). (And by the way, when you print PDFs out at home? Be sure to choose your printer's "best" quality, because it will make quite a difference in how well the photos print, and these are all hi-res print-quality images.) When making quilts, I kind of do things my own way, and my pattern reflects that. But it works for me. A fabric-store lady once told me that the best quilts are Fast, Fun, and Finished, and man, did I take that to heart this time. The Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt was all of those things.


And a little bit more, I must say.


Oh and I can see why. It looks all berry and vanilla-like! Love the colors and I love the light in Your bedroom.
I tend to get stuck in my sewing projects if they're too lengthy....and then I just start with something new. So my house can be filled a times, with half finnished quilts. Actually finnishing them is so rewarding;)

It's breathtakingly beautiful, Alicia. I cannot imagine the feeling of creating something this lovely from an image in your mind. What a wonderful feeling!

Thanks so much for sharing the experience with us. I think you will always look back and remember those hot days, the coolness of the air conditioning and the company of Clover Meadow as you created this. And you made me feel as though I was there. So much fun!

Hope the rest of your summer is as magical.

Lovely! I want to make one. I shall start thinking about colours. Bought myself a cutting thingy and mat last summer, and even one of those (well, three, in different sizes) binding makers!!
And Miss CLover Meadow Pinkytoes Paulson. HOw is she? We haven't seen her for a while. At least two days, by my reckoning. Even tho she featured in a sewing obstacles post... that doesn't really count...
And how are the bossy kitties?


it's lovely! and i adore how the light changes and makes the room sink into a totally different mood!

i wanted it from the moment i saw the photo of Clover lying on it... thank you!! :)

inspired by your post of the beginning of this quilt I started my very own and more importantly very first quilt using vintage nautical fabrics stashed away for another time...

well I decided to take the plunge and create a quilt for our Beach Cottage, it was very enjoyable but not even in the same *league as you, but then again I guess it's all about inspiration and I thank you for that


Gorgeous quilt and gorgeous morning photo! (Need to find a better word than goregous - I use it too often!) I love the mornings too - nice and quiet and the light is beautiful then. I think it is the heavenly time of the day... xxx

hmmm I was just thinking that I need to get nice bedding... I am seriously considering making a quilt now! (although my sewing skills are minimal!)

what a lovely post. I loved hearing about the things you love:)

have a happy day, dear one.

You are my inspiration, dear sweet girl. You know I've been wanting to make a quilt for so long and just couldn't figure it out myself. Now you come along with clear, precise instructions and I finally get it. Thank you, Alicia, for making the pattern available. You should be teaching Posie Gets Cozy 101 classes. Big Hugs! xxoo

beautiful quilt and a beautiful post. it makes me want to crawl into your bed with a good book and a cat or two, and an afternoon nap to top it all off. it's funny that you mentioned queen anne's lace because my first thought when i saw your quilt is "it's so lovely it reminds me of pink queen anne's lace" : ) fondly, marylea (aka pink and green mama)

Its gorgeous! I'm working on a quilt right now too. I hope I finish it someday!!

I love the quilt. I love your description of it (especially the Queen Anne's lace). I love the photographs of the morning light gradually creeping in. This is a wonderful photo essay and a lovely post to wake up to this morning!

It's a beautiful quilt, lovely!

Oh, it's beautiful! There is nothing better than a soft, puckered quilt that you made yourself. :)

Such a beautiful quilt and thanks for sharing your wonderful happy life.Your blog always makes me feel be there and warm and happy feeling.
One of my favorite things to do in the morning is that I open the PC with my sweet fruit toasts and yummy cafe late and reading your blong!
take care and all the best x

your quilt is beautiful and looks so comfy! i've only made two in my life, one for my mom & my 1st child. i'm into quicker projects :) your weekend of quilting sounds perfect!

a very pretty quilt...perfectly lovely in every way.

So so inspiring. I have a negative fabric budget this month (stupid student loans), but maybe this will be the perfect project for fall evenings to come. When it gets dark outside so early, and every house on the block looks like a warm little haven, with their kitchen lights shining out on their lawns...

Yeah nothing makes you look forward to fall like summer in Texas.

Alicia, I love all the beautiful things you make...oh, to have the talent! Have a most lovely day!

*sighs* that is just lovely~

Woah! It is seriously pretty! One day, I swear I'm going to learn to sew. You just can't buy stuff like that for your home.

michele (maryland) says: August 06, 2009 at 06:32 AM

Alicia: you are such an inspiration to us all. I am also in the early process of making my first quilt.. a gift to my son who is turning 30 this year. Somehow I feel it is fitting. Your instructions have come at a perfect time for my project. Thanks so much. Your quilt is just so beautiful..

Beautiful quilt! I went to go purchase the pattern and noticed a price discrepancy between what your site says and what Paypal says. It's only off by $1 but I still wanted to point it out to you before I purchased.


SamLaTricoteuse says: August 06, 2009 at 06:58 AM

I have been dying to do a quilt and was intimidated by it. I bought your pattern and just read it and may finally decide to do one.. Still quite shy about the colour choice but I should go through this one...

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