Pumpkin Pancakes

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Pumpkin, spice, and everything nice (i.e.: cinnamon whipped cream), all on a plate for an early-morning Halloween breakfast. These pancakes are from the always-inspiring Joy the Baker, and they were absolutely delicious. And very filling. I could not finish them. Possibly only the second thing in my life I haven't finished. If you're having an easygoing Saturday morning like we are (the fire's lit, I've got crochet on the hook, the dog has been walked, and Andy is . . . dyeing a t-shirt in a pot on the stove), I highly recommend these. They even have whole-wheat flour in them. Good.


Thanks for posting these! I've been trying to make pumpkin pancakes since I had them at Ihop in Rhinebeck this year, and I haven't gotten it quite right yet. I made them this morning, and it looks like I'll be making them this week too :)

Oooh those look incredibly tasty!

Pumpkin pancakes are my absolute favorite! There's a small downtown cafe where I live in Clayton, NJ-- called Barbara Anne's-- that has AMAZING pumpkin pancakes. I can never get enough...these make me wish I could redo my breakfast from this morning!

I love pumpkin pancakes, they are so delicious. Cinnamon whipped cream sounds great!

Mmmmm...perfect for the leftover pumpkin that has been waiting in my fridge. My little ones absolutely love pancakes and Sunday is the perfect day for pancakes. Also good--gingerbread pancakes.

Those look wonderful! The perfect Halloween breakfast :) I love anything with pumpkin so shall have to give these a try myself!

I love anything pumpkin!

YumYumYum!!! I'm so happy that it's pumpkin season! I love anything with pumpkin. I am going to try those pumpkin pancakes! (How many times can I say 'Pumpkin'?)

Made these for breakfast this morning, they were DELICIOUS! My whole family loved them, and that doesn't happen too often!

save me some, i'll be right over!

gorgeous! sounds like the perfect saturday! i'm so glad you liked these!

Wow that looks amazing...
I'd love to make it for my friends for our next Sunday brunch!

Oh how fitting for the season and very delicious sounding! Hmmmmmm... thanks for sharing! xxx

** simply F A B U L O U S! **

Thank you for sharing! They look delicious! I might give the other recipes on her post a try!

holy cow--i just clicked on that link and fell into pumpkin nirvana! who knew? in a few days i may be building you a shrine or possibly being rolled down to the juicer by a bunch of oompa loompas.

you know. because i ate too many pumpkins.

OMG!!! That pancakes really looks so delicious. Yummy!!!

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