Bears vs. Seahawks

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Andy and I took the train up to Seattle on Sunday for the game, and got back last night (very short trip). Seattle is so beautiful, isn't it? This was the sunset on Sunday night from the rooftop garden of our hotel. Love that place. More soon! Need coffee first!


How beautiful! What a great view and a great location. Hope you had a great time up there!

Spectacular. Incredible. **swoons**

So beautiful! I've never been to Seattle and have always wanted to go... one day I shall :)

Awww. Seattle's my hometown. I live too far away to enjoy the beauty very often now. Thanks for sharing the picture it warmed my heart today. I love that place. :)

I've never been to Seattle...definatley on the list of places to see someday soon :)
What a fantastic rooftop view...

That's a beautiful picture! What a great hotel (which is it?). I think that even those of us who live here should take the opportunity to stay the night in a lovely hotel!

hey - we went up too! not by train though, and later wished we had. we did a weekend, coming home sunday night. wasn't the amount of bears fans awesome? it was my first NFL game and was stunned at how loud it is. Did you take ear plugs? (i'm assuming your chicago connection makes you a bears fan, don't yell at me if not! i've had enough of seahawks fans yelling in my ear.)

beautiful photograph! i LOVE seattle. it's one of my favorite escapes to in the summertime for a) mariners and b) shopping. i'm still wondering why portland doesn't have h&m yet seattle metro has 3 locations.

Seattle by night is gorgeous. Flying into Sea-Tac is like hovering over a jewel box.

Seattle?! Here I come - only 3 more months & will experience its blistering chill! Regardless of weather, I am SO looking ffw to it! Cheers, Julie

One of my favorite west coast cities. Fortunately almost every time I've been there, the weather has been perfect! Usually I bring the rain with me, but never to Seattle. :-)

oh fun! I love/live in Seattle and am a huge Seahawks fan! Even if they did lose on Sunday atleast we made lots of noise. Beautiful picture!

My Jaguars will be there in October. Hopefully I'll be able to attend that game. Never been to Seattle and it looks really beautiful!

Your blog is very nice!!! Is a beautifull life!!! You have a amazing talent!!!

Thanks for your post! You inspired me!!!

Many hugs from Guatemala!!


P.S. Excuseme for my bad english...hehehe!!

Beautiful capture, Alicia! You are a gifted photographer.

I love the photos you post of your adventures, its like getting to go on a field trip :)

I love the way you see this city, and I agree, it is a beautiful place! In fact, I think both Seattle and Portland are exquisite.

Sunday was lovely, wasn't it? Only, I can't believe how cold it's turned - and how quickly! brrrrr, tights and sweaters, here we come!

Lovely picture!

Go Hawks!

If I'd known you were at Qwest Field, I would have waved at my TV when they panned across the stadium.

Gorgeous view!

Oh, how I love Seattle! Are you on the roof of Inn on the Market? We stayed there on our way home from our honeymoon 8 yrs ago next month. Thanks for the wonderful blog - I enjoy reading it and oogling the pictures.

It's been said, but your photography is stellar, ALicia! Thanks so much for sharing!

What a gorgeous picture Alicia! Hope you and Andy had a great time!

Love the photo! I am a Seattle girl married to a mamma's boy who moved us to the East Coast to be near his family! Your picture makes me homesick for all the wonders of Seattle! Thanks for warming my heart!

I have always wanted to go to Seattle. Looks so lovely...

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