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I was going to do a whole bunch of other stuff, like cook and make a potholder and clean the house, but then I just happened to stop by Blair's blog real quick and saw the Glitterizer post, and that's when all Alicia-hell broke loose, and all other activities came to a screeching halt, and I haven't really put down the paintbrush since.


This is not the painting — this is the "glitterized" photo that I used as the base for the painting. Blair's post contains a link to a function at Martha Stewart that turns your uploaded photo into sort of a paint-by-numbers-looking PDF (stop by Blair's to get the link because then you can see GRACIE). You're then supposed to sprinkle it with glitter (there's an article in the November issue of the magazine I happened to run into last night, too). But as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to paint on top of it, instead. So I chose several of my photos of kids and pets and "glitterized" them then resized the files to about 10" wide or tall, and put the files on a CD. Then I went to Art Media and had some 140# smooth watercolor paper cut to 11" x 17" (and bought some new brushes and artist paints, too, since I just had craft paint). Then I took everything over to Kinko's and had them print the PDFs on the watercolor paper on the color copier. (The prints came out a little dark, but otherwise beautiful, so I'm trying to compensate for that a little bit with the paint.) And now I'm just painting right on top of the printed, "glitterized" images, following the gradations created and mixing colors as I go.


(Phone on work table so I can call all of my friends and tell them about my painting.)

I have painted everything except for the very bright magenta patches, which I can't seem to mix out of the seven colors I have, and her face and t-shirt. I am afraid to do her face and completely mess the whole thing up. Otherwise, I just painted directly onto the paper over each area of color, and there are a million colors in this thing. Weensy brush, steady hand. But I'm sorry people it is so cool. If you've been wanting to paint (and I have, for a long time) and expecially if you've really been wanting to paint by numbers, this is for you. SO. FUN. Seriously. I can't stop. It's difficult for me to stop and write this post, but I had to tell you. I SWEAR I am going to answer the last four days of emails later today, too. I really am. First I hafta run out and get the magenta, though. Should probably eat something, too. No time. Back soon.


I read that article in MS Living and have already been plotting to do a set of bird pics. I am sooo liking it done with a personal pic though! Just might have to add that to my project list....

Great job on it! It's beautiful!!

What a great idea. Can't wait to see the result. With you enthusiasm it can only be gorgeous! :-)

Can we see the finished product? Sounds very exciting!!! Great idea too! xxx

How fun...the smile on your face says pure bliss....enjoy, Cyndi

Looks like great fun!

Alicia, I got the embroidery kit today and it looks soooo lovely! I'm just thrilled here and can' wait to get started.
Thank you!!

I know how you feel, I was looking at my Martha issue last night after getting it out of the mailbox, and I totally want to glitterize some stuff - I was thinking maybe I'd be super adventurous and make vintage-y looking glitterized christmas cards :) (p.s. I just love Martha)

Day after day after day, I love it.

I am a long-time reader and I am presenting you with an Honest Scrap award. Please visit my blog tomorrow for more information! :)



This looks so great! I'm heading over there to check it out. I'm sorry you messed it up. But, now you can try again and you will know what you did wrong. It's a good thing!

how clever!!!

Love it, as always.

I've read your blog for a long time and I am giving you an Honest Scrap award for continuing to inspire me! Please visit my blog for more details.

Thanks again for the recipes, the sewing... the painting, too. All of it. Please keep doing it - even when it doesn't come out as planned.

You make me tired just reading about all your creativity! Where do you find all the energy???

You are an inspiration!
(And I really liked the idea of taking that photo and altering it and then painting from that! Very cool!

I don't think that photo conversion thing is available anymore. I went to the site and couldn't find a link to use the conversion tool. When I clicked on it, it took me to a project page where you can download their pictures, but not ours. Disappointing. :((

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