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We've had houseguests for the past few days. Chelsea & Co. are sleeping as I write out here, in the blessedly cool (finally) back yard, with a slice of toast and a darling (tired) doggie, who's not sure if she can or cannot wait for the drowsy tots to wake up ('cause then it's play, play, play, play, play, and play some more). I am considering blueberry pancakes or blueberry coffee cake, since I still have a whole tray of frozen blueb's waiting to be bagged — maybe I'll just use them this morning and get some more later today.


This is a good recipe for blueberry-buckle coffee cake (and you can find places to pick your own at this web site, too), though I would use the topping I use for the S.C.A.P. instead, because it seems more buttery and less sugary and just . . . yummier. This recipe made a deliciously moist cake last week and it lasted for four days and just refused to go stale — fantastic. Speaking of recipes, I have a giant pile of wrinkled, stained, folded-up print-outs of internet recipes that I use repeatedly, and which I always mean to re-copy by hand onto my beautiful silk-screened handmade recipe cards that Andy made me for my birthday. But now the pile is so big and daunting that I'm sure I'll never get through it, so it sits in a big sloppy mess underneath the recipe box and makes Andy mad. So I'm thinking I may just re-print them all (if I can even find where they came from again) and slip them into page protectors and a three-ring binder and call it good, and save my handmade cards for special recipes, and family recipes (which I have already rewritten a lot of, and I've had my mom rewrite hers for me), and stuff like that. Anyway, if I get it all together I'll show you. I was going to make an on-line cookbook but they wouldn't let me use copyrighted recipes in it. Boo. So in general my recipe collection is pretty much of a disaster, and this cooler weather we're having makes me feel like cooking again, so perhaps it's time to remedy all this and put a system in place, once and for all.

By the way, don't you love that pale brownish-blue color of that egg in the photo above? I like all those blues — the turquoise, the navy, the pale brownish — all together. Maybe I should make an all-blue quilt. A blueberry-buckle quilt.


Speaking of quilts, the Ollalieberry Ice Cream is finished, and I decided to do a pattern for it, too. Aren't I nice? My friends leave later today, so I'll get some pictures ready to show you tomorrow. Now that it's cooler, so many more things seem possible.


I want you to know that recipes in page protectors and a notebook has improved my life greatly. It's worth the work. I would just put the messy ones in the protectors. It's easy to find what I need and the recipe is safe while I'm using it. Plus it's a great notebook of all our favorites.

Melissa L says: August 05, 2009 at 04:58 PM

BLOOBS! is how we spell it at my house.

Thanks to Julie (upthread) for posting the great idea!

Just aim to do one recipe a day, and you'll get through them in no time!

"now that it's cooler ..." I just moved from a really warm climate to a cooler one. And SO MANY THINGS seem more possible.

Hooray for keeping a cool head!

yum! we made some this afternoon (w/your suggestion for topping) and agree that it is very good. thank you for the suggestions! a great way to eat more blueberries... :)

What a lovely treat for your for guests. I have some frozen blueberries that have been wanting me to bake with them. This might be a good idea for them. I'm glad that you are going to show off the quilt and create a pattern for it.

You could try copying the recipes one at a time as you use them. That way you don't get a hand cramp and get discouraged.

I like the three-ring binder system! That's pretty much what I use, and like you I seem to never be able to transfer printed recipes to cards. Whenever I do transfer them I put the cards in 4x6 photo page protector sheets.

I am a recipe collector, and I scored some really cool vintage recipe cards at a garage sale once so I started writing down my recipes on it. I found it easiest just to sit down and do one or too in the evening when I'm watching tv, it adds up faster than you'd think. :)

Chris Howard says: August 06, 2009 at 11:35 AM

I saw this recipe over at Smitten Kitchen for Blueberry Boy Bait:

I haven't tried it myself, but since you are on a blueberry kick I thought you might want to give it a go. Will Andy get mad that you are making something that baits boys?

Oh! So I did the whole, put all those wrinkled, stained, folded-up print outs into little protectors and put them into a binder thing last year, and I love love love it. So easy to find things that way. I don't know how I survived without it (it was a mess and v. frustrating). Plus it's very easy to add as you go along.

Next I need to get rid of some of these cookbooks I'm not using and then go through all my Everyday Food mags and figure out some way to index them. I love that magazine, but finding something in there that I've made in the past is near impossible. Sigh.

My recipes are a disaster too. I never saw a recipe I didn't want to try, so I am constantly ripping them out of magazines, printing them out if I find them online, and collecting cookbooks. I also have 3 huge 3-ring binders stuffed with recipes. I use the page protectors too. My tastes in food have really changed in the past few years so I need to clean out my recipes, desperately. What a chore! lol! I feel you.

I am a big fan of the 3 ring binder for recipes I have printed out. Also put into plastic sleeves. I have tabs for my recipe categories as well.

I do keep a small recipe box for smaller recipes clipped out of magazines or the newspaper.

I love the idea of coping my favs onto awesome cards though!

I'm impressed, you at least have your recipes on one pile. Here, there are snippets of paper floating through the house, with recipes on them, there are several lovely little booklets that I started out as recipe-books and in which I wrote down a few recipes, but then forgot all about, and then I have a huge pile of cooking books and a large folder on my laptop with recipes I want to write out. Does that make you feel better? ;-)

I love those colours too, by the way. If you are going to make a quilt with these colours, I would love to see it. I bet it would be beautiful!

Thank you for the recipe. I'm going to have to write it down and save it because I've been meaning to make a good coffee cake sooner rather than later... although it is becoming later and later... :-)

Yum! I've been meaning to try Martha Stewart's blueberry buckle. I've had the recipe for years and never made it.

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