Chicken Saltimbocca

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Thank you so much for all of the movie recommendations over the weekend!!!!! A fantastic list I will be working my way through this winter. I did watch one several people suggested, Run Fatboy Run, on Friday night and I loved it. There are so many hilarious one-liners in that movie. Great movie. I'm going to take the list to the video store today and get a few of the ones I've never heard of before, like Jam & Jerusalem (which I think is a series, not a movie, but that's cool — more to love).

Butternut squash with brown sugar and butter; chicken with mushrooms, sage, and prosciutto. I used Ina's recipe for the squash and Mario's for the chicken. (Note: Be careful when you fry the sage, because it will really snap and crackle, and also I only used about 1/3 c. of olive oil instead of the called-for 2 cups.) Good grief, this was a good autumn Sunday dinner. We've made it twice this fall and it is a definite keeper.


I love Run Fat Boy Run ... it's one of my favorites. My all time favorite movie is Amelie - it's a foreign film but I think you would enjoy the backgrounds and outfits just as much as I do.

aloha alicia,
;) oooooh, my, the butternut squash sounds (and looks) scrumptious! would you believe i've only had it once in my life, and then, someone else had prepared it. somehow cooking with different kinds of squash seems so daunting to me...tho', i do prepare and eat kabocha (a japanese pumpkin)—japanese style with a bit of soy sauce, sugar and mirin like my grandma used to make...hmmm...maybe i'll bring butternut squash to our family thanksgiving gathering this year. can't go wrong with ina!!!

;) jan

Looks delicious! I will definitely have to try it, we love squash around here.

Hey Alicia,

Long time, no comment. Love the skirt you made and I don't know if anyone mentioned "Wimbledon" as a good movie to watch. Very cheesey, but fun. Now I'm going to have to rent Run Fat Boy Run. Glad you had a great time at your class on Saturday. I'm sure Amy was the perfect hostess. I know she was thrilled to have you there. Have a great day!



I loved that movie! The chicken looks fantastic!

Yum that looks good! Ooh I did enjoy Run Fatboy Run... Simon Pegg is hilarious. Have you seen Hot Fuzz? I highly recommend it for a good, silly laugh.

I second the vote for Hot Fuzz (although I warn you of extra gory over-the-top pretend violence - I think you might find some of it a bit much!). Same actor as Fatboy.

So glad you like "Fatboy", and what about that cake shop?.
Simon Pegg rocks, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead are fabulous. Also he did a TV series called Spaced which was great. Oooh I am going to dig them out x

Ummm, looks super yummi! I love sage and bacon together.
You, being a Dog and a book lover, have you read Garth Stein's "The Art of Racing in the Rain", if not, it's one I would highly recommend, just remember a box of Kleenex, and not to read the ending on a plane back from Paris(one tends to sob uncontrollably by the last ten pages).

This is exactly why I read blogs! To get inspired....this photo makes my mouth water and inspires me to finally sign up for netflix! Hopefully there will be movies with chicken and squash in my very near future!

your dishes always look so good !

I love Simon Pegg! Did you watch "Spaced" when it was on?

& thanks so much for mentioning Jam & Jerusalem, I've not heard of it and I love Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French!

Ooooh! I love sage, but I'm with you on the recommendation, it's feisty!
I'm doing a workplace photo thing at the moment in my blog and thought you might want to join in. Promise, no offence taken if you don't feel like it :)

Yummm, that looks delicious!

I preferred Shaun of the Dead to run fat boy run. I think you'll like Jam and Jerusalam, it's a comedy series about the womens institute. If you like anything with French and Saunders in, then you'll like this. I personally love it. The singer who does the theme tune (Kate Rusby) is from near where I live and has a gorgeous voice

i watched run fat boy run this past weekend too! :-D i love that simon pegg - he was most lovable/laughable as dennis but he's a serious crack-up-laughing good in hot fuzz.

Heather Bond says: November 10, 2009 at 12:35 PM

Hi Alicia - Jam & Jerusalem is called Clatterford in the U.S. and it is GREAT. They've just released the second season on DVD. Let me know if you have trouble finding it and I will send you both seasons.

Hi Alicia
Have been ready your bolg since the summer and i'm loving it. Had to comment because you mentioned Run fat boy run with the wonderful Simon Pegg in and another fav Jam and Jerusalem - wonderful also. As someone has already said the series Spaced is brillant and is in two series, dont forget to check out the extras!Have you heard of 'Dinnerladies' - very funny. Happy watching.

Mmmmm - squash. Jam & Jerusalem/Clatterford is wonderful - one of my happy places -I own both released seasons. People either very much get it or don't, though (some full episodes are availabe on youtube to give you a taste) If you like sort of mildly campy predictable mysteries, Rosemary & Thyme (with the wonderful Felicity Kendall) is lovely - LOTS of small English villages and amazing gardens - you can feel the fresh, crips air around you and birdsong abounds (and the murders are never gruesome - which I appreciate). Speaking of FK and moving back in time, The Good Life (UK title)/Good Neighbors is really great (I like series 1-3 best - 4 is still worth it if you're a fan)- Tom & Barbara Good decide to leave the rat race and be self-sufficient without leaving the city, much to the horror of their neighbors; I so wish there were more epidsodes. Further back in time, if you like period films, there really isn't one that I can think of more beautiful or atmospheric than Howards End (Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Thomspson, Anthony Hopkins).

My that chicken recipe sounds good! And I loved your pretty navy skirt!

I adore Jam and Jerusalem. I watch it on telly, and have just watched my friend's DVD of the whole series again. It's wonderful. You would probably also like the Darling BUds of May, also a BBC series, quite old now. It featured a teenage Catherine Zeta Jones. Thanks for the recipe recommendations.

You will LOVE Clatterford, aka Jam and Jerusalem. I own very few TV series on DVD but that one, I had to have. I've asked for the second season, which I don't believe was ever shown here in the US, for Christmas. LOVE it!

that looks sooo delicious! and thanks for the movie recommendations - I have a cold and a movie sounds fantastic.

Love Run Fatboy Run and any of the Simon Pegg flicks.

Although you won't see much of London, if you loved Dylan Moran (Pegg's Irish friend in Run Fatboy Run) MUST watch the Black Books series about a cantankerous bookstore owner and his friends.

Ah, now why'd you go and do that?! My dinner is being eaten in front of the computer right now. Too tired from work to cook, so I'm putting fist fulls of corn Chex straight out of the box and into my mouth. I was pretty fine with it until I landed on this post!!

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