The Bee Approves (I Think)

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Late at night, after everything had quieted down, I went up to bed.

Within minutes, I had a visitor.


It's very rare to get a visit from the Bee. She's like the fog, coming in on her little cat feet, peeping furtively at me.


I don't dare move. I don't breathe. When the Bee pays you a visit, you feel very special, but you can't ever let her know that you think it's a big deal. No no. You must act as if you only barely realize she's in the house, let alone in the room, let alone on the bed, just inches away. Someone closes a door downstairs — or across the street — and she'll be out of there. So. You just act like, whatever. Who cares.


But really, you're like, "Eeeeeeeee! It's the Beeeeeee!"


You know how she likes to approve all of the blankets that get made around here. I would say she gave her coveted seal of approval to the Ollalieberry.

Though, as always with the Bee, it's so very hard to say.


Hello, Bee! You are too darling.

I think your Bee is just like our Maggie. But she always settles just when you were about to move and because it is such a privilege you have to stay put.

Bee is wonderful! Cats are so comforting, I need more of them!


this post is so pink and so fantastic. that bee is a peach :)

Bee is so cute, and just like my Annie! It's a true privilege when Annie deigns to settle on my chest for a moment or two--and even more so when she lets out a little purrr!

love it! You captured a cat's demeanor quite well. :)

I love the pictures of your kitty. We've always had cats and my love of kitties has been passed on to my two boys, (uhumm they are men!). There is a book, can't recall the author called, "Scat Cat" the best story... and every night for almost 365 days during 1989, I read that book to my youngest. The upshot, the cat in the book was given the name Gwendolyn and my son named his first kitten, when he was six, Gwennie. He's twenty-four now. Sadly, we lost Gwendolyn and her friend (well sort of friend) "Ramona the Huntress" who lived in our back garden, four weeks ago. It is a freakish story and ... I think I need to find another kitty. But seeing the Beeeee! made me think of Gwendolyn and Ramona. What a pair they were. I miss them.

I think Queen Bee definately approves ;)
Love how the light is so pink, looks like a wonderful sunset.

love it!
have you seen "simon's cat"? like you, he gets cats!

I love Miss Bee.

Love that first picture ---- ADORABLE

Bonnie Anderson says: August 10, 2009 at 06:10 PM

I think the Bee is happy you made a quilt that shows off her lovely pink ears.
I can hear her purring. (Or, "I can hear your motor running," which is what we say at my house.)


Alicia, How do think Mizz Bee would react knowing that there are hundreds of us bloggers that are admiring her from afar...and to think she is a an instant starlett - like a Greta Garbo in a silent movie...her fans beg for more...but she purrs "no darlin I vant to be alone"...till the next time Mizz Bee...happy purring 2 "U" our feline friend...oh how I miss my 2 kitties but I have the boyz now Toby McBee & Wheezer Emerald (2 cairn terriers) who keep me bizzy...

Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! grace & peace 2 "U", Marlene

PS I love Bees even my blog has a bee in it...

That is one adorable cat.

I love Ms. Bee--she is cute and pink like the Ollalieberry! If ever tire of her send her our way, lol. Fun post.

She's wonderful! I love the first shot of her. It's great that she took time out of her busy life to check on the Ollalieberry. What a great endorsement. It's kind of like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval ;o)

I know exactly what you mean! My Lilly has to supervise and approve EVERYTHING also! (LOL)Aren't cats something?

Alicia, have you ever considered writing children's story books?? Seriously, you have a wonderful way of writing.

Now that is some sneaky photography! Fancy trying to get a shot of such an elusive cat!

I have a similar problem with our puss. She WILL not behave as a Real Cat should i.e. lying on beds, snuggling on the couch, lolling about in cuddles. So a rare visit on the bed is a treat indeed.

I love this story! I have never had cats and in the past year 3 cats found me so I am learning to live with them. I think I'll try this trick and see if I can get a little more attention. It is really exciting when you think they might actually care about you.

kimberly a-h says: August 10, 2009 at 07:15 PM

such a sweetie! i know the feeling--cheering inside for the love & attention of a cat, but trying to remain calm as not to startle her on the outside...cuddles are special treats for special moments i guess :)

Bee knows a good quilt when she sees one. But then there is something about cats and quilts, the two seem synonymous!

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