Navy Skirty (WIP #1)

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Navy skirty, pretty cute. It's baby-wale corduroy, very soft, with topstitching done by hand with six strands of tan embroidery floss. Cool folky buttons which you can't really see very well. This is Simplicity pattern 2758, view E. Ish. Longer. Skinnier waistband since I misread the instructions and only cut one instead of two of fabric, and by the end of Wednesday afternoon was too lazy to go back and unfold the extra fabric and recut it and do it the right way. So I just folded it over twice and made it skinnier. Fine. Next one I'll put the pockets on lower. A lot lower. Love the pleat, though. Taking photos of a navy-blue skirt is like taking photos of a black doggie: Light absorbers. (The other stuff in the photo is all thrifted. This is the wall of the dining room [which is as dark as a cave today].) Susan asked how I keep track of where I am in each WIP and I thought, "Oh, yeah! I should do that!" So I guess that is the answer: I just push things aside and then pick them up months later in confusion: "What is this? Oh . . . yeah . . . that [vague, dawning memory seeping in, no notes or indications where to pick up, general frustration with self and lazy habits, etc.]."

While I was making this: Ding-dong! The UPS man dropped off this skirt from Boden, almost exactly the same shape. With cable tights and boots: a winter uniform. Now for somewhere to go! Not today though: I am tiiiiired. Long week. Feel like ordering curry, getting under a pile of pets, and watching a movie tonight. What are your favorite movies that take place in contemporary London? Like really take place in London, where you can see London and the city feels integral to the movie? Kind of like Love, Actually or About a Boy. I love both of those. I have been meaning to ask this for a while! Thank you!


My favorite is Notting Hill. Completely cheesy, but nothing but love. A night with About A Boy, Notting Hill and Love Actually? Heaven!

Notting Hill, Run Fat Boy Run, Bridget Jones' Diary, Breaking & Entering, Closer, Sliding Doors, Possession, Four Weddings & A Funeral, Penelope (only sorta in London)... I don't know if you can tell or not, but I REALLY love London, and now that I'm back in Canada, I REALLY love watching films that take place there!

I like Notting Hill. Every where they go in that film is so quaint I think.

Oh my! LOVE the skirt! Will you wear it to class on Monday so I can see it in real life? I bought the last of my supplies at Bolt last night... Chomping at the bit here. Just a little. ;)

Just reading your description of what you want to do tonight made me feel all cozy.

I LOVE Love Actually! I'm excited for the Christmas season this year so I can watch it over and over again.

Cute skirt--I actually like the pockets up that high, although they may not be too useful.

Love the skirt!!! I'm going to have to buy that pattern now, you know that don't you??? The hand stitching is completely amazing!!!

Very cute skirt. :)

Try "The Holiday", with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black. It'll help get you (more) into the holiday spirit! :) And it's adorable!

Oh... but apparently the UK part takes place in Surrey. :( Sorry... Still a good movie, though.

Have you seen The Holiday? (with Kate Winslet) It isn't necessarily London but it is english countryside and a really sweet movie. I watched it while hopped up on percoset after having my wisdom teeth out last spring and thought it was great. I don't think it was just the drugs talking either.

if you enjoy British comedy check out Keeping Mum.

Jennifer O. says: November 06, 2009 at 10:27 AM

Notting Hill was the first to come to mind - I am not alone, obviously. Happy Go Lucky would also fit, just saw that recently.

It's so funny how foreigners find London quaint and we locals can recognise every single thing that has been moved around so that the shot looks nice and clean instead of what it is like in real life, that is scruffy, past-its-best and dirty! I think it's rather telling that an entry with pics of London's Christmas windows last year got me the most visitors ever, with people even NOW still searching for 'Harrods Christmas Windows 2008', hahaha! (If you want to see...

But I suppose it's the same when I go to NYC or Chicago... it's just ooooh and aaaaah left, right and centre (and up). Habit drops a veil of un-appreciation, pardon the clunkiness, infront of our eyes. How about watching Basil The Great Mouse Detective or maybe Shanghai Knights, for a bit of a, ehrm, 'period' piece? I think you cannot get a movie that shows more of London than Bridget Jones, especially as they moved High Fidelity from London to Chicago (not that *I* complained!). Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Notting Hill, to follow with your Hugh Grant theme. Yes, it's a little cheesy, a little too Julia Roberts, but - he runs a bookstore, for goodness sake. And the scene of the outdoor market changing with the it.

Would it be totally going against the grain to suggest Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels? Not that I don't love the soft-focus ones too, but this is a harder and possibly just a tiny bit more realistic view of the city. And it is funny, so long as you can cope with industrial levels of swearing and shooting. Boy, I haven't even sold it to myself...

I just like guy movies. Probably to compensate for the fact that my husband adores Merchant Ivory.

Other than that, great skirt and very ingenious creation!

Love the stitching on your skirt!! Can't help with the movie choice, but can relate to trying to photograph a black pooch and wanting to cozy up under a dog/kitty pile! :)

I like Notting Hill as well. I can't wait to go back and visit London and the rest of England as well, it's been too long. Love the skirt, I could go for a curry and a movie tonight too.

the skirt is fabulous, I haven't worn cords in years. I love boden and England, I have visited but its been a long time and I'm sure my memory isn't reality. I watched PBS Contemporary last Sunday its a three parter. A dark story but still loving it, not London tho, well some, but mostly it takes place on "The Moor".

go for old london and watch some charles dickens!!! Bleak house...oliver...great the old black and white ones!!! great skirt too!!

it's subtle, but i LOVE Sliding Doors. I used to watch it all the time in high school and even got my haircut like hers.

oooh, cabled tights?!? i live in too warm a climate for those these days, but they sound soooo lovly!

Ooh! I'm in the middle of making that same skirt, but view C. And by "in the middle of," I mean it's been sitting on the back of a chair in my kitchen half done for two weeks. Ha. I decided to add a lining to it. Yours is lovely!

I love your skirt! In fact, I like your skirt more than the Boden one.

I think everyone's already said all the movies I'd have recommended. Love love love Notting Hill and Sliding Doors.

Enjoy your evening :)


Matchpoint! A little dark, but good, and it definitely showcases the city in a beautiful way. I guess Scoop would be a more light-hearted alternative. I loved them both.

Super cute skirt, both of them! Perfect with boots.

Also, a big British YES to Love Actually. It's my very favorite Christmas Movie. Ever.

Run Fat Boy Run - Ooooh the cake shop! and Notting Hill, make London look as beautiful as it is x

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