Summer Rain

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The Block Party

Thank you for all the Ollalielove! I can't wait to see what your quilts look like, so please make sure to add your photos to the Flickr group. And since I'm on the subject, a majorly big thank you for all of the enthusiasm for all of the patterns I've put together this summer. I really appreciate that, and I am always so thrilled and inspired when people enjoy making these things. It's such a good feeling. I picked up a few pieces of fabric to make a Blueberry Buckle quilt for myself yesterday, and I'm going to make one for my niece, as well. I sent her a letter (she lives across town) and asked her to tell me her favorite color for the main color (hot pink) and her three second-favorite colors (sky blue, lime green, and bright purple) and her favorite types of prints (large flowers and stripes). Her least favorite? Small flowers. Hrrrmmmm. Prepare yourselves for a very un-Posie-ish quilt! Lime green!!! Have I ever purposely used lime green? If I throw some gray in it, do you think she'll notice? I do love a challenge.

It's drizzling here in Portland this morning. The sky is thick and low, yellowy-gray with dark veins of charcoal running through, like a piece of marble. I like this weather, though it feels like fall, and makes me slightly anxious, as if something's winding down. I have two trees in my yard — both plums — that get their leaves early and lose their leaves early, and by mid-August our yard will be blanketed in these wine-red emissaries of autumn. I try to keep my head down and work, going as usual about the business of summer: movies in the park, kickball tournaments, block parties. Incredibly schizophrenic weather lately. As I write, I'm eating hot Irish oatmeal and wearing a long-sleeved shirt, and I'm still cold.


Rain drops here as well...oh well..I get more things done in the rain...adore your lovely blog...spending my Sat. morning reading my favourite ones and yours is at the top of my list!xoxo

I love the quilt, and i just downloaded the pattern. Can't wait to make one, and I appreciate your pattern, your talent, and your willingness to share such beauty with us. The photos are lovely, and your Corgi is adorable!

Thanks so much, Alicia!

I envy your Portland weather...Its hot as blazes here. I could use some drizzle! Your niece is so lucky to have an aunt like you!~

Ahhh... summer in Oregon! Long sleeves and warm fries burning (and not just for marshmallows).

Our youngest son is visiting our oldest son in Australia - and our oldest son had to remind us it's winter in AU... to dig out the warm clothes. How soon he forgets that summer in Astoria - is the same as winter in AU. But no complaints... we love it.

I hope to get started on my quilt in the next few weeks!

You are lucky your weather is cooler....we hit 100 degrees today I think and that isn't even with the heat index which has something to do with humidity which we have too much of! I love your quilt from the previous post - makes me want to crawl up in bed with it!

While I would love to have a perfect summer day all year long, I will admit my favorite part of autumn and winter is being able to layer my clothing and wear the best sweaters, to really enjoy hot tea and coffee, and the holiday spirit that just abounds. I appreciate it all more and more each year that goes by.

suzanne b. says: August 08, 2009 at 11:55 PM

That photo is fantastic.

sounds like you live in minnesota. didn't you just have a heat wave last week? here the weather can change as much as 50-60 degrees in one day.

Please send some cold weather my way. I'm melting here! 91 degrees today. I know you've had hotter weather than ours, but the humidity level is outgrageous in Baltimore. It's like having a personal sauna everyday. :) xxoo

I live in the Ozarks. :) We are getting our normal heat wave and dry weather. I was setting at my computer today and I felt that shift knowing Fall was near. We really do not have Fall here in the Ozarks more like Indian Summer. I can't wait for the change. Fall is my favorite time of year.

I would love to live in Oregon. Your posts make me wistful. I want to do that quilt but I have several huge crafting projects coming up. Maybe a blog too.

Don't you put gray or little flowers in that quilt, lol. Shame on you. ;)

I feel fall creeping in too! I was feeling guilty that I was rushing it so I'm glad you had the same feeling. I can't stop thinking about your quilt it maybe a good fall project as soon as I set up my new printer!!!!

It's going to be 105 here today, so reading about long sleeves is nice! Love how the quilt turned out.

How can bootles on a table look Sooooooooo pretty? You shuld get some "wine cork candles" - they look like the real thing! I blogged about them on 7/23. Now you're making me want to have a party!

Forgot to ask one you have a favorite source for the dainty small floral prints you use? I never seem to see those near me. Thanks!

you've definitely inspired me, I just loved that berries and cream quilt and was telling my mom about it the other day, she's a big quilter, and I come from a line of quilters, though I've never made one myself. I was asking her questions about machine quilting and she gave me one of her singer books. so, I think I just may attempt one myself, though I may start with a throw to start with (a little less intimidating) :D I'm excited!

I think I need to move to Portland. I ADORE rain! I will be out in October for my first time,ever, visit! Need I say I am SO excited?

You make me want to make a quilt! Can you come to Indiana and walk me through from start to finish? I have a lovely guest room. :-)
Hugs, Cheryl (Whosyergurl)

I really have trouble reading this these days. As I scroll down, the words jump all over the page. I think that it is downloading pictures or something, but doing it slower than I scroll.

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