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Remember the apron I was making a few weeks ago?


I finished it!


I am so happy with it. It's exactly what I was going for (rare). It's generous and sort of . . . serious. Pretty but serious. Makes you feel like you can bake a ribbon-winning pie. I love long aprons — baker's aprons — the ones that really cover you, with long, generous ties (ahem).


The apron is made of linen, and trimmed with binding tape (not bias cut, just straight). It's about eight yards of binding! I don't like full aprons that just have a neck loop and then tie separately at the waist. The neck loop is never in the right place for me. These ties attach at the top of the bib, cross in back, go through loops at the waistline, cross again, and come to the front to be tied in a bow. Doing them this way makes the apron really adjustable, so it fits better.


The embroidery is a couple of Swedish floral designs I put together, done entirely in satin stitch (with two strands of cotton embroidery floss) and outlined with dark brown back stitch. I picked up some of the flower colors that were in that dark brown calico (from JoAnn's, many years ago now).


My friend Sarah and I finally saw Julie & Julia a couple of days ago and we loved it, especially the Julia parts. The clothes. The kitchens. The . . . everything. Her aprons — long, straight, serious. French. It was all so beautiful. I've got to see the movie again and just watch the sets and costumes this time. I went right home and cleaned the kitchen. And stared happily at my apron. I'm going to do the ties and binding a bit differently on the next one (have the side-bodice binding turn into the ties, and also, bind it completely by machine). (To be honest, and fully disclose my lunacy, I did the binding on this one by machine and hand.) There are plans for a next one — next four ones. (Three are already in progress. All different colors. I told you, I'm crazed.) There is a special someone's birthday coming up, and I am going to make three more for my mom and sweet sissies for Christmas. My sister Susie is an actual pastry chef, too — how cool is that.


This one is for me, though. My uniform for fall baking. Hmmm, what should I make . . . something French? Not a tarte tatin, though. I made one of those last year and I didn't really like it (quel dommage!). Something from Baking with Julia, maybe, because it's now (naturally) in my TiVo queue. Or maybe these chocolate souffles.

Wasn't Meryl Streep so amazing as Julia? Magical.


Cute pinny! Cannot wait to see that film, think I may go alone while the kids are at school next week x

I love, love, love the apron...sublime. My daughter and I saw the movie weekend before last. I now have a new dutch oven and knives. I also bought Julia's book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". I'm not going to cook my way through as quickly but maybe wander through this winter. I'll need an apron..... and this one adjusts in case the recipes need to be tried a few times.... ;) Happy late summer from Missoula by the way. ~Jil~

Well, you've done it again. Now I've got to stop what I'm doing and go make an apron! Yours is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

I love this apron! I feel like I could bake anything wearing it. Wonderfully inspiring.

Lovely apron!
Julie and Julia took my breath away. Meryl Streep was amazing! I didn't want the movie to end.
I was also encouraged by how tiny their kitchens were. If they can make such masterpieces in that amount of space.. so can I :)

The apron is perfect! That's so much binding...I need to learn to enjoy binding! I loved the movie, and loved LOVED the Julia parts. I kind of wished it was ONLY Julia parts, actually. I went right home and made her quiche Lorraine and wished I was in 1950s Paris...

Your embroidery looks wonderful. I am ready for fall colors too! I love Julie & Julia. Have you read Julia's biography? Its great and gives a reall sense of her personality! I wrote a little bit about the movie on my blog too.

Beautiful! The linen is so textural...

Your binding is the finishing touch, in every sense. And your embroidery is fabulous.

I'm so conflicted about pretty aprons. If you wear it for get it messy! Maybe an apron for the apron?

oh I completely agree, Meryl Streep did an amazing job. I am now on the hunt for a vintage copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. LOVE the apron, you are so skilled with your embroidery!

Your apron is beautiful. I love the way it ties - makes the back look so cool! I'm so glad you loved the movie too. My favorite were the glimpses of happiness in their marriages. I feel that happiness in my marriage, but sometimes feel like that kind of joy isn't portrayed very often on screen. They had such simple, wonderful, real conversations that we related to and laughed with. Loved it. :)

Your apron is very pretty, and it looks eager to help in the kitchen!
I loved the movie, and I agree it requires at least one more viewing solely for the purpose of absorbing all the vintage goodness and loving Meryl-Julia. I thought Amy Adams did a good job, but it was more fun to revel in Meryl's transformation in to an icon we recognize.
Hey, let's get together and talk about the movie, in our aprons, then bake something together... wishful thinking.

Oh my goodness this is so pretty! I love the embroidery and the trim so much. Anyone would look adorable cooking in that! Thanks for sharing:)

Love! I so need one of these today while I put up all my tomatoes and make jams.

The apron is perfection. LOVE it.
LOVED the movie, too. Can't wait for it to come out on dvd. Maybe at Christmas time....! I have to have it.
would be so thrilled to see the apron in pattern form. hint hint...

mary-the calico cottage

If I had that pretty apron I would get a huge oily spot on it the first time out. It is perfect, Alicia. Your design sense is very special, you know that?

Sweet Alicia! Took Julia to see Julia/Julia with my mom, sister and good friend - we came back to Massachusetts and baked a cake. Lovely film. I enjoyed the comparison between the kitchens and where both characters were in their lives. Happy Weekend!

I love how Julia and her husband loved each other. And how no-nonsense she was - like the "...but not great!" comment she made while she and her sister were assessing themselves in the mirror.

And I love your apron – the linen and the embroidery. Just great. And your concern about fit.

This is lovely, Alicia! How about the cute polka dot shirt, too - adorable. I so know what you are talking about with that top loop. It is never quite right. I also like enough length to wrap it around the front and tie it there. Perfection.

Glad to know you enjoyed the movie, too. My favorite parts were with Julia and Paul in beautiful. Did you love the sunlight appearing in her old kitchen in the last scene of the movie? I made the Boeuf Bourguignon after seeing the movie. It was excellent...lots of work, but excellent. The next day, I had to go buy myself a Le Creuset Oval French Oven! It's quite beautiful. Next...Coq au Vin.

If I had that apron I'd have to wear my clothes over top, so as not to ruin it! It is beautiful and I can't believe you did that embroidery by hand. Gorgeous!

What a lovely apron! Just looking at your photos of it makes me feel inspired to bake. I prefer the long bakers aprons too.

I've been itching to go see Julie & Julia ~ everyone says it's spectacular.

So completely lovely. My mother saw the movie but I have yet to see it. She says it was a wonderful movie. One of my other favorite food movies was "Big Night". After that movie my husband and I went directly to the store before heading home to do lots of authentic Italian cooking. I just love it when a movie is so creatively inspiring.

I LOVE IT! It's so beautiful, so perfect! It's like an apron out of my dreams. -Sigh- Someday I'll have my own.

And Meryl was absolutely awesome as Julia Child. :-)

very pretty, I loved the movie too.

The pattern of the binding is darling. What a great gift for any cook!

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